Thursday, August 7, 2014

Stud Muffin

So...there's this girl....let's call her...CC.

CC is 27, gorgeous light skin, about 210 lbs, natural hair afro, and is always dressed to the nines.
When she talks, her alto voice has a slow drawl that makes you listen to whatever she's saying. Oh, plus, she's a rapper in my city. She's one of those--Mose Def, Common, Tribe Called Quest--kind of conscious artist. She's got hella talent and can even sing real good!

It's not that she's a stud. She's just...masculine. I know for a fact that she's been getting dicked down by this one dude I used to go to school with, so I know she at least is into men.

For the past few months, we've been kicking it in the same circle of friends and talking to each other at parties or whatever, we've got really great energy together.

At first, I could't quite put my finger on why I was so...intrigued by her. Knowing that my dick refuses to get hard for pussy, I thought I was just tripping last week when I saw her and she was looking kinda...good.

10 minutes ago, I suddenly realized why I feel this way...

I, Cogito, have a legitimate, totally sincere crush on a woman.

It's crazy! Like...she has this masculine energy but still maintains her tomboyish behavior with her feminine ways. As a lover of fem gays myself, I think that CC has the perfect balance of what I'm looking for.

But hell, I'll never try to get with her.

What in God's green FUCK would we do together? Lol! She's gonna bone me with a strap-on and I'm gonna call her daddy? Hell naw...

But it does kinda make me...curious.

By the way, check out this hot ass xtube vid ((click here) by my dude Immanuel over at click here))

Mother and Father -- The Broods

Wrote a Song about you Last Night -- Mnek

Gravity -- John Mayer

XO -- John Mayer (Beyonce Cover)

Wrong Side of a Love Song -- Melanie Fiona (sp?)

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