Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sell A Bit

This is what a good friend of mine, Adam, said to me in response to my phone being cut off:

“You’re 5’4” , thick as fuck, stacked in all the right places, you know how to throw it back, you know how to slang dick real well (we fucked a few times). So um…. WHY THE FUCK IS YO PHONE OFF???  All them bedroom skills you have, you can raise 80 bucks in one blowjob…”

Let me explain: Adam is a self-proclaimed ManWhore. No, really; he’s proud of how he throws himself, from dick to dick, because, in his words: “My pussy gets me out of paying bills, and into bill paying beds…” Whatever.


I’m not some self-righteous kind of “my body is my temple” kind of guy. Hell, I have fantasies where I’m doing like, GloryHole-Slave work, for pete’s sake! (Remind me to share that one…) Not to say that it’s anything wrong with having a Price Tag—I know it’s hard out here—But don’t think it’s the only way to earn money—and please don’t be CONTENT with selling yo ass! Like really, who does that?

But what I am NOT—is a user. I have my share of one-nighters, but those are mutual arrangements. We both know what we’re getting ourselves into. There are no strings attached. No receipt trails; just hard dicks and empty Trojan wrappers.

Don’t get me wrong, if I could suck dick AND get my phone cut on, it’s a win-win! But I'm not going to suck dick for the sole purpose of getting my bills paid. 

I’m much more comfortable getting my BLACK ASS UP, going to work, and waiting for that check every 2 weeks…

…1993 just called, they want their Sugar Daddy Syndrome back…


(Sidenote: I just go in from the movies, I went with friends to go see that damn Black Swan and let me just say, this bitch Natalie Portman masturbating on the big screen almost made me throw up my Popcorn and JuJuBeans. Save your 8 dollars... )

(enjoy the pics!)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Got Me Some Ass! ;)

I went to this GLBT Icebreaker on campus being thrown by some FINE ASS Q-Dogz! The gays were all in attendance: ripe for the picking! A few guys kept trying to grab my hand or whatever, but I didn’t feel like dancing.
I just grabbed me a red cup and walked over to the CupLuck (this huge tub full of blue Hawaiian Punch and Vodka ) and started drinking; trying to loosen myself up, you know? I’ve had one HELLUVA week… So I’m drinking, and clowning around with a friend of mine. He’s a total flamer, but we get along really well. Remind me to tell you about him in another post…
When out the blue, someone comes up from behind me and grabs my hand. I look back and it’s this Fine ass lil redbone dude. We knew (of) eachother from around town at different poetry events and organizations up on campus, but never ever really said anything to each other. I always thought he was a lil cutie and I know he felt the same because I got that “vibe” from him. When we saw that each other was there at the GLBT party, we knew what was up… So, I downed the rest of my drink while he pulled me out onto the floor… 
I held him by the waist while he kept grinding on me; damn, he was doing it so well, my dick was hard as fuck and I know he could feel it! Needless to say, we both got drunk as hell, and (to make a long story short) we ended up in his dorm room.
We stumbled in and before I could close the door behind us, he already had my boxers down on my ankles! He slobbed me up like I couldn’t believe; I looked down and this negro was giving me some really good and sloppy head, just the way I like it. He was making all these slurping sounds and moaning and it was doing something to my already drunken state of mind.
He’s much smaller than me so I easily picked him up and we started making out against the wall while I was holding him. Mind you, we were both drunk, so I kinda lost my balance and fell on the bed, lol!
I turned him over; I just HAD to taste him. “Is it up high enough, daddy?” hell yeah, I pushed him down by the small of his back, so his ass was perched right up in my face. Damn, he had such a pretty fucking hole, I’m getting hard just thinking about it. He was already light skinned, but his hole was all cute and pink, and he knew how to make it pop! Damn. Damn. Damn.
I had enough; it was time for me to hit it. He already had the condom open, and easily slid it on me. I ate him right, so there was no need for lube. I went into him from behind, and he kept throwing it back on me; he knew how to work a dick! Then he got up and laid me down on my back and started riding me, hard. He kept bouncing and I thought my toes were gonna pop! I had to tell him to stop, and I moved over to the chair in front of his desk, where he mounted back on me and rode my dick like the Kentucky Derby!
I knew he was about to cum because he kept biting his bottom lip. I kept a good grip on his dick the whole time so I knew he was chock-full of precum. I kept jacking him until he popped all over my belly. FUCK!! I love it when a dude rides me until he cums like that!
I wasn’t done yet so he kept riding me, sucking his cum off of my fingers. Where the HELL has this guy been my entire life???
I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to pull out and bust in his mouth, but he had other plans. I finally busted this huge ass nut inside of the condom. He gladly slid it off of me and tied it into a knot. His freaky ass told me he wanted to save it!
Now that I’m sober, it’s doesn’t seem as hot as it was, but damn, he was one hell of a Dick Pleaser.
We went to McDonalds in my car and filled up on food, then went back to his place for round 2… and 3.
We exchanged numbers. As I was walking back to my car, my knees were weak as hell!
He texted me and was like “Damn daddy, I’ma need some mo of dat real soon. Keep it on the low”
Trust, my lips are sealed. No problem ;)


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Top 10 Hottest Black Male Celebs

1.       1. Idris Elba
If you haven’t seen his performance in Daddy’s Little Girl, then you will know NOTHING of why this man is sexy! Omg, at the end of the movie where he was all steamed up and mad, I thought my dick was going to break! Not to mention the fact that he’s from “across the pond” and that accent of his makes everything aaaallll the more better!!

2.       2. Mechad Brooks
I’ve been admiring him ever since I saw him on Desperate Housewives a few years back. Then, when I saw him again on The Game, not only had his acting skills doubled, but his body matured as well. Tall, dark, fine as FUUUUCCKKKK. And, he’s a Calvin Klein Underwear Model. The pics of him in nothing but skin-tight boxers, only add to my fantasies…. I can go on and on about what I would do to him… just know that those lips of his do PLENTY of dick sucking in my mind…And his ass, I would have a fucking FEAST!!

3.  Denzell Washington
Denzell is a very “Classic-Sexy” kind of guy to me. He can be absolutely livid, irate, ready to bust a cap in someone—and yet remain calm, cool, and collected the entire time. See, I have this weird turn-on for that angry, violent yet passionate kind of sex. Denzell is the epitome of that particular turn-on. If this makes any sense to you at all about how sexy Denzell is to me: THE WAY HE CHEWS HIS GUM MAKES ME HORNY!!!! Can’t explain it! That strong as jaw-bone and the way his teeth grind… like I said, it’s weird but it’s hot!!

4.       4. Columbus Short
Now, what he lacks in talent (whomp whomp whomp) he makes up for in looks. Although at times, he has a tendency to look a bit tripped-out. He has a smile that melts me and a body to make me easily slip right on out of my boxers. As a matter of fact, I won’t even be wearing any…

5.       5. Michael Jae White
I suffer the “Daddy Syndrome” with him too. He’s such a diesel “alpha-male” and I absolutely love it. His face, DAMN! His body, OMG! His dick, FUCK!! And I can’t help but wonder if he can eat a good ass. Hope I have the chance to find out!

6.       6. Chad Ochocinco
The man makes me want to watch Football, okay??? He is so fucking fine, it should literally be illegal. Many people give that one guy Terrel Owens (wait, now I have to try and hold my breakfast down…) more hype than him. Ugh, T. O. looks like a fucking water bug… My man Ochocinco can get it HOWEVER he wants it. And not only that, but he’s a really cool individual.

For a really great reason that I can never tell you about: I know Greg Jennings of the Green Bay Packers and while visiting him one summer, I had the chance to kick it real tough w/ Ocho and he’s really cool. *sighs* and his dick is huge…

7. Nas
That voice of his. The way he raps turns me on. On his song “Big Girl Now” I get instantly hard when he hits that second verse. Lol, my dick is growing just thinking about it. And he’s such a lil cutie! That beauty mole on his face, those almond shaped eyes, those lips. Naz is the kind of guy that would turn me into a big hoe! Smh! Because all he’d have to do is tell me where and when, and I’m there!

8.       8. Tyson Beckford
I do think he is highly overated, but I can’t deny his looks. Those chinky-eyes, those lips, that fucking BODY. He breaks the “Dumb Models” stereotype because he’s actually a very intelligent person. If you can hold my interest in an intelligent conversation, my boxers are already half-way off…

9.      9.  Tristan Wildes
When he was on that show “The Wire” I didn’t really notice him. But when I saw him on the new series of 90210, he made me a believer! He has such a cute smile and he can actually ACT! Not only that but you can’t tell me that he’s not a TOTAL BOTTOM! The things I would do to that mofo… I would eat him out like a thanksgiving turkey…I don't always get the chance to practice my skills as a Top, but I'd relish the opportunity with this lil shorty thickems'

10. Nate Parker
If you haven’t seen “The Great Debators” or “The Secret Life of Bees” then you won’t be able to contemplate the level of sexiness this man oozes from his pores. He’s a “Baby Denzell” in my book, as far as acting and looks. Let’s just say, in my fantasy with him, all that honey from “the secret life of bees” is put to damn good use… Tristan Wildes included ;)

Okay, I know some of your favorites may not have made the list. These are purely just my tastes. Let me know who I forgot to add! I tried to find the most revealing and LEGIT pics I could. The naked pic of Tyson Beckford is real, I compared the tattoos. The ass shots of Idris Elba are from an episode of The Big C. The Ass shot of Mechad Brooks is from an episode of True Blood...

btw, these pics are in no particular order. But if so, Idris Elba would be at the top of the list...

So, no dick/ass pics tonight but more to come. I just wanted to showcase the beautiful black men, consider it an homage to Black History Month. ;)


Friday, February 11, 2011


I usually avoid discussing topics that stir up controversy: not because I'm afraid of conflict, I'm just sick of bullshit. In arguments over things like Religion, Politics, etc. I've come to find that neither side can win. We're usually speaking so loudly to validate our points, we never LISTEN or even consider the other's side. And quite frankly-- I'm not trying to save the world, you know? The best thing I can do while I'm on this Earth is do what The Big Man Upstairs wants me to do.

Nevertheless, what with it being Black History Month and all, it would be irresponsible of me as the Op of an ever-growing Blog to simply ignore it. To all my Caucasians: don't be alarmed or offended. To my Brothas: keep it cool. To Everyone Else: sit back, and just read. This is just my opinion on the whole "N-Word" topic.

1. As a Verb.

From what I see in my own immediate community, there are many "Niggas" as the Verb and not the Noun. I'll use my own family for example: a cousin of mine is aaaaalllwwaayyys claiming that he's being racially profiled. In fact, a few of the local policemen know him by his first name! He's always moping and groaning; "I can't get a job man! These white folks don't want a brotha to get ahead".

This, to those who may not have known, is one example of a Nigga Moment: blaming others for your own irresponsibilities and failures.

2. As a Noun.
This is perhaps where many subscribe to the N-Word as a "term of endearment and affection". Eh, to a certain degree,  I agree. I may say "daaaammnnn.... that Nigga is FIINNEE!!!" Or I may say "Nigga, please..." In Ebonics: the N-Word can function in a number of grammatical ways. Just saying "Nigga" in a "you're not gonna believe this" tone of voice, can open up a conversation, or sum an entire story up--that's the power behind the word! I find it difficult to fully articulate how many different ways the word can function--especially if it's not in your ready vocabulary. Which brings me to my third point...

No, I don't think it's just a "black thing". Growing up, and even to this very day, my Puerto Ricans/Mexicans use the word quite liberally. I can only count on a few occasions when a White has ever been able to (comfortably) use the word in the presence of said Niggas. But no, I don't think that white people are the exception to the word. I DO have a strong theory that they call each other it in the comfort of their own company. But who am I to stop someone from speaking? Especially when my own ancestors marched in the streets for that very same thing?

To this, I always use the analogy of the word "Bitch". Everyone uses the word "Bitch". But when used among catty-like Females, it can be a term of endearment. While at the same time, when men call women a Bitch, it's like they've been shot or something. This is a small example, but the closest I can illustrate for those who may not understand #3.

Back in 2007, the NAACP held a mock-funeral for the N-Word. I guess in hopes of fully abolishing it out of the Black Community. In my opinion, it was futile. I understand the concept behind it, but Niggas ain't finna stop sayin Nigga just cuz Jesse Jackson said to. (pardon the Ebonics).

It's too ingrained in our Vernacular; too embedded in our spirits. Because, even if EVERYONE completely stopped using the word, it wouldn't change the fact that I would still be treated as a Nigga by those who don't
see me as anything BUT.

Don't believe me? Look at Professor Gates, of Harvard University, being arrest for "trying to break into his OWN home". He shows the police his I.D. and it matches the address on the house--AND HE STILL GETS ARRESTED!!! Google it.

So no, since the NAACP attempted to bury, in essence, a word that held negative connotations and offenses: THEY SHOULD HAVE BURIED EVERY OTHER NEGATIVE/OFFENSIVE WORD. Bitch, for Women. Fag, for Gays. Cracker, for Whites. Chinks, for Chinese. Wetbacks, for Mexicans, etc.

Because in targeting one word in specific and inadvertently raising AWARENESS of the word: is that not only reaffirming the separation the N-Word brought upon in in the first place?

Like I've said before, I'm not trying to save the world; these are my own thoughts and feelings.

Eh... Just trying to stimulate the head on your SHOULDERS for a change. ;)

What's your take? Hit me up:

Enjoy the pics!


..and in case you didn't know...