Saturday, March 8, 2014

These Boots Were Made For Licking

So last night, I was out kicking it with some friends at Steak N' Shake. Our table was kinda sitting in the middle of the  restaurant floor so I had a good view of everyone in the place. It seemed like,  every time  I look up, this white guy was making eye-contact with me from across the room.

He was kinda cute. He favored Seth Rogan (who, in my opinion, is an adorable life-size gummy-bear).

After a while, I had to go "leak the lizard". On my way to the bathroom, I had to walk past Seth's table and, despite my efforts, made eye contact again.

In my head, I'm thinking to myself:
"....this is NOT Queer as Folk. I hope he doesn't think I'm trying to cruise him or something".

So there I am, at the urinal, struggling with all my might to pull my schlong out but, to no avail.

Being the genius I am, it turns out that I accidentally put my underwear on backwards.

By the time I realized that, along comes Seth creeping into the bathroom. He stood at the third urinal to my left.
I had to make an awkward shuffle over to the (only) bathroom stall to turn my boxers around, and lock the door behind me.
There I am, minding my business, when Seth comes a-tapping at the door.

"OCCUPIED", I say.
"Ohhh...I'm sorry, man, it's cool..." said Seth.

By the time I was done, he had already exited the bathroom.
And that, as they say, was that...
Although that weird little encounter was fruitless, it kinda' got me to thinking about the..."seedy" side of the gay lifestyle.

I think about the straight up nasty, pig, sweaty, leather daddy fetish sites like, and

On those kind of sites, there's the usual watersports/fisting scenes that make me wanna barf, but hey, some people are into that sort of stuff...

Me? I think the kinkiest thing that Harris has gotten me into is...


That is some hoooootttt shit to me.
I've always been a closet leather-enthusiast, but never got into it because
A. It's too damn expensive
B. Not a lot of black guys are really into it (at least none that I've experienced).

I've got a few vids in my downloads of scenes with boot-licking involved.

BlackBleeders has this damn good scene where this one guy is licking the spit off of a nigga's boots.

Grimace all you want, but that shit is hot to me.

I'm lucky enough to have a fuck buddy (Harris) that is into it as well, and boy lemme tell ya...

The smell of leather, the taste of it, the dirty talking involved... I get a woody just thinking about it.

So there's that. The secret's out. Cogito has a boot fetish.

Music, you say?

Mary J. Blige -- Real Love

Beyonce -- Partition

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis -- Thrift Shop Ft. Wanz

Azealia Banks -- Liquorice


Oh, by the way: I'm doing a little bit of traveling this spring. I'll be scouting for apartments because I plan on moving in fall of 2014.

I'm thinking of visiting a few places in my tri-state area, but want to branch out even further.

I'm think of going to Buffalo, NY because it's only a 6 hour drive from where I am now.

Possibly even Philly...

I you think of any cities I ought to visit and check out, let a nigga know....
Enjoy the pics! And excuse any typos.



  1. You brought a distant pleasant/painful memory!! I too love leather but have never ventured into the scene. I was about 10 or 11 and we lived in the country!! My mom sent me to the store about the size of a modern living room with one gas pump! I had to walk about a mile and then up to the highway, when I got to the store there parked at the pump was the first Harley I had ever seen, I was staring at mouth open when I heard behind me, "Want a ride?" all I could do was shake my head yes! He was dressed in leather from head to toe tall and very handsome! I was fascinated, I got on behind him and held on for dear life! I still remember the smell of that jacket! After we had passed my house and about a mile from home I tapped him and said " I want to go back now" He turned around and roared back to the store and let me off safely! I was so excited I forgot what I had gone to the store for and ran home and told what I had just done! My Father wore my little ass out!! I must have scared him half to death! This was the South after all. But I will never forget that day! Later in Life I was "International Male's" Best customer! I have a lot of dress leather. Thank you for the memory! There are a couple of leather Bars in Amsterdam that I frequent but never ventured father than that!! LOL

  2. I have on my boots... your move!