Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birfday To Me!

Birthday Dick List:
Rock the Icon
Jean-Claude Baptiste
Sean Michaels
Jack Napier
C.J. Wright
Mr. Marcus
Ethan Hunt
Wesley Pipes
John E. Depth
Justin Long

Shane Diesel and Mandingo can get it too, but I'm not even going to pretend like I could take all that dick. I'm SOOOO not gonna let them big dicks puncture my fucking Spleen or damage a Kidney. Hell, Mandingo would be all up in a nigga's stomach! ;)

Birthday Ass list:
Brian Pumper
J. Strokes (um, I'm actually kinda glad he gained weight...)
Nat Turnher
Byron Long
Devlin Weed
Franco Roccaforte
Deep Threat
Rico Strong

We're all going out for drinks Friday night. Now, I know that I am going to be kidnapped by my friends for the evening but seriously: I GOTTA get me some Birthday Dick...

I have this one dude lined up. He's been talking a good game about what he's gonna do and how well he can eat and how good he can suck. Whatever; we'll see what all the HubUbs about...

Oh yeah, btw, I'm going to treat myself to one of two sex toys for my bday:

1. I've always admired the Mr. Marcus Dildo. I just can't help but feel a bit... dirty if I had an actual DICK hidden on the top shelf of my closet or something, you know?
2. instead of a big, bulky fleshlight, I was thinking of getting a Dick Sleeve. They're cute, compact and far less recognizable if accidentally discovered...

Either way, I'll let you all know what I finally decide on.


Statically, I should have several pending warrants (if I'm not already in jail/prison), have several "Baby Mamas", be either a college-dropout or not even made it in at all, AND I'm supposed to be broke, without a job, etc. You know all the stereotypes and stigmas associated with the Black Male. 

I beat the odds. I'm 21. No kids. Own car. (kinda have my own) place. In absolute LOVE with God. No warrants/history with "the law", I have an A- Average and I also run a succesful blog (I love you guys!) 

My Poetry, my friends, my entire life... I'm just grateful. For 21 years. and Many more to come! ♥ #ilyBlogFam! 


P.S. ShoutOuts to my dude ColdPhoenix! Keep your head up, you already know that you're MORE than a conquerer! ;) 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

What About You?

The deepest, most profound and prolific thing for me to say at this particular point in my life is simply: I’m finding myself—more and more each day. And as cliché as that sounds, I admit that I’m finally starting to see the kinds of things my dad always tried to drill in me.

I finally understand that when he always told me to “Walk like a Man” he wasn’t talking about my hand on my hip. He meant to be firm in my own stance. He meant for me to be respectful—while demanding it back. He meant for me to speak clearly and look in their eyes as I do so…

…Or maybe he just wanted me to throw a football correctly!

Either way, I sound more and more like my father as I mature. For those who read some of my earlier posts, my dad and I have had a very rocky relationship. I was, um… “pushed out” of the closet, then back in… it was a really messy situation…

I clearly remember one time, in the kitchen, my father and I had got into a veeerrryyy heated argument. I’ll spare you the details, but I clearly remember yelling to my dad, through sobs and teary-eyes “RESPECT? RESPECT? Don’t you know I HATE yo black ASS??” . *Sighs* it brings a lump in my throat just thinking about it! 

We’ve long-since healed from this, but I still weep for that 16 year old boy. I was so. Damn. Angry. Back then, I would’ve said anything to make anyone feel the same (and did, when given the opportunity).

Now, as I stare my 21st birthday in the eyes, I wonder what the rest of life will have in store for me. Hell, I can’t help but wonder if 21 more years are even promised. But what I do know is that with the Lord as my leader, and God as my keeper, I’ll make it—I have to. So many people in my life counting on [Cogito] to “make it”.

But I’ve come to find that people will always have their own expectations of you. What’s important is that you have your personal expectations. I know 15 year olds who act 50 and I know 50 year olds who act 15... 

Like I said, I’m finding myself: in every prayer, every church service. Every conversation I have with loved ones. In every poem I write. In every blog I post. Every blog I read. Every comment I receive. I find myself more and more.

And one day, I’ll have someone to share all this baggage with.

But for now, I’m my University’s Bitch!

But shh!!! I’m cheating on him with ;)

Enjoy the pics, yall! And thanks for all the comments. This post is in response to an email I received from a fellow college-boy; he asked to stay anonymous so… hope this answers your questions, dude!


Monday, March 21, 2011


So I’m dropping this brother from church off and down the street from his house is one of those Scented Body Oils shops. It looked really neat, funky, had a nice Bohemian thing going on so I decided to swing by and check it out. I walk in and the first thing to hit my nose was the many different aromas fighting for my nostrils. But it smelled so damn good in there! And to further play with my senses: this tall, thick dark skinned guy (he kinda looked like Ice Cube to me…) was at the counter, playing on his Xbox 360.

“??? Thought I was the only person who played Soul Calibur!” I was happy to find another.

We had some small talk; he paused the game and came to help me.

I smelled the Egyptian Musk. Bought it.
I smelled the Hysop. Bought it.
I smelled the Marc Jacobs. Bought it.
I applied some of the Whipped Shea Butter. Bought it.

But then he recommended for a “man of my taste” a bottle of Pheromone Oil.
He handed me a jar of Coffee Beans to clean the smells out of my nostrils.

I can’t describe to you what it smells like, but as soon as he held the cap up to my face, it immediately turned me on!! I’m not sure if it’s really chock-full of Pheromones or if it was just a psychological thing, but either way—it made my dick happy!

“Yeah, Pheromones are supposed to be a scent that attracts the opposite sex…” he tried to school me.

“…Same Sex as well, from what I’ve heard…” I was being coy; setting the bottle on the counter.

Bought it.

Before I could put my change in my wallet, he wrote his Xbox Live ID on the back of the store’s business card.

“I might have to kick yo smart ass in Soul Calibur sometime…” he laughed.

I do my SHIT w/ Ivy and her whip but only my Gamers know what I’m talking about… ;)

Enjoy the pics!

btw, don't talk about my cheesy title; it's the Slam Poet in me! 


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dick Pleaser!

"When you gon come back n let me put dis pussy on u??” is the text I received on Tuesday while taking my midterms. I got it from that thick ass red bone dude I met at the Icebreaker, read my Got Me Some Ass! ;) post. “Shit… I’m down for whatever; I got a sweet tooth anyway…” I texted back; we decided to meet up at this great Italian restaurant; we filled up on great food and conversation, but we both knew what was really up. Fast-forward.

His dorm is on the 5th floor so we took the elevator; on the way up, I grabbed his dick and we started making out like savages; breathing hot and heavy. My tongue down his throat, moaning loud and tasting eachother… when *ding* the elevator stops on the 3rd floor for someone so we rip away from eachother and play it cool… damn. Fast-forward.

I got him facedown, ass up on the bed and I’m going to TOWN! He has such a pretty pussy, I really can’t help myself; the taste of his hole is… insatiable. And it’s always CLEAN—inside and out. I’m letting my tongue slip from his hole and every now and then I’ll play w/ his balls and his scrotum a bit; just to get him hot; and he loves fingering while I spit in it.

…In my last post, remember I told yall he saved my condom?

I’m laid out on the bed and he’s sucking my dick like he owes me money! I’ve had a few deep throats before, but this nigga was a DICKPLEASER. A true worshipper of Dick in every sense of the word.
“Hold up daddy, I got sumthn for you…” he reached for his topdrawer and he pulled out my condom from last time—he tied it in a knot and stored it in an old medicine container. I’m looking at him like ???? “I told you I wanted to save it, now let me handle dis thang, daddy…” Now, I’m all for some freaky shit but damn, I must admit this one took me a bit fast, but I trust him so it was all good…

He poked a hole in the condom w/the top of a pen and drizzled it from my chest down to the tip of my dick. Then he licked it all off, from my nipples, down to my shaft and mind you: I’m gripping the sheets the entire time. Then squeezed the rest of the old cum onto his hands and rubbed it on his hole and mounted up on my dick.

I threw him back and started hitting him Doggy Style. “Fuck daddy! MMMmmmmMMmm…” I gave him a reach around and he bust a HUGE nut in my hands; then he turned around and sucked it off of my fingers until I was ready to bust.

I’ve never given anyone a facial until that night. It was HOT! The way he licks and laps his tongue waiting for a nigga’s cum—a true cum guzzler!

Then afterwards we just sat back and played some Xbox 360 and ordered some Chinese food.

Then it was round 2…and 3… 

What I like is that he’s not looking for a relationship and neither am I; it’s just good company and great sex! 

The world would be a better place if we could all just fuck eachother with no strings attached…


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Caught Up in the Rapture of Love...

This is the kind of song to play when you're single but didn't get to use up all of your Love supply before the breakup <3 

...and this song has been stuck in my head all day... 

Red wine; slow jamz; quiet house, all by myself... and I'm LOVING it! 

Just being able to vibe out and chill; 

bullshit on the phone w/my besties for a while; 
Indulge in whatever the refrigerator has... 

*singing* when I feel the magic of you... the feeling's always new... caught up in the rapture of You... 

no pics tonight; kinda tipsy. Just enjoy the soothing sounds of The Anita Baker

love ya a bunch! 

(btw, my next post is gonna be... hot! Stay tuned) ;) 


Monday, March 7, 2011

Single (and LOVING it!)

Dating and/or being with someone is highly overrated. I think that in our social environments, we are kind of “programed” to view being with someone as a sign of completion. It reminds me of the “Sex and Death” instinct theory that I learned a few semesters back in a Pysch class where all human actions are ultimately centered around survival from death, and succession in reproduction in sex.

Don’t it seem like: when you’re single, all you see are happy couples together. When you’re with someone, all you see are happy singles.

In a few recent posts, I told you all of how I broke up with my main guy, we tried dating and it just didn’t work out the way we wanted to. We were moving at two totally different speeds. Since then, I’ve hooked up with two other people: the DJ that I met at the barbershop, and the fat booty red bone dude that I met at that Icebreaker on campus.

Yep; I’ve been a bit of a hoe since I’ve been single, but… I’m LOVING the “no strings attached” idea.
As long as we’re both using condoms and being careful with eachother, I don’t see anything wrong with consensual sex between two (or more) adults.

With all that being said: I’M ABSOLUTELY LOVING THE SINGLE LIFE!!

I finally have a chance to get back to me: catch up on schoolwork, show my face more at Church, kick it with my friends more—instead of molding all of my plans around “this nigga” and “that bitch”…

I have friends who are absolutely petrified at the idea of not being in a relationship. I’ve seen people do some downright outragoues things just to keep someone around.


Hell, the older I get (21 at the end of this month, btw) the more I realize that the times when you’re single is meant to get YOUR SHIT together; so you’ll know what you want the next time around. You know what you’re willing to sacrifice/accept to be with someone.

Honestly, sometimes you can be in a relationship and STILL feel lonely. I’ll let you figure that out all on your own though…

So, to all my fellow bloggers who are single, raise your glasses!

Here’s a toast to us: the singles, the numero unos!

Besides, there’s plenty of fleshlights, lube, dildos, and PORN to get you through until Mr. Right(now) comes along!

…So, get the Vaseline out and enjoy the pics!