Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Cousin Came Out To Me

On the food chain, I'm the oldest of our generation and Odessa is the one girl in it (and the youngest). And even though we're all cousins, we pretty much claim each other as siblings because we were raised so close together.

Contrary to popular belief, when you grow up around nothing but the opposite sex, you don't necessarily "turn gay" or even "act like your aunts cuz that's all you were raised around".

Bah humbug.

Odessa is not a stud, nor is she some butch.

She's a typical high school senior "girly girl", feminine manners and all.

She's tall as hell. 6'2, has a killer body frame, a hit list full of dudes, etc.


So there I was, living my life, when suddenly-- a text message.

This is from my 18 year old cousin Odessa:

"[Cogito], I need to ask you something, just between us".

Me: ...what's up?

Odessa: okay *takes deep breath*... I like girls but I'm SCARED to be judged by other people and my MOM!"

(for some reason, when I read this, I didn't flinch...)

after a few minutes of thinking, she must've thought I had set my phone down or something so she texts me


me: well... I'm sure Cynthia ain't gonna trip, and fuck whoever do. It's 2012, and you know I'm always here for you babe, Ily n I'ma pray that when u do come out, everything is okay, as I know it will be.

(after 10 minutes of no reply, I resent the text message)

Odessa: I'm sorry :( lol, I was crying and just had to get it out to someone... I LOVE U!!!

Me: Ily2! Dang now u got me cryin, thanks a LOT!! lol

Odessa: (texts me a heart emoticon)
Now, I've said before that for some strange reason

Lesbians are MUCH more socially acceptable than gays.

Case in point: the Season 10 Bad Girls Club season. Them bitches ate more tuna fish than Garfield.
Cunnilingus all around, and then laugh about it during the reunion!

When's the last time you saw two guys kissing/making out on regular cable?

All I'm saying is: the social climate is conducive for girls like Odessa.

She likes girls.
But she LOVES boys.

And that's like, the "norm" these days.

The lesbians are taking over, and they've finally gotten to my cousin.

When I was her age, I wish I had someone to text. It warms my heart to know she trusts me enough to share such a secret with.

*sighs* there I go getting all teary eyed

Enjoy the pics!

(that jockstrap pic has me drooling...)



  1. Those are some hot shit pics! Werd. Do you think your cuz wanted you to come out to her too? I do.

  2. Seriously! Those pics though. Best batch yet. That is some manly ass.

  3. Hey man it's great you could be there for your cousin man. That's beautiful.

    And great photos!


  4. I'm glad you were there for your cousin. It is beautiful. I love the jockstrap pic too.

  5. Nice that you are there for her, I take it she knows about you?

    Just a thought, couldn't you put some nekkid pix of women for this entry LMAO!