Friday, February 17, 2012

Saving All My Love For You...

The Woman.

The Singer.

The Entertainer.

The Legend.

Whitney Houston.

It seems kinda inappropriate to post nudey pics tonight.

This post just goes out to Bobbi as she goes through this trying time. I've been in her shoes before. Lost my mom back in 2004 and it STILL hurts.

Oh, one more thing:
Whitney's family has shared her with the world for some 30-odd years.
This is their time to mourn, in private.

In my humble opinion.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Arian Foster

I usually don't do posts back to back but um...

Ya'll asses KNOW I don't watch sports.
Why didn't ya'll tell me this BASTARD existed????

Sexy. As. Fuck.


He's ALMOST finer than Chad Ochocinco. Almost. -_-


Thursday, February 2, 2012


waaayy back in February, I mentioned this guy, Brother "T" from church in a post titled Hung Up...

So around the first week in February, I let this nigga drive me in my car to this church event we had out of town. Long story short: he kept GUNNING my engine and eventually, broke a rod inside of my motor.

All the Motorheads (an uncertified, self-proclaimed mechanic from the hood) told me that I might as well buy a new car because my repair costs would be around 2 or 3 grand. -_- ugh.

Luckily, I know a guy who knows a guy and found someone named "St. Louis" who would replace my entire engine for around 600 dollars.

Awesome, right? No. not at all.

I dropped my car off at St. Louis' garage on January 10th.

Which was basically a month ago.

He's been giving me the run-around ever since.

I go to check on everything last night and guess what? I had to pay him 60 MORE dollars to get pieces to the engine.

I'm soooooo over it. I really need my car and I'm going CRAZY without it.

He says it's gonna be done by Sunday.

(sorry, I had to vent)

Music, you say?

Fire and Desire -- Rick James and Teena Marie

Total Eclipse of the Heart -- Bonnie Tyler

Love On Top -- Beyonce

We Found Love -- Rhianna (Calvin Harris Acoustic Cover) ----------- my FAVORITE song cover.

Enjoy the pics!