Friday, October 31, 2014

Damn I love a Dick Down

The world be such a better place if everyone got a good Dick-Down every once in a while.

Speaking of Dicks, do you have a favorite "kind" of dick?

Me? If I had to choose just one dick, it'd be a good old jet-black 8-incher with an average amount of dorsal veins, and I want the "head" to be lighter than the rest.
(A circumcised penis is my only one restriction. If you're not cut, we not gon' fuck!)

But that' just me. What about you?
Music, you say?

Say You Love Me -- Jessie Ware
Kinda...Sometimes...Maybe --Jessie Ware
Oh, and Happy Halloween. I'm doing something kinda...different this year for a costume. But that's for next week's post ;)