Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rough Sex Much?

My entire backside is sore. It feel like I've been hit by a semi truck.

The front quad-muscles in my legs are still sore like I've been running the million nigga mile march or something.

My ass cheeks are like... raw. I wanted him to quit slapping me like that... but I liked it.

At the time at least. Now Jergen's Soothing Aloe Lotion is my best friend.

Throwing me over onto my back into a missionary position, I lightly clenched my teeth into the side palm of his hand as he covered my mouth.

I can still taste him.

He pinned my arms down so I couldn't jack off.

I wanted to bust SO BAD. But

I had to ask his permission to cum.

When HE came, that Trojan was FULL. He must've been edging for HOURS. Such a shame for all that nut to go to waste... next time...

He pulled out and put 2 fingers inside me.

And I came.


With no hands.

All I could do was lie there, biting my bottom lip. I was... high. Next thing I know, he's wiping me down with a clean wet face towel.

Sorry, I wanna give ya'll more details but I'm getting... hot. I'm typing this on campus right now and growing public woodies are never fun :(

My gotdamn hole is still sore.

I wanted to take some pics but he didn't want me to. He's real low key. I'll explain that later.

Walking up and down stairs is DEATH to my legs.

This was two nights ago.

And I can't WAIT for him to do it again.


"Last night you were... unhinged, you were like some desperate howling demon, you frightened me...do it again." --Morticia Addams

Whatever -- Jill Scott

Enjoy the pics!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

My New Relationship

It's been what? Like 6 or 7 months that I've been sleeping alone?

I've been doing some introspect.

I feared becoming one of those crazy bitches that ALWAYS has to be in a relationship in order to validate their worth.

I feared that being single meant I was undesirable, unwanted, unloved..

And after so many months of being single with nobody trying to pursue me, I started to believe like maybe there IS something wrong with me...

For a while, there was this rain cloud of low self-esteem over my head...

Until I met him.

I had to go retake my school ID picture out on campus and since it's so far out of town, I decided to just make a day of it. I packed my laptop to suck up all of the free wi-fi I could while stuffing my face in the cafeteria.

Seeing people all Booed up in the Student Commons didn't help me any. Now I had to add Jealousy to my list of shit to work out.

Fuck it. I'm going to McDonalds...

Walking through the double doors, my eye caught the image of this guy in the double-window.

He was a cutie!

around 210 lbs
dark skinned, light brown eyes
a well manicured high-top fade
All white Ralph Lauren v-neck t-shirt
these crazy blue jean sandals...

You know the rest:

Dude had swag.
I had a phone #.
Now he has it too.

We've been kicking it lately.

(okay, enough with the allegories. I'm dating my damn self. Until love comes back around, I'm in a fully committed relationship with that sexy bitch in my bathroom mirror).

('scuze any typos, I'm being lazy and don't feel like editing)

love ya!


Adorn -- Miguel

So Fly -- Elle Varner'

Body Party -- Ciara

1991 -- Azealia Banks

Jay-Z -- Lil Kim and Tiffany Foxx

Enjoy the pics!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Songs That Make You Cry

I'm working on this assignment for my Psychology class and I need your help.

The assignment is to survey at least 20 people and ask them if they've ever cried or gotten emotional while singing or listening to a song.

For example, some of my tearjerk songs that ALWAYS get me crying thug nigga tears, are:

Dance With My Father Again (Luther Vandross)

Halo -- (Beyonce, acoustic version)

Hallelujah -- (Gin Wigmore, best version)

Hallelujah -- (the Leonard Cohen version performed by Alexandria Burke on X-Factor)

I Miss You -- (Aaliyah, the tribute video version)

Hey Mama -- (Kanye West performed this in front of his mother on Oprah one year)

Cosmic Love -- (Florence + The Machine)

The Power of Love -- (Celine Dion)

1 + 1 -- (Beyonce)

Do you have any "Tearjerk" songs?

Leave a comment and let me know!

Enjoy the pics