Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sidenote: I'm So... (Part 2)

Fastforward…. The show was a success; I was even asked to come back to the joint and feature before I leave! Yay! Lol. I told my friends to go ahead without me, I stayed behind because Brandon wanted him and I to celebrate downtown at this little Mediterranean restaurant; and this wasn’t some “booty call, red lobster” type of place, I mean the menu was damn expensive. He called it an “investment”, I was like “???”. We had plenty of small talk: how he got into poetry, when was my first gig, what brings me to Louisville, what kinds of music do you like? You know, the usual small talk when people are trying to get a “feel” for each other. After our food came and we got a chance to reflect while our mouths were stuffed; and the conversation got a bit more intimate…
Here’s the rundown: he’s bisexual—straight down the middle (no pun intended). He’s the kind of bi where “when he’s with a guy, he’s gay; when he’s with a girl, he’s straight; when he’s with neither, he’s whatever he feels like being”. I told him that I’m gay, with a twist of straight in me (I’ll explain that some other time). He just broke up with his girl for reasons he said were “irreconcilable”, so he’s back on the market. He’s versatile, but likes to be a bottom when he can. I told him that I’m vers as well, but I usually like being a top. So, the food was on point; the conversation was even better and I was wondering how this night would end.
I wasn’t ready to go home, or at least, not ready to go back to my aunt’s house. We went back to his place and started playing on his 360. “Damn man! You cheatin!” he joked. I stood up and did a victory dance in his face (I got skill on Madden!). He pushed me down on the bed and was like “let’s see how you handle this tackle”… and it was on like donkey kong from there… in my mind, I was like “uh, finally!” I gotta give it to him, Brandon’s tongue game was off the chain; he didn’t just lick me, he freakin’ explored my lower body with his tongue. It’s like he was trying to get to know me better with his taste buds—and it felt damn good. The summer heat had me hornier than a dog, and doggy style is all that was on my mind at that point. And believe you me, after I gave him my rim special, doggy style was next on the menu. Brandon was tight because he hasn’t bottomed in a long time, but he took the dick like a pro.
I love a guy that can talk while we’re having sex; what his body language wasn’t already saying, his mouth was moaning out. He had me feeling like the man! We started on his bed, then ended up in his computer chair, him riding me; Brandon nutted all over my stomach as I was fucking him; it was a mess. Then he got off and was bout to lick it but I stopped him and told him to wait until I came. He gave me a blowjob that had me like DAMN and I bust all over my belly. He didn’t hesitate—dude sopped up that nut like it was an antidote or something. “Someone’s a cum fiend” I thought in my head. After that, he held me for a while; I realized the night had grown to 4 am, I gave him a few kisses, grabbed my keys, and headed back to my aunt’s place.
That was a little over a month ago; I’m still in Kentucky visiting, but I haven’t had any time to kick it with Brandon again. We’ve been texting and talking everyday; it turns out, he’s a really nice guy; I like him a lot. But I don’t want to turn a Summer Love into something that won’t last, you know? We’ll see where this goes…

Enjoy the pics! They're just some random hot ones...

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