Sunday, May 31, 2015

No Trade Policy

Trade: a gay term used to describe a masculine, usually DL man. 

I have a strict No Trade Policy. 
Most Trade either wants you to go back in the closet with them, or are so afraid of being outed that you have to battle with their own insecurities. 

However, there are times when I fall short of what I say I'm all about.There's this FINE ass nigga named Jordan who lives in my apartment complex. He's 25, 6'2," 160lbs, tall and lean, smooth coco-butter complexion, low cut hair with waves, cute triangle beard, and a smile that makes me melt.

Today, Sweet Destiny, you treated me kind. 

Like, 20 minutes ago, I had just got out the shower, smelling good as hell, putting on lotion--when, suddenly--a knock on the front door.Thinking it was family knocking, I thought nothing of opening the door in nothing but my boxers. Imagine my surprise when its him at the door, asking if my cousin was here. I zoned out for like 6 seconds; a flash of his body on mine suddenly went through my head. It wasn't until he asked me again that I snapped out of it. 

I can't even recall if he was checking me out too, but I sure as hell hope he knows that I'd spread like peanut butter for him. 

And now, what better way to celebrate this serendipitous occasion than making a deposit at the Spank Bank? 
Music, you say? 
Damn Good Friends -- Elle Varner
Soundproof Room -- Elle Varner
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Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Importance of Gay Pride

I've come to discover the empowerment of celebrating Gay Pride. The more you embrace your sexuality, the more people can't use it against you. Granted, this certainly doesn't shield us from the bullshit that comes along with fighting for gay rights, but Pride is the ONE thing they can't take from us. 

Considering the social injustices we currently face, it is your responsibility to represent our community with an unapologetic message of self-acceptance. I'm not talking about "shouting it from the rooftops" or anything. 

I mean actively leading lives that challenge gay stereotypes and perpetuate positive images as an out-and-proud identifier.

Luckily, we live in progressive times. Being "in the closet" is sooooo 1995! On any given social media site, you're bound to see pics/statuses/tweets etc., of young gays celebrating their sexuality, with encouragement and support from their straight allies. 

There was a time in American culture when it was normal and, quite frankly, expected, for straight, non-queer bigots to oppose, reject, mock, and be total assholes to gay people. Now, it's in reverse. Nowadays, people who express their disapproval towards gays are looked at like 

"UGH! They still MAKE you?"
I swell with pride at the thought of our generation making a question like that possible. 

Checkout my newest video where I discuss this issue further! Michigan Gay Refusal Law and the Importance of Gay Pride (click here)
Music, you say?
Black Magic -- Deluka
Retrograde -- James Blake
Head Full of Lies -- Georgi Kay
Enjoy the pics!