Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Take it or leave it!

I don't have too much to say in this post. Just roll with me, k? I'm the textbook description of a yo-yo dieter. I can stay on a diet, so long as I'm not hungry. Which means, I break it every 4-6 hours ;) I just love food, sue me! And I'm not a "big dude", I'm not even "chubby". Most (embarrassingly fem) guys like to mask their weight by saying their "thick", but to be considered as such, you must be... beefy, that's me. I'm beefy; I have SOLID weight on me (in all the right places).

I try to tell my best friend all the time that girls aren't the only ones that go through weight-issues. Especially when the ideal guy in today's age is considered Tall, 12-packed and drop-dead gorgeous. But what about me? I may wake up one day and think "eh... I could stand to lose 10 or 15 lbs" and other days I'm like "daaaammmnnnn!!! I gotta ROCKIN body!"

So I'm halfway from the gym today and I have the sudden epiphany: what the hell am I doing this for? My doctor says I have a healthy weight on me, and my boo loves the extra meat on my bones, so why am I on my way to the gym as if I'm programmed to do so? That's when I realized: damn it, this is me, take it or leave it! It's not to say that I won't still work out, because I feel good while I'm doing it, but I promise myself that from now on, I'm going to work out and diet because it's what I want to do and not because I feel like I have to fit into a certain body-shape/weight.

So, tonight's pics are in honor of the thick dudes! To whom I prefer over skinny guys any day! Remember the show Gumby back in the day? All tall and skinny? yeah, I'll let you guys handle that, give me a thick-em anyday!!! (thanks for reading my rant!)


Monday, November 15, 2010

Formspring.me/CogitoEroSum hit me up!!!

For those who don't know, Formspring.com is this lil website where you can ask people (assuming they have an account w/formspring) questions anonymously or otherwise. Just go to Formspring.me/CogitoEroSum and ask me aaannnyytthhing you ever wanted to ask me and I'll answer as truthfully as I can. <3 love you guyz (and galz).

Okay, a few posts back I asked you all if you knew any good porn sites; I got plenty of feedback and I've narrowed my Phallus down to BlackBreeders.com. The site looks HELLA promising, but I just wish they had free downloads. Video on Demand is great, but what if I'm away from my WiFi and I want to bust a quick nut? idk, so, I guess I'll still be searching around until my cheap ass decides to subscribe. Have any of you been there? What's your opinion of it?  do you get a good stretch of your dollar? Lol, you think this is bad, you should see me in the grocery store; I'm the cheapest person you know! smh!

In other news... why have I been so horny lately? Seriously! Every poem I write lately gets hella kinky by the third stanza. I guess it's b/c I haven't had any in like a week. My dude has been in Chicago with his dad on some family emergency-type stuff. Granted, he's sent me a few dick pics on some "as soon as I get back..." stuff ;) but still, I'm not even used to jackin' off w/o him on my nipples or something! Lol, I'm spoiled! But, he'll be back in a few days so, Xtube, Pornhub, Blogger, looks like I'm masturbating like some high school freshman sex-deprived virgin. Real talk. Anywho, ya'll know I tend to ramble...

Enjoy the pics!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Update on my Dating :)

So I've been recieving a few requests to give an update on how me and my guy are doing together. For those who don't know, he's DL, totally masculine, and is quite petrified at the thought of someone finding out he's attracted to the same sex. It's crazy because he's not actually even sexually attracted to women at all, but he feels like he has to keep up appearances so he has a few chicks on the side who he "kicks it" with. Which is completely odd to me; if I don't like women, why the HELL would I string them along as if I did?

Anyway, I think in the last post, I was talking about how we're going pretty well. I finally convinced him to come with me to like a movie or something and we had a great night. That was the night we decided I was going to try and break him in as a bottom ;) yeah...it sounds good... imagine a series of grunts, "damn, hold up, hold up...stop", more grunts, and a big ole "FUCK IT!" --that's how that turned out! I told him to just let me worry about all the dick riding from here on out ;) 'cuz he's not good at it. And its such a shame because he has a STUPID Badonkadonk ass! omg, when I put him face down, ass up and start eating him, it's like...thanksgiving turkey...christmas ham...birthday cake... it's delicious! Lol, you know I can go kinky really quickly, right?

Since that night, we've just been pretty mellow and just kicking it. This semester at school has been crazy so we find ourselves having to "make time" with each other. But, we're making it work. We had a bit of a fall-out because one of his chicks called my phone and was trying to talk maaajoor shit (my number is saved in his phone under a girl's name) and I guess she thought I was some hoodrat trying to "take her man". Ghetto, I know. She doesn't even realize that he only fucks with her like twice a month and when he does, it's only for head. And I told him I'm not putting my lips no where NEAR his dick so long as another bitch is on it. Trust, he cut ties w/them hoes REAAAALLL quick after that! He know I got that good-good ;)

Other than that, eh'... we have our ups and downs, but, nothing worthy of breaking up...

Enjoy the pics yall!

For the newer followers who don't know, him and I "race" to see who can cum first to a few pics. Whoever wins gets to pick which picture I post first for the night's blog post... I won tonight! So, enjoy the spoils of my labor!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bought my first car yesterday (hold the applause)...

Hey yall! For those who didn't know, I'm still quite the youngn' (I'm at the tender age of 20). I know I blog sometimes about me at the bar and stuff, but remember that I'm a Slam Poet so I get a pass into all the local stuff/people who "know people". Anyway, I've never really needed to have a car of my own because if one of my family/friends didn't pick me up, I always had a dude on the side who would do it. So I guess I never "got around" to it. I have my driver's license, but... idk...

So, the cliffnotes version: found a decent car, a '96 Pontiac Bonneville, my uncle inspected it (he's a licensed mechanic) and gave me the okay so I talked the guy down from 3000 to 2000 for it. Damn it to hell, I took it this morning to switch the title and get the tags right, and as I'm driving, the DAMN transmission went to HELL on me in the MIDDLE of the highway! SMH! Turns out, as I was driving, a chain (or whatever the hell the mechanic said) broke as I was accelerating, causing the gears to try and shift to park. I'm going to the junk yard in the morning to find a transmission for a decent price. My uncle has a friend who's gonna fix it for me by this weekend... damn shame too, b/c I was going to drive by my boy's place and get a good ole drive-by booty call! smh! Leave it to a bad transmission to spoil a good nut!

...um...you don't care about this though, do you? I just had to externalize it some way... enjoy the random cuties!!

btw, what should my next post be about? What do YOU want to read/see, etc?

lemme know, you tell me errrthang else!