Sunday, March 22, 2015

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Yep! You read correctly! After 2 years of talking about creating a Vlog, a nigga has FINALLY got around to it! I'm SO excited about the direction in which this vlog will go. As described in the intro video, the vlog is an extension of this blog.

Click Here to see my first vid and don't forget to subscribe, like, comment, and share!
(Mind you, I did this by my black ass self, so the editing isn't 100%, but I had to post it quickly).

I've always been careful about not showing my entire face in self-pics that I've posted in the past. For whatever reason, I used to think I was fucking...hideous.

Through this blog, I've learned how to accept my imperfections and insecurities.

So much, in fact, that I'm ready for the world to see this handsome ass face of mine! Lol!

Seriously, though--as you will soon find out when you watch my vid, I am like a...5/10 as far as being masculine. In some vids, I'll be waaayyy more fem than masc, and vice versa.

I'm gender-fluid like that.

Wish I could make a longer post but I'm on the highway right now.
Music, you say?
Children's Story -- Slick Rick
Enjoy the pics! (that first pic is me!)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

3 Porn Hacks (#2)

This is a continuation of my post Porn Hack #1 I've recieved a few emails about making a second Porn Hack post, so here it goes! 

1. Maxthon and Myvidster

Maxthon is a web browser that allows you to download any available video streaming on the webpage. 
In general, PornHub and Xtube videos are usually downloadable as .WMA related files. This is important because those type can be streamed directly to my Xbox. 
On the other hand, sites like Itsallgay and Xvideos downloads movies in .FLV format. They can't be streamed to Xbox unless the vid converted. 
Combine this with the mecca of all things you're in for a wang dang doodle. 

2. Search Google Images
There are plenty of pictures in my collection that I found via For example, I'll find a hot pic of a guy and want to see more of him, but don't know where to begin looking. I simply drag and drop it into the Google bar and 7 times out of 10, find more of whomever I'm looking for. 

3. External hard drive 
I cannot stress this enough. In the 5 years I've been blogging, I've racked up an extensive collection of porn pics and vids. I recently backed up my external hard drive and I suggest you do the same. 
Music, you say? 
Chandelier -- Sia
Miss Amor -- Azealia Banks
Enjoy the pics! 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

3 Straight/Gay Porn Scene Fantasies

False alarm, ya'll. Turns out Google isn't going to delete existing porn blogs anymore. They really shouldn't have played with a nigga's emotions like that. Smh. But anyways, I"m still gonna continue on with the porn-themed posts. This is post 2 of 4.
Wesley Pipes and Shorty Jay
Wesley Pipes has always been a favorite porn star. He brings lots of energy to his scenes and can "mesh" well with his co-stars, be it 1-on-1, threesomes, orgies, whatever. Shorty Jay is a true dick pleaser and what he lacks in height, he makes up for in his "primal" style of fucking. Imagine Shorty Jay tackling Wesley and taking it like a pro! Wesley is known for being verbal and it'd be interesting to see how the two would be on film together.

Mandingo and Big Beef
What's not to love here? Mandingo has one of the biggest dicks in the porn industry, period. It stays erect the entire time, has a high level of endurance, and the cum shots are massive. On the gay side of porn, Big Beef has a nice package himself but is best known for that GOTdamn ass on his back. Seriously, I could set a glass on his backside like a table. Not to mention that Big Beef can take dick like no other. Mandingo fucks just as hard as Big Beef "power bottoms", I've made many deposits at the local spank bank fantasizing about these two.

Shane Diesel and JC Carter
Granted, Shane Diesel looks like the incarnation of Homer Simpson, but from the neck down, that nigga is EVERYTHING. He's verbal and doesn't mind pulling out, eating some pussy, then going back inside (I love when they do that). JC Carter is a true blue cum freak and it's been said that he can suck better than a Hoover vacuum cleaner. JC would wear Shane Diesel OUT with his energy and have him coming back for more.

Music, you say?
The Sun is Shining Down -- JJ GRey and Mofro
Rather Be -- Clean Bandit
Damn, can you believe I'll be 25 at the end of this month? Where does time go?
Enjoy the pics, ya'll! <3 nbsp="" p="">

Sunday, March 1, 2015

3 Least Favorite Things About Porn (Oh, I have to delete my blog).

Google is on some bullshit. On March 23rd 2015, they are implementing a new policy that pretty much deletes any blog with adult content that is not intended for art or other reasons. Because of this, my XXX slut bucket of a blog (5 years and counting!) will, regrettably, be on that chopping block. *sighs*

Hope, however, is not lost.

My good man Emmanuel over at DL Confessions (click here) advised me to switch this blog over to Wordpress. I will be doing so once it gets closer to the date.

In the meantime, I'm going to do a post every sunday up until that point. These four posts will be about the basics: Porn. Good old fashioned XXX smut. Starting with Today's. (see below).
3 least favorite things about porn.

1. Porn is all about the fantasy. What the viewer sees on screen is the final product of countless hours of filming and editing. Behind the scenes, its all kind of shit going on. For example, did this Youtube vid of the 13 most Controversial Men of Color in Gay Porn (click here). I think sometimes we're so used to seeing them as sexual objects, that we forget how porn stars are human, just like us.

2. The Refractory Period. We've all been there. 2 AM. Horny. Nobody to fuck but your right hand. So you pull up Myvidster, whip out your P. Nutty Buddy, and commence to jacking off. The reason why men are immediately uninterested in sex after orgasm (and have to wait a while to achieve another erections) is because of the Refractory Period (click here). Sometimes, for me, there is an...empty feeling afterwards. After a good jack off session, reality sets in. I'm no longer being banged out by some sexy ass DL vers top in my imagination. I'm now back in my...quiet, lonely apartment.

3. Bad Transitions. One second, they're doing it doggy style. Then, the next, they're doing it missionary. I like to see how they get up from the bed (or wherever), and actually transition into the next position. That, and the fact that music in the background of a porn vid is distracting to me.
Music, you say?
Black Rain -- Teena Marie
6 God -- Drake
Promise (Remix) -- Lil Wayne
Enjoy the pics! Love ya'll! Those first two pics are just... Goooooooddddd damn.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ok Cupid, I Give Up!

Ryan and I met on OKCupid and had a virtual "talking" relationship, with the promise of one day meeting up in person. He moved into my city 2 years ago and still hadn't met any new friends or whatever.

From the very first inbox message, we just clicked. We held maaaaad conversations about nothing and everything. The more we talked, the more similarities and life experiences we turned out to have.

We weren't in love or anything, but in those short months, we truly had become good friends.

I'd be a damn liar if I said I wasn't catching feelings for him, b/c I was. And so was he. But whenever the discussion of there being any kind of "us", he would just...shut down.

The last time we texted (or, rather, the last time he texted  me back) was around New Years Eve 2014. After that, nothing but radio silence on his end.

No calls. No texts. No inbox. Nothing. The last time he logged onto his OkCupid account was on the same day that he stopped talking to me, so I figured it must be something with his phone.

"Oh, maybe he dropped his phone in the dishwater or something. Soon as he gets a new phone, he'll hit me up for sure..."

You know, the kinda lil' lies you tell yourself to keep your heart from fucking shattering.

Earlier last night, after two inactive months online, he finally logged into his OKC. Not only that, but it also showed that he was one of my recent visitors to my profile. This means that he saw the random sad emoticon I put in his inbox a few weeks ago.

This means that he DOES remember I exist, but just doesn't give a fuck. OH, the pain! When I realized that he, for whatever reason, doesn't fuck with me anymore, I just...bawled.

Despite my pride, despite my attempt at not crawling into his inbox, despite my efforts not to grovel at his feet, I found myself right there, void of dignity.

I put in his inbox "Hey Ryan, its Nay. I'm not sure why we lost touch but if you ever want to reconnect, you have my number. I'll be deleting my account soon, so...".

Yes, it hurts like a muhfucka. But at this point, me navigating life in my twenties has taught me how to let people go that don't want to be kept. It's fucked up that I'm losing a friend, but...I just...can't.

The ball is in his court now. If he does decide to hit me up, then that will be one "great getting up morning", as the old saints used to say. But if not, that's cool too. I'll be here regardless, like the fool I am.

UGH! Why TF are your Twenties so damn hard?
Ok Cupid, I give up. Stay the FUCK from round me!
Music, you say?
Gone and Never Coming Back -- Melanie Fiona
Enjoy the pics, ya'll. I'm just soooo not in the mood for anything sexual. Imagine that! lol
-_Cogito Excuse any typos. My tough ass was crying while typing this. Smh.