Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Importance of Gay Pride

I've come to discover the empowerment of celebrating Gay Pride. The more you embrace your sexuality, the more people can't use it against you. Granted, this certainly doesn't shield us from the bullshit that comes along with fighting for gay rights, but Pride is the ONE thing they can't take from us. 

Considering the social injustices we currently face, it is your responsibility to represent our community with an unapologetic message of self-acceptance. I'm not talking about "shouting it from the rooftops" or anything. 

I mean actively leading lives that challenge gay stereotypes and perpetuate positive images as an out-and-proud identifier.

Luckily, we live in progressive times. Being "in the closet" is sooooo 1995! On any given social media site, you're bound to see pics/statuses/tweets etc., of young gays celebrating their sexuality, with encouragement and support from their straight allies. 

There was a time in American culture when it was normal and, quite frankly, expected, for straight, non-queer bigots to oppose, reject, mock, and be total assholes to gay people. Now, it's in reverse. Nowadays, people who express their disapproval towards gays are looked at like 

"UGH! They still MAKE you?"
I swell with pride at the thought of our generation making a question like that possible. 

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hard Times

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In this life, everyone will have their fair share of ups and downs. 
Sadly, none of us are exempt to this universal constant. Whether you're rich and beautiful, or poor and ugly--

LIFE is not as prejudice as we are. 
SICKNESS doesn't care about how much money you have. 
LOVE doesn't give a damn who you love. 
DEATH ('nuff said). 
HAPPINESS/Satisfaction are temporary luxuries. 

Think back to the absolute most rough moment in your life thus far.
At the time, you didn't know HOW the fuck you were going to get out of that situation, didn't you?

Well, I'll be damned if you didn't survive it, despite the odds. 

In honor of those character-building struggles and triumphs, I dedicate this post to the Hard Times. 

For every single hard time you've encountered thus far, may the next dick you come across be even harder!
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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Nayquan, Now Hiring!

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Thank you for your interest in applying for Nayquan's New Boo! He is a well-rounded young black male with an immediate opening for a lover. Nayquan is an equally opportunistic employer and he encourages those who are into him to submit their applications.

Serious applicants possess the following skills and traits:

1. Good tongue and dick game ("total tops" unwilling to bottom do not qualify for this position).
2. Gender-Fluid men who embrace both their masculine and feminine traits.
3. Age is not a major factor, but if not around is own age, Nayquan prefers older guys.
4. A MAN who accepts things for what they are, flexible when it comes to adjusting in a new relationship, puts an effort into building trust, believes in God, and is financially stable and independent.

Experience preferred, but not necessary.

Please send resume, along with recent body/dick/ass (including hole)/face pictures to (this is a fake email, mind you). 

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

3 Favorite White Gay Porn Stars

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I KNOW I fell in love with Damon when I came across his "Damon Blows America" videos. In said videos, he literally sucks dick (and occasionally fucked) by guys in different states of the USA. THAT, my friend, is gangsta! How can someone make a cross country trip in search of a willing dick that needs servicing, you ask? It's because Damon sucks dick so well, he ought to teach classes on it. Plus, he's usually accompanied by his friend Christian, an equally talented dick pleaser. 

I think I fell in love with Titpig when I saw him in some random TreasureIslandMedia. He is, by far, probably THE most kinkiest porn star I've ever seen, period. Granted, he's more of an older bear than I typically go for, but this nigga is just plain old HOT as fuck to me. When it comes to cum, he's a guzzler if there ever was one.  

Damien Silver 

I think I fell in love with Damien Silver when I came across his content on his website Not only is he very verbal, he can take dick like no other. If you've ever seen him in a vid, then you know he gets pounded for like, 45 minutes straight--no stopping, no cutting to the next scene--just him getting the "high hard one", and moaning through every minute of it. 

These three make up the holy trinity of white gay porn for me! AND all three of them swallow! Who are some of your favorite white gay porn stars?

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Who is the Best You've Ever Had?

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The other day, I was waiting in line at a restaurant and just happened to gaze outside at my car parked near the entrance. While doing so, I noticed a familiar looking trucking backing out of a nearby spot.

Is that...? I said to myself, squinting to get a better view. Seeing the Kappa Alpha Psi plate on the front grill of the truck, I immediately recognized who it was.

It was Harris. You may remember him from posts like Harris, and Advice to Anonymous (click here) and Like a Virgin (click here)

On the handful of guys that I've been with sexually, Harris is at the top of my list (pun intended). When we fucked, he like, FUCKED me, ya' know? Plus, he was accommodating. I told him how I liked it, and he really took his time to make sure I got mine.

Unfortunately, I had to drop his ass after that whole Golden Shower (click here) fiasco, but his dick is surely to be missed. In fact, for a good minute, Harris set the bar so high, I didn't even want to hook up with anyone else b/c I knew they weren't gonna hit it like he could. Is that weird?

Question: who was your best sexual partner, and why? 
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Spring is here, bitches!
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Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Moneyshot

Maybe I'm just over-thinking it. Maybe I should just log on, get my rocks off, and then log off. But I hate boring porn scenes. When the action is sub-par and I'm ready to just turn off the damn video altogether, I skip to the cumshot at the end, just to see if all that was worth it.

Depending on the amount of splooge that spills, you can kinda tell whether the guy had done some edging beforehand, and hell, how healthy they guy is overall. I remember one time, me and this guy were getting it on and his nut was Almost a slight tint of yellow. 

Later on I googled why, and it turns out that guys who smoke are often known to have that sort of color to their junk. I've noticed that when my diet consists of more fruits/veggies and lots of water, my load is a lot more substantial. 

I'm not the kind of guy who does all that "swallowing" business, but some guys say that some cum has a sweet taste to it, depending on who it comes from. 

Has anyone ever commented on how yours tastes? 

I came across an interesting article about how to increase sexual stamina, and bigger orgasms, if you're into that sorta thing. Master Orgasm & Increase Sperm Volume (click here)

Oh, and a new YouTube video! I"m still getting the hang of the editing software, so bare with me. 

One Foot Out the Closet Door (click here)

P.S. I'll officially be 25 on Tuesday! 
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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Subscribe to my new YouTube Channel

Yep! You read correctly! After 2 years of talking about creating a Vlog, a nigga has FINALLY got around to it! I'm SO excited about the direction in which this vlog will go. As described in the intro video, the vlog is an extension of this blog.

Click Here to see my first vid and don't forget to subscribe, like, comment, and share!
(Mind you, I did this by my black ass self, so the editing isn't 100%, but I had to post it quickly).

I've always been careful about not showing my entire face in self-pics that I've posted in the past. For whatever reason, I used to think I was fucking...hideous.

Through this blog, I've learned how to accept my imperfections and insecurities.

So much, in fact, that I'm ready for the world to see this handsome ass face of mine! Lol!

Seriously, though--as you will soon find out when you watch my vid, I am like a...5/10 as far as being masculine. In some vids, I'll be waaayyy more fem than masc, and vice versa.

I'm gender-fluid like that.

Wish I could make a longer post but I'm on the highway right now.
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