Monday, July 25, 2011

Until The End Of Time...

...I wonder some things...

I really do want to have children some day. Not that I have anything against adoption, but I want to make a few babies the old-fashioned way. Alas, the dilemma: laying with a Woman. Fuck it, I may have to just pretend she's Idris Elba the entire time...

My baby (Rob) is out of town for a class reunion so I'm here at my place, all alone... And it's on nights like these, when my phone isn't ringing, nothing good is on t.v., and all the chores are done-- it's nights like these when I'm free of any distractions--I'm left to the thoughts that linger in my head.

For example: don't ask me why, but lately, I've been so self-aware of my own mortality. I guess because I've had to serve at 3 different funerals this month, but Death always puts Life into perspective. I ask myself all the time "if I were to drop dead right now, would I go to Heaven or Hell"? I like to believe I'm a good person. And aside from that, I strongly believe that God does not hate Gays (contrary to what some stupid FUCKS like to think). God reciprocates the love that we give to Him; so if I love Him as much as I do, then His love for me has to be exponentially greater than mine (John 3:16 much?)

*sighs* eh, well, I'm not going to boor you any longer with my ramblings...

Timothy Bloom feat. V. Bozeman-- Until The End of Time has me thinking of all this shit at once! My gift to you:

Enjoy the pics!

Btw, the next post will be about a very cool follower of this blog, his name is Biron and he's a photographer. He's the one who supplied pics for tonight's post. So until I blog again, go check out his website


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ground Rules

So, Rob and I have decided to give our relationship a chance. After that helluva night at the club, we hadn’t really had a chance to kick it because I’ve been so busy traveling to different preaching engagements and whatnot (summer is always my busiest). But while I was away, we were practically glued to the phone with eachother. It felt kinda nice to feel, um... Wanted, again, you know? To know that there’s somebody out there who actually gives a damn about what I’m doing with my day (and vice versa).

Listen, he’s 30+ and I’m well beyond my years in my early 20’s. We’ve both been through some shit so we decided (rather, I brought it up and he co-signed) to go ahead and get some of the drama out of the way by setting some Ground Rules on what we want from eachother and ish like that.

1.      1. We come into this thing knowing that we have busy lives; but we will still be adamant about canceling dates/engagements (if possible) when it’s time for US! And when we absolutely can’t get out of something, we have to accept that.

2.      2.  If you feel like you need to cheat on me, we ought to just end it right there.  It’s different if we broke up temporarily and hooked up with somebody, but if I’m saving myself for you, I expect the same in return.

3.       3. When we do go out to a club or something, who cares about dancing with other people? That’s what we came to do, right? It’s just dancing...

4.       4, We will have our fare share of ups and downs. If we tried our best to make this work, but it’s still not getting better, let’s not fool ourselves.

5.       5. (and most importantly) I expect some hot, piping Dick on the regular. As I said before, he still needs some work in the Top department, but he’s a quick learner... In return, I gotchu daddy... You want some head right quick before work? It’s nothin!

But Rob is such a sweetheart though. When I finally got back in town, we went out to this fancy-schmancy Italian restaurant (my favorite type of food) and we had such a... natural time (if that makes sense). Not to sound sappy, but conversing with Rob is so easy; we just flow well together.

And this may sound weird, but I like watching his lips move! For some reason, it turns me on. He has these big, juicy lips that are PERFECT for kissing. 

The more I sat at that table, the more I knew that when we got back to his place, I was going to fuck him like it was going out of style.
Rob can keep his dick nice and stiff, but he has noooo idea what to do with it yet (I told ya’ll a few posts back that he thought he was a Bottom). 

I rode him so damn good, he kept saying "damn bae, if you keep doin it like that I'm gonna cum"... lmao! Closing his eyes all tight and clinging to my chest for dear life! And in my head I'm like "damn... I'm not really even trying!"

So I turned around and laid on my stomach so he could at least control the ecstasy (I say that with no ego, but I can't help it if I got some good ass...) and it felt so damn good; he can grind inside of me like a damn pro; I was losing it.

I told him to reach down and jack me off; he started pulling and tugging like it was a damn rope! I told him to go slower... slower... he finally got the rhythm going so well, and slammin my ass at the same time, I bust all in his hand...

Then this freaky mofo pulls out and jacks off with my cum; he bust all over my ass and then licked it off... (and I didn't even have to tell him to)...

My kind of freak...

By the time I came back from the kitchen with some Pizza Rolls, he was snoring like a baby! Smh! 

I snuggled up under him and we were out like lights... 

Yeah yeah yeah... if you break your promise, we're breaking up... 

(btw, it's the GAYEST song I could find, but the lyrics are soooo appropriate for this post. Tiffany Evans Ft. Ciara, Promise Ring, my gift to you! )

--Cogito (enjoy the pics) lovez ya!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Let's Get It On...

It's not that I've never been attracted to women. There are some drop dead ass gorgeous women in this world. I can recognize beautiful women; I see ones all the time where I say "damn, if I were into women just a little bit, I'd hit that..." 

I've even said in posts before that eating pussy isn't outside of my realm of reality... though it is highly unlikely that it would ever happen... I've always said that I'm a backwards gay man because I'm curious about being with a woman... 

When you're out on the preaching circuit as much as I am, you come across women who see you as a "great catch". I'm young, single, "saved", and well on my way in college. Hell, that's what I'm looking for in a guy! 

And I can tell you some craaaaazzzzyyyy shit that chicks do just to get my attention. There was one woman who kept sending her son up to the alter for me to pray for him. Eventually I took him into the back of the church to talk to him and ask what was going on. He *scoffs* and says "man... the only reason I keep coming up there is 'cuz my mama keep saying that u gonna be her man"... (smh, that lil ole skeezer was using her son as an item). 

Another time, while doing a youth summit down south, this one chick kept bringing me plates of food and inviting me back to her place (in case I the food makes me sleepy) wink wink. Yeah right, hoe. You tryna steal my underwear just like the rest of 'em! 

The only reason why I watch Straight Porn is because the Guy(s) in the scene are hot enough for me to pay attention to. But it's a lot harder for me to concentrate if... 

1. The Woman doesn't know how to suck dick. 

You're a PornStar, right? You get paid to do this shit! Why are you slapping his dick on your forehead? *sighs* give me a minute... this shit really does annoy me... 

2. His dick is 3 inches long, STFU and stop all that screaming!!! 

3. (and most importantly) she's gotta have a pretty pussy. Nice and trimmed; it has to be WET and able to make the Dick look good inside of it. Otherwise, I'm taking the DVD out, I'm exiting the Website, and going to Xtube where they know how to treat a dick...

*sighs* it's been a long week for me; I'm flying back home in the morning (the revival went   off great!) and I'm tired as all get-out! So excuse the brevity of the post. btw, I realize this post is erratic; sue me, I'm barely keeping my eyes open right now... 

Enjoy the pics! And btw, Marvin Gaye's "Lets Get It On", my gift to you!


(I was in the mood for some of King via Dawgpoundusa)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Busy as Hell...

Hey Bloggers!!! I know I've been gone for like 2 weeks but after my summer semester ended, I had nooooo motivation to drive my ass up on campus just to use the wifi... so....

I stopped being cheap and finally got some home-internet service!!!!!

What this means for you is that you are going to get SICK of me! Because now that I have this ish at home, I'm about to be unstoppable! I can do so much more shit now like post vids and even skype!

I will post an update on me and Rob (the club owner from my last post). And trust, you'll want to stay tuned for it!

I'm hella busy right now... Actually about to hit the road on my way out of town to this preaching engagement I'm booked for 2 nights.

Enjoy the (few pics) and again, yaaaaayyyyyy for me!!


(pics supplied by a friend of the site) thanks Dick! ;)