Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Best Head Ever! (part 1)

"you still coming through tonight?" is the text I recieved from him on Thursday night.

You might remember him: the Bartender/Owner of the venue that my Slam Team does poetry at? When I finally turned 21, he made all these "now that you're legal" jokes...

Well, this past Tuesday, he emailed (out of the blue, mind you) and goes on for a friggin' paragraph about blah blah blah. When I took the bait, he started having small talk with me; eventually asking what I have going on that night. I told him I was on-calendar to preach at my church for this 4 night revival and if he was interested i hearing me, to come through...

And he did; in fact, when I was just walking up to the pulpit, I look up and see him walking through the Vestibule and I thought to myself "hmm.... Okay, this dude ain't playin..."

He came up to me after service, shook my hand, and said he'd hit me up later on... "You do that..." I told him.

So, Thursday night, I texted him and said

"that was so sweet for you to come show me support like you did; I got a special way to thank ya... ;) "

We agreed to meet up at his club after hours (this was around 3 am Saturday morning) once the Janitors and other employees left, it was just him and I at the bar...


Fastforward through the drinks and flirting, I tell him that I've always wanted to do Jelly-Belly-Shots but never had a belly to do it off of...

He pulled off his shirt and laid down on the bar. He didn't have a six-pack by any means, but you can tell he has a Gym Membership. His torso was thick but tight; the perfect combination of meat and muscle. *sighs*

Yeah, fuck the Jelly Shots at this point, it's time to see what this mofo is packin...

I run my tongue from his adams apple down to his belly button, then back up and I mount this nigga while sticking my tongue down this throat...

Before I knew it, my hand was unzipping his pants and his hand was going up my shorts....

After a while of just feeling eachother up, he picked me up (wit his strong ass) and put me on a barstool, and pulled, no, YANKED my shorts off! (I was just wearing Basketball shorts, so it was easy, but still), it was hot as fuck!

Uh, sidenote, I think dude has a thing for nipples... (I'm lmao while writing this part), but he kept touching my chest and sucking on em and shit! By the time we were done, I was damn near chaffing!

When he started to suck me, he kept on teething my head and that shit was uncomfortable for a second. But once he started to get it real wet, it drove me crazy!

I can usually handle some bomb head real well, but this nigga sucked my dick so good, he put CJ Carter to shame! Check out CJ at Xtube http://www.xtube.com/community/profile.php?u=jccarter

He gave me some nice, sloppy head. I mean, dude was making these slurping sounds that were sending me over the edge.

I caught my breath long enough to ask if he was gonna let up and let me do him, but he kept on slurpin so I told him I was about to cum...

He let me bust in his mouth and even I was surprised at how much cum I let out. Damn, I had j/o like a few nights ago, didn't know I had so much built up!

And he swallowed every one of my babies... (that sounds kinda creeperish, don't it?)

When he looked up, his eyes were kinda watery from deep throating me like that but damn... He sucked my dick like he owed Rent money...

*sighs* not to leave yall on a cliffhanger, but I gotta go to class! I'll finish this post on Thursday (I promise)

Don't ask me why this has been stuck in my head all day, but here's Too Short with Shake Dat Monkey, my gift to you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QejusaRlsKY

(enjoy the pics) see u Thursday!

(excuze any typos)



  1. Wait! you got your tongue in his throat and then start running it down his body? Then you MOUNT him, and he ends up sucking you off? Sounds like part of this story is missing pa.

  2. @Flowers-- yeah, I was "mounting" him by
    laying on top him and we were just kissing.
    Then of course I slowly crawled back off of him,
    followed by my tongue.
    Yep, then he put me on the bar stool and went to
    town on my dick...


  3. i'm sorry, I seen the title and thought it was talking about me. My bad! LMAO (Hot Though!!!!)