Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rosebush (A Poem of Mine)

As a side hustle, I write poems for special events. A guy from my church hired me to write a Poem for him to propose to his Girlfriend of 5 years. Thought I'd share it with you guys since I'm always going on about how I'm a poet and blah blah blah... let me know how you like it! (and yes, all my ish is Copywright-Protected!)


Surely God exists; mankind can’t make beauty like this:
Your lips are prayers; when we kiss I get to taste Heaven.
Hell, tell your exes I said thanks for all of their mistakes—
They ran you straight into the arms of a Heavy-Weight boxer.

Because I’m punch-drunk in love; don’t blame it on the alcohol—
Blame it on gravity: I think I’m falling in love, be my parachute.
Be my piano; I know just which keys to press and make you sing—
We’ll be flat, singing in a B-Flat—that’s when you hit a C-Sharp.

Your heart is locked; I’ve got the key with me in Pandora’s Box;
If you were a clock, I’d be the reason you tick-tock; but you’re not.
You’re a Delta; used to Diamonds but can you settle for Dandelions?
Place me in a vase; be my Sunlight; accept the fact that I can’t be a Rose.

I’ve done a lot of dirt, but if you’re willing to toil in my soil—
I’ll be all you need; I’ll be your hero, blocking and dodging bullets.
I have no ammo; you know I can be one Son of a Gun sometimes;
You’re just my target practice; I can love you to death if you give me a shot.

We’ve got money to burn; dead presidents can’t keep you warm at night—
But I can; I have nothing but Time in my wallet and I want to spend it with you.
Shopping for Diamonds because you’re cool with the fact that I’m a Dandelion,
Besides: a flower as beautiful as you should not reside in a Rosebush… 

Blogger messes up the formatting in the Stanzas but you get the gist of it, right? 
Tell me what you think of it! 


You know I have to leave you with some great music; my gift to you: Avant/KeKe Wyatt -- My First Love http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJ5ZsOBjaZQ

Enjoy the pics!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Deal Breaker

I’m always talking about what turns me one and the quickest ways to get me out of my boxers and blah blah blah.

But I realized that I’ve never really talked about the things that turn me off…

Now, I have something I like to call The Deal-Breaker: When a potentially beneficial situation quickly goes sour because of some unexpected or inappropriate event. (pretty good, eh?) 

I have a list of Sexual Deal-Breakers. *sighs* you ready for this?

1.      1.  If you tell me some crazy ish like “oooh, suck on my Big Toe” No offense to my Foot-Fetish people, but that’s something I’ve never quite understood. Nigga, if you ask me to put any part of your foot in my mouth…  I would feel goofy as hell… And it’s such a huge market for um… “Foot-Porn” as I like to call it.

2.       2. If you’re down there and you’re giving me some Head, why do you feel like you gotta make direct eye contact with me? Like, you’re not even blinking! Damn, look at the wall or something! That’s kinda creepy. I hate it when they do that in Porn too… Don’t get me wrong, a little eye-contact is always good but, idk something about it just gets to me… (this doesn’t completely turn me off, but it is very annoying…)

3.       3. Uncut/Uncircumsized—I’m not really sure why this is such a big market as it is. People are really into Foreskin? You have to peel the dick back like a banana just to get to the head?

4.       4. Dirty Dicks/Ass—come on now, we’re all adults here. I expect you to wash yo azz thoroughly before we get down to business. In fact, if we just got in from the club or someplace where we’ve been sweating (or working up some Body Odor in general) then let’s hit the shower right quick before we cap the night off, you know? The last thing I need is to get ready to go straight Thanksgiving Turkey on some Ass and it isn’t fresh…. *sighs* I just had a flashback…

5.       5. Okay, no offense to my people into Water sports but um… IF YOU EVER WHIP OUT YOUR DICK AND PISS ON ME, WE ARE GOING TO FIGHT! Hell naw you ain’t finna piss on me! (excuse the Ebonics) and NO, I’m not gonna piss on you! EEEWWWW….

And the list gets updated all the time. I hope I don’t sound “high-maintenance” or anything like that but I certainly do have my limit on what I can and cannot take sexually.

What are some of your “Deal Breakers?” hit me up! Capricornaries@hotmail.com


(Enjoy the Pics)

P.S. 400 Followers and counting! I love you all! I’ll keep posting if ya’ll keep reading! ;) 

For all those who know they're doing what they should in a relationship but it just isn't working, this is my gift to you: Raphael Saadiq "Good Man" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZeKaHBMKows

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I FAILED the TEST (YAAAYY!!) + My New Profile Pic....

So, I was asked to do a set of Poetry for this event in town every year out in the fair-grounds. It’s a local non-profit organization in town that offers free stuff to the public: Haircuts, help with birth certificates, food-assistance, apartment applications, etc.

The woman who asked me to perform had heard my name buzzing on campus a lot and eventually found me on Facebook. After exchanging info, the rest was history.

While there, they had a Free HIV-Testing booth set up. What struck me was that of the 50+ booths that were there, this was the only one that had NO LINE!!

Now, I graduated back in 2008 from High School but since then, I know for a fact that at least 4 of the people I “walked” with have contracted HIV. And the sad thing is that these 4 were not even the most promiscuous of us! These were the ones of whom only had 2 or 3 sexual partners in their life, hands down.

THAT is an alarming fact: it only takes ONE slip-up to catch it (or any other STD).

This was running through my mind as I walked on stage. Whenever I get in front of the Mic, I take a deep breath, close my eyes, say a light-speed fast prayer (Jesus wept) , and then do my thing. But when I opened my eyes, the HIV Booth was still in my line of sight.

So instead of jumping into my first piece, I said “I’m not going to do ANYTHING until I see at least 10 people in the HIV-Testing Site”. (Or something like that, can’t remember it verbatim).

And nobody moved! I don’t know if they thought I was playing or stalling because I was nervous or something like that. People were looking at me like ???? And even my friends were like????

For like 2 whole minutes, it was just dead air. Hell, I was even shocked at what I said. Because as soon as I said that, I had a flashback of the last few sexual adventures I’ve had within the past 2 years alone.

Though I have a strict “No Glove, No Love” policy, I can recall on a few occasions where I didn’t wrap-up. Although I knew my partners very well, I don’t know if they had been as safe as me with their partners, you know?

And all that “he/she doesn’t look like a HIV+ person” is absolute tomfoolery. How the hell is an HIV+ person supposed to “look like”?

Emaciated, sunken-in face, sickly-looking and clinging to dear life? NO! In fact, the woman who was handing out the free condoms at the booth was HIV+ and she looked like a million-fucking-dollars!

…So when nobody moved, I walked off stage and went straight over to the booth, gave her all of my info, and got tested right there! The woman told me I was very brave for what I just did.

I told her it’s not that I’m brave at all—I’m just afraid of what I don’t know.

By the time she was done drawing my blood, like 20 people were in line—including the woman who asked me to come to this shindig in the first place!

After that, the show went off without a hitch! I told everyone with their band-aids on (from getting their blood drawn) to come up on stage with me as I did my last poem.

It was such a good turnout!

It was a "Rapid Test" where the results came within like 30 minutes. Turns out: I'M NEGATIVE! YAAAYY!!! (I was scared as FUCK though, no lie)... 


Put it to you like this: if you wanna have a wang-dang-doodle with this guy below, you have to wrap it up! And thank God he has a golden wrapper! ;) 

…and I still love ya’! J

P.S. for all those who ever lost someone they love, my gift to you: R. Kelly – I wish http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3DXihgzC0U

Enjoy the pics!

I think I’m gonna continue doing the Gay 101 posts! It was fun and I realized that I know a lot more about the Gay Lifestyle than I let on, so… What is knowledge if you can’t share it, right?

One more thing! Long story short: this one guy I used to go to Elementary School with, right? Well, we hadn't seen eachother since. But, I found out he works at this Family Dollar around the corner from my house and let me just say: DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! He was ugly as FUCK even back in like 7th/8th grade when I'd see him at basketball games and stuff, but I'll be a monkey's uncle if this bitch isn't all KINDS OF PHINE now! 

So I said all that to say: I will be purchasing all my items at Family Dollar on Cable St. from now on! ;) 

And yes, the new default pic is of ME! I took it when I was in the living room, feeling myself. So... 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gay Class 101 :)

Before I go any further, let me just say: STEREOTYPES ARE BULLSHIT!!

I have seen the most “macho” masculine of guys—whom you’d naturally assume is a Top—nope! They take more Dick than the law allows!
I’ve seen the most Flaming, gay-as-a-$3-Bill—type of dude—whom you’d naturally assume is a Bottom—fucking the HELL outta the aforementioned Macho-Man!

So when I mention the word “stereotype” in the list below, it is just that: a STEREOTYPE. NOT ONE THAT I (OR YOU) NECESSARILY BELIEVE. *gosh* I really have to break it down like that because sometimes I get emails that are um… Rude isn’t the word… Bitchy?

P.S. While writing this post, “Juicy” by Notorious B.I.G. kept coming up on my Random Playlist. My gift to you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNPIOi2LiQk

With that being said, class is now in session! Welcome to Gay 101! Today's Lesson: Sexual Roles. You might wanna take notes... 

Types of Tops:

1.       Total Top—this kind of man is exclusive to PENETRATING during sex (Anally  and Orally).  He has no sexual desire to be penetrated. Therefore, he does not exchange Oral Sex. For example: Bam A.K.A. Mr. Big  

Power Top—one who is known for great skill and especially aggressiveness in Topping. He also reciprocates Oral Sex. For example: Bobby Blake. 

3.       Service Top—is one who Tops under the direction of an eager Bottom (see “Bottom”). For example: Gene Lamar

(all 3 Porn Stars I just mentioned are LEGENDS in Black/Interracial Gay Porn)

Frotage (Sword Fighting) is very popular among Tops

***Note: getting Rimmed/Ate Out (Analingus) is the closest these first 2 Tops will ever come to being penetrated. Tops are also stereotyped as the most masculine of the sexual roles.  

My Favorite Tops include: 

Diesel Washington

Daddy (BlackRayneProductions)

Marc Williams (though he dabbles. See "Versatile")

Tiger Tyson 

Ty Lattimore

Types of Bottoms: 

1.    Total Bottom—the polar-opposite of a Total Top: they have no sexual desire to penetrate Anally or Orally. Think of your average "receiver" in a sexual party. 

Power Bottom—although they still receive penetration, they maintain an aggressive and especially dominating attitude. Oral Sex is exchanged only at their discretion. Race Cooper is famous for this

3.       Dyke-Bottom—these are an acquired taste of Bottoms who are willing to engage in sex with another Bottom. In this case, Oral Sex is primarily exchanged; any penetrating is either done with fingers or Toys. (I.E. in a scene where 2 men are engaging in double-dildo action). 

Extreme Bottoms--enjoy being fisted or in some way having their asshole "abused". Professor Cogito isn't into all that... ouch... 
***Note: Orally penetrating/ Fingering/Toying a sexual partner is the closest a true Bottom ever comes to “penetration” in that sense. Bottoms are stereotyped as the least masculine of the sexual roles.

Types of Versatiles:

1.       Total Vers—A man who Tops and Bottoms, depending on the sexual situation. Such as Scott Alexander


Vers Top—Primarily a “Top” who occasionally Bottoms.

        Vers Bottom—Primarily a “Bottom” who occasionally Tops.

                ***Note: a true Vers is not concerned with any one specific sexual role.

Final Notes: I've noticed an increasing trend in men who do not stick to any one specific role. In the past, it was a genuine consensus that you knew what role you played, and you stuck to it. But Sexuality should always be explored and shaped and changed-- if you want to fully enjoy all the great things about it. If you don't find yourself fitting one specific role--that's the point of today's lesson! 

I think I most identify with being a Vers Bottom... I don't want to do any Dyke-Bottoming but I'd certainly like to watch... 

what about you? 




Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Previous 4 Days Of My Life!

SATURDAY, APRIL 30-- My Uncle passed away earlier in the week. I never got a chance to meet him. He's my Grandfather's oldest brother. Growing up, I heard all these fabulous stories about him and how he used to be a Body Builder and a Physical Trainer and whatnot. So I always wanted to meet him but he had gotten sick within the last few years and with me on my own shit, we never got the chance to meet. This past Friday, his funeral was held in Chicago. I felt like I owed it to him to at least pay my last respects, so I rode down there with an uncle of mine.

"It Don't Cost Very Much" by Mahalia Jackson came on Sirius Radio. She's my favorite gospel-singer of all time. My gift to you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmv3QzdTShE

Okay, I know funerals are supposed to be sad, and it was. But DAYUMN! One of the Funeral Home Attendants was this tall, dark and PHINE ASS black dude. He had this MidWest Chicago accent that kept turning me on! I kept telling myself

"Self: this is your Uncle's funeral, not a dating service..." and on top of that, although dude had me ready to take him in the back, he was a Funeral Director nonetheless, and had automatically became a Creeper in my mind. But, eh, at least I had some Eye-Candy for my troubles...

(Later on that night) all of us older cousins went out to the bar to celebrate my cousin Jessica's graduation! Yeah, my girl did her thing! Graduated from WMU with a Double-Major and I couldn't be any prouder of her! One of her friends named Stephanie came out to hang as well and she said she was bringing some friends with her.

One of those friends name is... We'll came him J. Now, J is Bi-Racial (black and white). And he's short (about 5'2") light skinned, and he has these piercing blue eyes that can see through you fucking SOUL! And although he looks like a cute lil Milano cookie, it's his personality that really got me. Not only were we eye-fucking eachother all night long, but the more we looked at eachother, we realized

"Hey, I know you from somewhere!" Turns out, this cute lil mofo is one of the Clerks at the Bookstore on Campus! *sighs* this must be written in the stars, right?... We had done very light flirting with eachother in passing, nothing serious. But at least now we knew what common-ground we had, you know?

SUNDAY, MAY 1ST -- I drag all 204 pounds of my hungover ass to Church! What? You must not know I came up Southern Baptist? Ain't no shame in my game. Rain or Shine, drunk or sober, you will see my happy ass on the front row Sunday Morning. Not because I feel guilty or even because I'm a total church-boy. It's because I love God, flat out. And whenever I do end up missing church, He doesn't let me forget about it. Only my church-boys/men know what I mean when I say that!

MONDAY, MAY 2ND-- they admitted my black ass into the hospital! I have asthma like you wouldn't believe. Because of the high pollen rising, they wanted to keep me overnight and observe my lung-function. So, Monday was a complete drag... and not just because RuPaul's Drag Race Reunion came on... ;)  (Alexis Mateo should've won!)

TUESDAY, MAY 3RD (today)-- Because of the Kunta Kente in me, of course I wait until the LAST FUCKING MINUTE to get my books for the Summer Semester. But, it was all good because the first person I see when I walk in is *drumroll* J!!!!! Yay!!!!!!

He was like "Hey! Good to see you again man!" (okay, I know that sounds really regular, but damn, when you find a new Crush, everything they do is cute). While he helped me find my books, I made sure he caught me staring at his juicy ass... 

While checking out at the front desk, we exchange numbers and Facebooks. 

As I'm walking out, he comes running his phine lil short ass from around the desk and was like "Hey! We oughta do something for Cinco De Mayo". "You're absolutely right, we sure do. I'll think of something" I said as I winked back to him. 

I tried to play it all cool but on the inside I"m like (!!!!!!!!!!!) man, I want to fuck this dude until 2012! 

So, stay tuned for more of that. 

On a few other notes, um... Been getting quite a few emails from people and even new fans! To all the newbies, I say: welcome, make yourself at home! There's porn and lube in the back, just clean up after yourselves! 

To my regulars: ya'll already know I love yallz!

(Sidenote: on our way to Chicago, we passed by a few exits with those friggin' XXX, SMUT, ADULT-DVD WAREHOUSE things. And you know I wrote down the addresses, write? lmao! And they're only like 30-45 mins out from my house... hmmm....)

Still no internet but since you all have been some troopers with me, enjoy tonight's pics! I had to go "in the vault" and dig up some old ones, but these are all Masturbation-Approved by me personally! ;) 

(excuse any typos, I'm kinda lazy today and don't feel like editing)