Monday, November 17, 2014

Adam 4 Adam, WTF moments

So, I've decided to embrace my inner hoe. I've been fighting it for quite some time. Though I've had my share of flings and friends with benefits, I've never actually had a full-blown phase of promiscuity and fucking with abandon.

Recently, I created an account on Adam for Adam (A4A) and everything was going swimmingly for about a week or so. But lemme tell you about these two mofos...

Let's start with Joe.
According to Joe's profile, he is 6'2", 220 lbs, black bear, married (in the closet), 6.5 cut dick, and a vers top. The three pics on his profile looked promising, and plus he was talking real good and freaky in his description, so I hit him up.

After a few days of inboxing back and forth, we got along pretty good so we exchanged numbers and decided to be texting buddies. One thing led to another and we started Sexting.

I have absolutely no interest in sexting (1. because I'm not in the 8th grade and 2., who has time for that?). But he initiated it and seemed to be really into it, so I played along. The deeper we got into the session, the...crazier he became. I tried to talk to him on his level of kink, but...I had to immediately hit the BLOCK button when *sighs* I can't even articulate this. Look at this screen cap.

W.T.F. It is some realllll freaks out there, dude. To each, his own. But when it comes to scat, I will NEVER be about that life.
Next, let's talk about...Jack.
According to my radar, Jack lives less than a mile from where I do. Jack is a fine ass white dude. I gotta give him his props. He kinda looks like Matthew McConaugheyA couple nights back, he was in my inbox trying to lure me into his secret den and give me "the best head of my life". And guess what? I was actually about to take his offer up. That is, until, he asks me if I can bring 40$ with me so I can help him out on rent until next week. W.T.F.
*sighs* so, as usual, my sex life is a clusterfuck. My dick must've walked under a ladder, or broken a mirror or something b/c it has the worst luck in finding a partner.
Music, you say?

Deep Purple -- Smoke on the Water

Jess Chambers-- Full of Fire

Clap Clap Riot -- Everyone's Asleep
Oh, one more thing: I may be moving to Indiana within the next few months for grad school. More details on that later.
Enjoy the pics!