Thursday, October 28, 2010

Get Over Yourself!

So, I like Xtube a whole lot. There are some HELLA hot guys on there, and the vids and pics keep me cumming like a geyser. You should know that a pet peeve of mine is when people are straight up CONCEITED for no good goshdarn reason. On many guys's Xtube profiles, they say stuff like "I am your fantasy" "Don't nobody got nothin on my Phat Ass" "Tell your dude to give up, I'm the best you ever had" "A few pics of my sex ass" "Pics of my sexy body". Along with the plethora of double-negatives, these are ALL actual titles from pics/vids I've seen on Xtube. And it's like DAYUMN, REALLY???

#1. You're not all that damn cute, so stop taking pics in the mirror biting your bottom lip.
#2. Why are there 503039 pics of you in ONE album of your body?
#3. FACE PICS and nothing else? GET OVER YOURSELF!!
#4. OMG, if you're gonna take pics in the bathroom, clean it up first!
#5. We get it, you're hot. And you want us to melt in the presence of your hotness. Dually noted.
#6. You're like, 25 years old and still refer to yourself as HottyWithBody2345 or iGottaPhatty...

I could go on and on...

What kills me the most is when the UGLIEST ugmos in the history of Ugly think their the finest, God's gift to mankind... I'm rambling... But really though, it's nothing wrong with being confident in yourself, in fact, I encourage a good sense of self-esteem. But don't take it overboard and think that you're the prettiest thing to ever walk the earth.

I mean, as long as Idris Elba exists, you're a 7/10 in my book. Lol, I'm sorry, he stole my HEART in Daddy's Girl. I have this weird lil fantasy where (you know the scene where Gabrielle Union's LUCKY ASS got to make out w/ him and he was about to TEAR THE LINING out of her, and she went to the bathroom and vomited like an idiot?)  Well, in my fantasy, he OWNS me. Damn, picture Animal Planet After Dark... ;) I'm a freak, sue me...

Enjoy the pics!

Friday, October 22, 2010

My 100th post! (+SELF PICS, FINALLY!)

I want to thank all of my followers for making this blog as successful and popular as it has grown to be. I know I say it a lot, but it truly, genuinely means something to me that you decided to put up with my freaky azz! The fact that many of you support (without necessarily even subscribing to) my sexual tastes is greatly appreciated and does not go unnoticed. Many of you have helped with relationship advice, sexual tips and tricks, uber-amount of emailed pics, links, porn sites, etc.


One of the most requested things among you all is for me to do a post of ME! Believe it or not, I'm a pretty shy guy. Me sharing my body with the rest of the world has been a fantasy of mine; I have this teensy little secret goal where I want to do some professional porn before age 25. Well, because I love yall so much, here's a treat for yall! THESE 5 PICS ARE OF ME!!! I EDGED FOR ABOUT AN HOUR OR SO AND NUT WAS ERRWHERRE! Now keep in mind that I'm an artist, and I'm sensitive about my shit! ;) Let me know what ya'll think!!!


Monday, October 11, 2010

Know any good porn sites?

Okay, every blue moon, I save my pennies and join a porn-paysite. It's always a difficult decision for me because #1: I'm a total cheapskate, #2: I want to stretch my dollar and #3: I want some "bang" for my buck. Naturally, I'm HELLA picky about which pornsite deserves my hard earned duckies. So when I'm deciding on where to spend once this blue moon comes around, I look for a few things...

#1. Black mature-- not necessarily "daddies" (although it would help). I just don't always like to see guys fucking like jackrabbits. Take it slow, you know?

#2. Kinkiness-- Leather, dirty talk, slings, JOCKSTRAPS, JOCKSTRAPS, JOCKSTRAPS! At least in a scene or two. Satisfy my inner Freak.

#3. Rim--the asses gotta be PHAT and the Rim scenes have to be on point. I love rimming so it's disappointing when the Rim scenes are lackluster. Plus, Snowballing/Felching is always encouraged...

#4. Cumshots--ofcourse! Face, Ass Cheeks, Internal, as long as their thick and creamy. Or in the least, if the dudes know what to do with the cum. SMH@ those who just wipe it off, wtf?

#5. Various Body Types-- I like my slim guys, but I'm a lover of thick niggaz! Like, if I had to choose between... let's say... Jovonnie (who I think is highly overrated) and Ty Lattimore, I'd pick Ty ANY day of the week. Just saying...

#6-- DOWNLOADS, DOWNLOADS, DOWNLOADS!!-- What? I pay $30.00 for a month of porn, and I can't carry on my flash drive? I HATE THAT! Give me something to hold on to...

Mind you, 1-5 are subjectional; if it's hot enough, I'd pay for it anyway.
The last time I did this, I joined (I was crushing hard on Ty Lattimore and his site looked promising). And for what it was worth, my dollars went pretty far. There were leather-dungeon scenes (not really my thing, but the sling fucking was HOT), and the models were of various sizes.

So, I thought I'd ask you guys out there, what are some good payporn sites?

Here's my list of FREE porn sites with full scenes: (if you know who to follow)

So, help a brotha out!
Enjoy the pics! THESE are the kind of stuff I want from a porn site.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wanna Know Something Kinky?

The pics in this post are masturbatory-approved! I haven't posted a single pic on here that was not approved by my right hand.... Wanna know something hot? (just 'cuz I'm feeling kinky)... Um... sometimes... me and o boy, we race to see who can cum first to a pic of my post. If I win, I pick the pic who goes first. If he wins, he picks the pic that goes first and mine goes last. He won tonight! So, the first pic is in honor of him shooting before me!

Hey yall! Just an update, me and o boy are still talking and hugged up and all that good stuff. We want to actually become an "item" but the whole DL thing sucks... (no pun intended)... I told him about the guy who slipped me his number at the poetry show last week, and he was pissed about it! I mean, I didn't want to lie to him about it; he hasn't lied to me yet and I don't want to mess this up with him. But I told him "atleast he wants to feed a nigga at the resturant or something! You act like somebody is gonna automatically point the GAY finger at you just because we together!"

So, tonight, he came to the poetry show with me to show me that he was serious about us atleast doing more stuff together in public. And Lo and Behold, nobody died! There was no spontaneous combustion, no holocausts, no Diasporas, NOBODY DIED BECAUSE TWO GUYS WERE KICKING IT TOGETHER IN PUBLIC!!!!!!! I'm glad he finally realized this... we can now move on to going to the movies. I've been DYING to see Takers. OMG, Idris Elba, will you marry me????


(Enjoy the pics!)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Weekend Treats!

My weekends start on Thursdays after class because fri-sun I'm a free man! Here's a few pics to keep your hand in an up and down motion. The only thing left to ask is "where'd I put that lotion bottle?" ;) Hope you have a great weekend! O, btw, I met one HELLA fine man last night at the poetry show. He's new in town, and I know he's feeling me because he was in my face the entire night. I went with a girlfriend of mine (a girl who happens to be a friend). And she swears he was sticking around to talk to her. Little does she know, he slipped me his number on the slide all the while up in her face. SMH! He says he's from Texas, and he has that wholesome country boy kind of attitude about him. His poetry was kinda "blah" but he's fine as hell so, I forgive him! Let's see where this goes!