Saturday, December 10, 2011

I Love You, Race Cooper!

So one of my duties as my pastor's assistant is to take care of guest preachers when they come. This one in particular ran a 3-night revival at church and it was pretty darn awesome. Anyway, earlier this morning (at the ASS CRACK of dawn, mind you) I had to drive him about 45 minutes out of town to the airport to catch his flight back home.

We had small talk.

It dawned on me that I only know his last name. I need his first/last in order to check him in at the terminal.

Cogito: "by the way, I need your first and last name so I can check you in when we get there.

Him: "Richard Cook".

Cogito: (I say in my head) "hmmm... Kinda like Race Cooper..."

(and I keep that in mind as we continue talking).

Imagine me driving down the highway, with flashes of this sexy mofo in my brain (see below).

When we finally get to the terminal...

Cogito: "Hi, I'm here to check-in for Race Cooper".

Terminal Guy: "I.D. Please?"

(Richard pulls out his I.D.)

Terminal Guy: "Uh... You said his name was... Race Cooper? Because this says something different..."

Cogito: (light-bulb clicks on above my head) *gasp* OMG, I MEAN RICHARD COOK!

Terminal Guy and Richard give me the ?????? face.


I laughed it off but as soon as I got back to my car I was like dayumn, really? I can't slip up like that. Imagine if someone else knew whom I was actually referring to? That'll blow my cover for sure... (no pun intended).

But can you blame me? All the pics in tonight's post are some of my favorites of Race Cooper. He's soooo fuckin hot and he is quite the performer.

His solo scene with directed by Kink Productions??? I almost broke my dick for like, the first month I knew that scene existed...

Don't believe me?! Click Here to watch Race Cooper Vs. The Fuck Machine
Music you say?

Niggas in Paris -- Jay Z and Kanye West

Hard Knock Life -- Jay Z

Lose Yourself -- Eminem (one of my FAVORITE SONGS EVER). People underestimate this guy... His lyrics are so SICK. Don't even get me started on his wordplay...

Jar of Hearts -- Christina Perri (once again, I'm MAD nobody told me this song existed! Where was this song when I was going through breakups a while back???)

Enjoy the pics, ya'll! I'm telling you, this dude Race Cooper can sooooo get it in the worst way possible!


(P.S. Still keepin my dude ColdPhoenix in prayer. He lost his mother and could really use some support right about now. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT HIS BLOG and make sure to follow him!)


  1. ha ha! Good one. Love Race Cooper, his ass, his dick, his smile and most of all his attitude. Dude loves life, as do you! Keep up the good work!

  2. L(O)L, so which part of Race you would take?

  3. #idied. That is pure hilarity. When I talk to my straight friends about porn I always slip up and say a gay porn star. Luckily they don't know!

  4. @Flowers-- Thanks! Race Cooper is one of those rare porn stars that actually appreciate their fans. That's why I fuck with him the most. Plus he's hot as the sun...

    @GayteKeeper-- hhmmm... I'd have to Top this nigga. That ass is phenomenal. I would go straight Thanksgiving Turkey on that ass of his!

    @Trey-- ikr??