Saturday, September 25, 2010

What's your fantasy?

I've been called a male lesbian before. I've been dubbed "straight for pay" before. I like to think of myself as a backwards gay man. What I mean by that is, well, you know how there are supposedly "straight" guys who have that teeny, tiny lil' voice in the back of their head wondering what it'd be like to fuck a guy? Well, I'm that same way... except I feel that way about women. It's the weirdest thing because I'm gay as hell, but still, I wonder...

For example, I have this one left-field fantasy where there's this huuugee big black dicked dude (think along the lines of Rico Strong, Jack Napier, Justin Long, google them bad bitches!). And I'm still totally gay in the fantasy, but as he begins to fuck her, I'm doing all kind of kinky shit with him. It's as if I'm just a lesbian; another woman to him. And he treats me as such.

"Eat dat bitch pussy" he moans to me. "Yes daddy" I say, and commence to the cunnilingus. I want to suck his balls while she's riding him; I want to rim him while he's giving her a fucking jack hammer... I want to... suck all her juices off his dick... I want to catch the nut in my mouth with her... If he nuts inside of her, guess who's doing the clean up? Yours truly. She's a bad ass black girl; chocolate brown skin w a pink pussy that contrasts her beautiful skin. It's wet, because he ate it right, and I'm pleasing her because it's turning him on...

And it's not that I'm Bi... I think I'm just at this sexual plateau where I want to try something different. I'm not into piss, fists, or nothing like that; if you're into it, then hey, more power to you! But Idk, it's just something about that particular fantasy that I've always wanted to try...

So, there's something HELLA personal I just shared, but, I guess that what I started the blog for... right? So, enjoy the pics! There straight, but bare with me! I'm going through something Right now!

From what I can tell, the first pic is definetly John E. Depth, the fourth pic is Jean-Claude Baptiste, and the last few are Byron Long. These mofos are the ones I'm talking about in my fantasies!

What's yours?



  1. nothing strange here. I totally feel you on those fantasies.

  2. Then I'm in good company then! @ Mechadude

    I always said that if I were to ever have sex with a woman, she'd have to be top notch.

  3. I can definitely relate to your fantasy. Especially if the female is on point from head to toe and the TOP is/or looks like: Mr. Marcus, Shane Diesel, Brian Pumper or the guy in the 2nd pic of your article. Who is that fine, thick mofo? That's how I like'em gay/str8 or bi.

    As for some of the things you're not into. Well, I'll just say fisting is a complete turn off.

  4. Oh, mos' def' -- I feel you there, brother. Am captain gay here, but there are certain scenarios where a pussy in the mix makes everything hawt. A hot couple sprung on getting the lady taken by a big, black cock? Hawt. Down licking both cock and puss as it get plowed by a big one? Ridiculously hot. A "straight" guy into cleaning out a creamed puss? Hot, hot, hot. You're in good company, my friend.

  5. Wow yall! Thanks for the comments! Now I know that it's not just me going crazy! Its just something I've always found kinda hot, you know? And whenever I watch straight porn, that's what's going through my head. But it pisses me OFF that the chicks don't know what to do with his cum. They can barely take dick properly. SMH! When will these females learn??

  6. Well, I am, for sure, with you there, too, bro. As much as I dig some dick+puss business, girls going down on fellas doesn't do much for me. I mean, every time I hear a girlfriend talk about being bored sucking her boy's dick or what do do with his funky cum, I wanna say 1.) your boy's prolly bored, too, and 2.) pass me over his dick instead, and 3.) there are, like, 100 good placed to splash that cum and the funkiness is why it's so great!