Saturday, July 23, 2016

Niggas' Revenge

In 2001, two LEGENDARY black gay porn stars (and power couple at one point) Bobby Blake and Flex-Deon Blake star in an infamous interracial fetish porno titled "Niggas Revenge," in which

Three skinheads yell racial slurs at a triumvirate of black men who then proceed to lock the skinheads in cages, piss and spit on them, beat them up, and sexually degrade and violate them. To check out the full description click here

To each, his own. That's wayyyy more hardcore than I'm into.

However, I do enjoy a good interracial porn scene. Even white-on-white porn. Hell, I've posted before about my 3 favorite white gay porn stars.

White folk, we have to talk. Because I've been so abhorred by the bullshit lately to the point where I can't even watch interracial porn anymore. The other day, I was in the mood and a this one vid with a white top/black bottom on Xtube caught my eye.

A few minutes into the video, I realized that I wasn't really able to concentrate watching it. I'd get a few good strokes in, then start drifting off in my mind about things far removed from anything remotely sexual or pornographic.

I just wasn't turned on, but didn't know why.

Then it hit me. As I watched the black sub on his knees servicing his white master, I suddenly realized what my problem was:

I realized I was borderline disgusted at the fact that a black man in 2016 was somewhere on his knees literally sucking a WHITE MAN'S dick.

I was completely turned off. And have been that way ever since.
I know it may sound kinda weird, but I just...can't right now.
Music, you say?
Kiss it Better -- Rihanna
Fuck for Free -- Drake
Hey There -- Dej Loaf ft. Future
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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hoe Season!

So, it's Hoe Season, my favorite time of the year.

Idk if it's the heat, or what, but a nigga has been like, EXTRA horny lately. So much in fact that I recanted my statements regarding the superficiality of dating apps, because dick.

I met this reallllly cute ass fem nigga on Jack'D.

He's like 5'7", light skinned, medium-length hair, 6.5 dick and as thoroughbred ass on him!

We talked briefly when I had my first Jack'D profile but I deleted it back in like January of this year, and lost contact with him.

I live in a small town and, a few weeks ago, ended up running into him at Dollar General. We totally recognized one another, but didn't say anything.

He was looking RIGHT and I decided there and then that I would be giving him the BUSINESS next time fate causes our paths to cross.

I made a new Jack'D account last weekend and, lo and behold, this nigga slid right on into my DM.

He said he saw me at the store and was going to say something to me but didn't know how I would take it. I told him yeah he def could've.

Long story short, we met up at my place. Played a few rounds of Mortal Kombat, and then proceeded to my bedroom.

Did I mention that he's a fem top? Now, I know that may not be everybody's cup of tea, but those who've been reading me for years knows that I have a weakness for fem boys. AND he had some good dick!

I finally found me a nigga to THOT with all summer, so let the fun begin!

How's your summer been so far?

Stay tuned, ya'll, I'm making a Twitter for this blog soon! <3 nbsp="" p="">-------------------------
Music, you say?
Kiss it Better -- Rihanna
Needed Me -- Rihanna
Dirty Sprite -- Future

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Rico Cane

Hey ya'll! I found this hot mufucka a while back and have been meaning to post about this gorgeous nigga Rico Cane. What's not to love? He's a tall slice of cheesecake-colored beefcake with a masculine physique and alluring eyes. He has a few sets of pictures on a handful of muscle-hunk themed production studios and even has an awesome solo jerk video that truly blesses my entire soul every time I see it Click here to check it out
Life is...ok right now. I just turned 26 two months ago and for some reason, I've been like, EXTRA horny.

It kinda feels like I just entered my prime. I haven't any sex AT ALL this year and I think it's about time I pull out my Hoe Card and activate it. Stay tuned!
Music, you say?
Biggie -- Unbelievable
Phil Perry -- Forever
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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Save the Roaches!

So April was a very tough month for me. I had to take a HUGE financial loss and am just now starting to get back on my feet. Life sucks sometimes.

Up until today, I haven't been able to afford any weed for the last 5 days.

But yesterday night while I was cleaning out my closet, where I keep my stash, I suddenly remembered that I had a pill bottle with like 4 "roaches" in it.

I sparked the four of them up and had a nice lil buzz going.

To all my weed smokers reading this, you know how handy a weed roach comes when you're in a clutch!

Whilst smoking said roaches, I started thinking to myself of all the other rough patches in my life and how strong they made me. I know that is a cliche statement, but sometimes, it's good to be reminded of where you came from, all the BS you've endured, and all the lessons they taught you.

Maybe I CAN do this, after all!
Music, you say? (I've been getting into Biggie lately)
Gimme the Loot -- Biggie Smalls
Kick in the Door -- Biggie Smalls
10 Crack Commandments -- Biggie Smalls
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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Happy 26th Birfday to Me! (5'4" Wit Ma Cute Ass!)

When I started this blog, I was like 19 years old! In these seven years, I've learned so much and am grateful for EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YA"LL!!!

So how've I been?

Well, I'm 4 pounds away from my target weight (190 lbs), my high top is on fleek,
one of my toughest professors complimented my homework the other day, and all my bills are up-to-date.

Nothing is the same about me.

I now live far removed from ALL things familiar, halfway across the country from family/friends.

I am doing my thug thizzle in grad school.

I am establishing myself as an artist in a relatively dead local art scene in this hick ass backwood of a town I now reside in.

But all in all, I can't complain.

I'm just so thankful to be surrounded by support, love, and encouragement. I mean this from the bottom of my heart: thanks to all of ya'll for being there and rooting me through this dangerous ordeal called "The Twenties".

I've got four years to go!
Music, you say?
Machine Gun Funk -- Biggie  (All I want is bitches! Big booty bitches!)
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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Just Wait

Hey! How you've been? I've gotten a couple emails from folks asking wtf my problem is and why I'm not putting out much content lately on here. I'm so sorry ya'll, a nigga just been busy af these past few months.

I just started my second semester of grad school and it takes SOOOOOO much time/energy/focus away from other shit right now. I haven't even been watching much porn as of late. I haven't even really been all that sexually charged either.

Right now, I am my University's bottom bitch.

Can't fucking WAIT for this summer though b/c my lil brother and I are taking a road trip to Colorado for the most epic SMOKING SESSION of our lifetime.

In the meantime, lemme go finish this dumb ass article about this nigga named Nestorius...

One more thing, can I just say that this has been one of the LIVEST Black History Months ever?
Between Beyonce dropping "Formation" out of nowhere and scaring tf out of White America, to Kendrick Lamar's breathtaking Grammy performance (I cried), I think this is truly one for the record books.
Music, you say?
 Bahamas -- Lost in the Light

Just Wait -- Chance the Rapper
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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hot Rod, Ace Rockwood, Mr. Cali, and Jovonnie

Hey ya'll! So I recently asked my lil bro to give me four black gay porn stars to rate. Naturally, he picked guys that I don't see it for,  but I'll still give a whack at it.

Hot Rod
Personally, I'm not a fan. At all. No stranger to controversy, I've heard tales of Hot Rod being an extremely difficult model to work with. He's also spoken in interviews about his (alleged) butt injections, his beef with Trapp Boy (one of my favs), and has long since retired from porn. Any attraction I did have for Hot Rod dissipated when I watched this Dr. Phil ass clip of his ex boyfriend and fellow porn star Angyl Valentino (who I also don't see it for), crying about how terrible their relationship was. Neither of my heads can see past his personal life and I just can't ever get "into" a scene with Hot Rod in it. Click Here  to watch his interview with TheSkorpionShow.

Ace Rockwood
Fun Fact: I CANNOT be turned on by porn stars that resemble family members or people I know in real life. Ace has certainly contributed to the industry and has a great reputation for the most part. The only reason I can't fuck with him is because he looks SO MUCH like my favorite YouTube Vlogger Kid Fury. Like, they could be brothers almost. So while I can't say anything too negative about Ace, I CAN say that I'll never find him sexually attractive.

Mr. Cali
Maybe I've been living under a rock. Because I had NO idea this nigga even existed until today. I've checked out a few of his scenes and he's quite the stallion. I can def see myself getting into him a lot more. But only from the neck, down. He kinda looks like Tickle-Me Elmo to me. :/

When I started collecting porn way back in 2009, there was this scene with Jovonnie and his boyfriend at the time (City Boi) fucking in the shower at a YMCA or something. To this day, that scene is one of my favorite EVER in my entire collection thus far. Aside from that, I don't care for his work in these past few years.
Music, you say?
Your Lips Are Mine -- Eyeflash
Colorblind -- Eyeflash
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