Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Doin It...

Is it the slow, hard baseline? Is it how the tempo seems to match the speed of skin slapping skin? Is it how we inhale and exhale to the beat of the music? Either way, there is nothing to get me out of my Fruit of the Loom’s faster than playing one of my favorite “fuck songs”. 

Now, I can’t help but say that I am a helpless Romantic. You can Wine and Dine me all day, and if you say/do all the right things, let’s go ahead on to the nearest Hotel. Hell, I’m not the only one! I’m just saying what many people won’t admit to doing.

Granted, my dick gets just as hard as the next guy’s when there is promise of a decent nut, but I’m really into the events leading up to sex. Send me a cute lil email. Text me something kinky. Call me and tell me what you feel like doing to me. Hell, if you “like” the right status on my Facebook it might turn me on. Lol! Yes, my Libido is just that sensitive. 

And when I’m in the particular mood, I love to fuck while my favorite fuck songs are playing the background. And the crazy thing is, I HATE watching porn that has music in the background; it makes no sense to me. But fucking is something completely different from punching out a few Knuckle Babies…

So, here are my top 12 songs I like to fuck to. Do you see any of your fav’s on the list? What is it missing? Tell me…

1.      1.  Big Girl Now—Naz. He has such a sexy ass voice! And he’s not even singing but the way he raps, idk, it just does something. It goes straight through me… fuck…
2.       2. Next Lifetime—Erykah Badu. If not for the lyrics, the track alone is hot.
3.       3. Pull My Hair—Ying Yang Twins. “Look here, hoe: get down on all 4’s like a dawg…” YES DADDY!!
4.       4. Phone Sex—Avant. When I’m intoxicated, this song is like… Audible Viagra…
5.       5. Red Light Special—TLC. “If I move too fast, just let me know. ‘Cuz it means you move to slow…”
6.       6. Poppin’—Chris Brown. I can speak for any inner-city Gay Teen living the lifestyle back in ’06 and ’07, this song got played in EVERY gay club in America. And it got more dick sucked than a Superhead Convention…
7.       7. Lay Your Body Down—Pretty Willie. “I’ll kiss you where the Sun don’t shine…”
8.       8. Wetter—Twista/Nivea. The way Twista raps, it’s so sexy. And Nivea in the background singing, yeah, that gets my dick so hard…
9.       9. Speechless—Beyonce. If you’ve never heard the song, youtube it. It’s definitely responsible for the rising rate in Teenage Pregnancy if you know what I mean. Hell, I would have been pregnant atleast 5 times if I was a chick, JUST from this song here…
10.   10. Nobody—Keith Sweat. “And who can love you like me? Nobody…”
11.   11. Bump N’ Grind—R. Kelly. Granted, pretty much ANY song R.Kelly does can be considered a Fuck Song, but this one in particular… well, you know how it goes “My mind’s telling me NOOOOO!!!! But my body, my body’s telling me YESSSS!!!”

And finally, the last song is none other than…

12.   12. Doin’ it—LL Cool J/ LeShaun. There’s so much to say about this song. Hell, I can jack off to the fucking VIDEO! (Have before). You saw the way he eats that Peach, he know what the HELL he’s doing w/them lips!!! “Go to sleep. Tomorrow I’ll take you back downtown…”

Maybe it's the Poet in me, but the right lyrics can get me going, no matter whether it's a slow song or not. But I need the slow pulse of a Fuck Song to calm me down and set the mood... 

Enjoy the pics, and yes, I want some feedback. What am I missing on my list? My iPod will thank you... 


Friday, January 21, 2011

K(no)w Homo

I must say that some of the most “macho, beef n’ potatoes, masculine to the death” type of men seems to be the main ones with their legs hitting the chandelier. And I’ve seen the biggest, gayest of gay men in all of Gay-history slinging more Dick than a little bit.
                You know, it’s cool, do what you do, but I have a problem with us (of the gay community/lifestyle) automatically putting someone in a sexually-orientated box based solely on how masculine or feminism they appear to be. We’re all guilty of generalizing: “Oh, listen to that lisp, he’s a total bottom”. Or when you see a couple, you wonder who’s on top and who’s on bottom. When in reality, there are more Versatile couples than the traditional top/bottom couple.
                For example: I’m the kind of guy who balances himself on the fence of masculinity and femininity. It’s not so much that I walk with a switch, talk with a lisp, or anything of the sort.

1.       I have the gay “accent” as I like to call it: I don’t have a drag-queen, “Honey, girl, chiiiilllleee…” type of voice (or vocabulary) but you cannot deny the fact that you hear the RuPaul in my tone/pitch/range, etc.
2.       Mannerisms: my gestures are wide, erratic, flamboyant, if you will. I don’t have a “broken wrist” but I do have a bad habit of walking with a hand on my hip.

3.       Some days, I’m more feminine than masculine and vice versa. And what I’ve found is that on days when I’m feeling more Fem than masc, I’ll want to be on bottom and vice versa when I feel masculine. Don’t ask why. It’s not like I wake up one morning and decide HOW I want to be. It’s just something that has always happened. Tonight, for example, I think I’m leaning more towards the Masculine side…

                I’m only 5’4”, and so many guys assume that I’m a bottom. Hell, if you’re short, you don’t even qualify for Top in the Gay world. BUT LOOK: STRAIGHT UP, IF I’M GIVING MY DUDE HEAD, IT’S BECAUSE HE’S A TOP. I think it’s really cool that people like Bobby Blake, a totally masculine guy, can give head to his Bottoms with no problem. But for me, if I’m sucking dick, it’s because I’m letting him have full control of me. And if I suck my Bottom’s dick, it’s just… not the same. Idk y.

And by the way, I've told yall before that I've been called a "male lesbian" a few times. What that means is that even if/when I am Fem, or even masc, I'm still attracted to Fem guys. Idk what it is, but even if I'm Fem too, it's just cute and sexy and hot to me. I have fantasies where my man sits back and watches me and another bottom do all kinds of foreplay, ass play, kissing, etc. Damn, if only I could show you guys what it's like in this freaky head of mine! 


…and that’s usually how I turn a Top out… us men will do anything when our dicks are hard. Here’s to the next boner, courtesy of…


Never trust a big but and a smile!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cum On!

Disclaimer: I am not a hoe, I was just horny. So, don’t judge me, k? I and my boyfriend decided to take some time away from each other, but that’s for another post… ;) btw, I'm on Skype now; if you wanna chat, email me: 

At the barber shop last night, I met a guy from Detroit; let’s call him “T”. He’s cute, early 30’s, he was the DJ at this Ice Breaker on Campus and he invited me out. Told me to drop my name at the door and I can get in for free. And when I get there, he’ll teach me how to spin a few records. *rolls eyes* Luckily, I didn’t have to stay in the house that night and watch my granny, so I had the entire night to myself.

So, I was turning my closet inside-out, trying to find something cute to wear. What cologne? Mint-Chapstick or Carmex? Spongebob boxers or regular Hanes? Smh; I’m quite meticulous when deciding what to wear, especially when a good ole helping of Men is on the menu.

The party was jumpin, except for those Q-Dawgs always pushing people out of the way when they Stroll! I got tired of them pushing me and this one bitch kept eye balling me so I decided to climb up on stage and chill behind the booth with T and see if he was all talk and no game. To my refreshment, he was really cool and showed me how much really goes into it. It’s more than just making a playlist and pressing play. He grabbed me by my waist for a split second to see how I would react; when he saw I didn’t flinch, it was on and popping from there!

After his set was over, he went outback to blow some weed and asked if I was interested. I followed him, though I don’t smoke, I kinda like the smell of weed and was really enjoying his company. He gave me a “Shotgun” where he blows weed smoke into my mouth and I’m supposed to inhale it. Whatever; it took me like 3 tries to get it right because I’m that smart, lol.

When I finally got the hang of Shotgunning, he leans in and sticks his tongue in my mouth. That’s all it took! We made out for a while; damn he was a good kisser. I told him he needed to hold up because people were starting to come out back to get to their cars. I went back in, said my round of goodbyes to my friends, and met T at his hotel in an hour like we planned.

We get up to his room, and it’s NO CLOTHES ALLOWED. We strip, he tosses me on the bed; ate me out so good he had me giggling, damn. Sucked my dick so good, I started speaking Chinese and I can’t even speak it! And his dick? It was a good 11” at least, so you know I was quite pleased!

BUT HE DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO USE IT!!! THIS NIGGA LASTED FOR 7 MINUTES, MAX!!! I’m riding him, and I see he already has his money-shot face. I’m nodding my head like naw, naw, naw nigga, naw! Before I could throw my ass on him like I wanted to, he busted all in the Magnum. “This is some bullshit…” I said to myself; at least he had the decency to suck me off, and he swallowed with no problem. He pretty much had to. All that damn talk about what he would do to me, didn’t even measure up! COME ON!!! See, this is why I don’t hoe around (anymore)…

Enjoy the pics! 


"Competition? Why, yes, I would love some!" --Nikki Minaj

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kiss My Ass!

I’m fighting back tears while writing this particular post, but I’ll start from the beginning. When I’m bored, I sit back and I Blog-Hop. I come across one of my favorite blogs (it moves fast, plenty of links, current events, etc.) and I came across a link that infuriated me. -------
I click on the link and it broke my fucking heart… For those who know, I’m also a very active member of my church. Not because I love church, but because I love God. And the God that people are always picket-signing about CAN’T be the same one who loves me unconditionally. I know He’s not as hating and condemning as people make Him seem. For some reason, they only know a God that is hateful, wrathful, judgmental and a downright Asshole. I’m not sure what crack it is their smoking, but the God I know is loving, forgiving, always has time to hear about my (many) problems.
blah blah blah. People say same-sex couples are abominations, but I say they’re… hot! And with as many followers as this blog has, it gives me a certain responsibility to say exactly how I feel. So, not too much more to say, thanks for letting me rant as usual----
>>>>> To all the people who picket-sign in the name of what THEY believe, I say: KISS MY GAY ASS, AND ALL THE ONES IN THE FOLLOWING PICS, I’ll be doing the same… ;)



Thursday, January 6, 2011

To Breed Or Not To Breed...

I’m totally considering my next Paysite subscription to be! I’ve been looking around, doing some comparisons and I think they offer where it is I’m trying to go in my next level of sexual adventures. I hate to say it but right now, I’m SEXUALLY BORED… nothing is “new” to me. Big dicks, fat asses, good tongue game, yeah, I’m used to all of that. I want something more: leather, veeeerrryyy light bondage, I’d LOVE to fuck a guy into snowballing (my bf isn’t, smh).  What’d you think? or not? Hit me up:

So I’m sure you’re well aware of my abstract way of thinking and seeing the world. Idk why I’m so crass and sarcastic sometimes, but I guess it’s just one of the things that make me “tick”. So I’m watching a porno the other night (surprised?) and it was pretty damn hot. It was some vid from BlackRayne (I think) in which Shorty J and 2 others were having a threesome. And I’m into it of course; I’m watching it, jacking off, and playing w /my nipples, all that good stuff. When out of the blue, one of the tops takes his cell phone, puts it in a condom, lubes it up, and pushes it inside Shorty J! Not only that, but then they dial the cell phone and it starts vibrating inside of him! When this happened, two things happened to me:

1.      1.  *record scratches* WTF?? Followed by a tilt of the head and uncontrollable laughter.

2.       2, I wondered to myself what the HELL Shorty J must’ve been thinking. I mean, aside from the fact that he is one of my favorite bottoms, I’m aware of the fact that he is a GROWN ASS MAN nonetheless. Like, does he look back after it’s all over and realizes he just had a cell phone ringing inside of his ass hole? When he’s 80 years old, will he look back and tell people “you know, back in my day, I had telephones inside of me…” smh! Shorty J is cute and all but damn…
Here’s a link to the clip, tell me what you think:

What must go through the Porn Star’s thoughts as they’re on camera? For the professionals, they’ve made a lifestyle choice to have sex (protected or not) as a means of living. I respect them for that; hell, I’ve said before that I want to be in a porn scene or two before I die; I’m in no place to judge anyone at all. But damn, the cell phone just took me too fast! 

And for the record: YOU KNOW YOU WATCH TOO MUCH PORN WHEN YOU CAN MATCH A DICK TO A FACE! Show me a pic of Mandingo’s dick, Castro, Brian Pumper, Mr. Marcus, Marc Williams, Wesley Pipes, Devlin Weed, (the list goes on and on) and 9/10 times, I BET I can tell you which dick belongs to whom. And I’m soooooo not bragging about that, but hell, I love porn, is that such a crime? 


Sunday, January 2, 2011

We Made It To 2011!!

Hey hey hey! Hoping everyone's New Year's celebrations went off without a hitch; I sure know mine didn't! You have no idea: I was DYING to make a few posts since the last one but I said I wasn't going to do another post until after the new year; thank God it's here! I've seen a few fellow bloggers with similar posts about stuff like "What's in, What's out in 2011" so, here's my list: top 5 ins/outs of 2011...

1. In with Amateur porn, out with Porn Stars that can't fuck right. Self-explanatory; no offense to DawgpoundUSA, CocoDorm, etc. the scenes are hot of course, but the cum shots have always been sub par, maybe it's just me... but I can certainly do more with a camcorder and some imagination. In with Xtube, out with PaySites, for that matter....

2. In with Fleshlights, out with my right hand. Like I said before, as much as I love sex, masturbation has always been a favorite pastime of mine. That being said, I think I've abused my right hand long enough... I think I'm going to E-Shop around a while and find a decent priced Fleshlight (I'm a total Scrooge when it comes to money). O yes, there will be pics...

3. In with Workout Regimes, out with Being A Couch Potato. I have a busy life, when I finally get a chance to rest, I do just that: REST! But, I've started growing a bit of a gut lately and I don't like it! Granted, I've always considered myself as "husky" but by no means am I a "Fatty McFatFat". And from what I hear, the Gym is like a  breeding ground for guys to hook up. Not that I'm into the whole "slutty, throw myself at the nearest dick" kind of guy, but eye candy is always a plus!

4. In with straight porn star Mandingo, out with gay porn star Castro. Apples to Apples: Mandingo beats Castro on everything from looks, dick size, and fuckability. The only thing Castro has over Mandingo is that Castro of course is into guys, dabbles in bottoming, and has way better cumshots. But Mandingo is sooooo cute and he can get pretty damn kinky when he wants to; plus, Mandingo has better control of his dick; Castro just swings his around like a log.... the pics don't lie, and yes, that is ALL him...

5. In with YOU, out with THE REST. Seriously, who gives a Capitol F what others think? If it makes you happy, then that's all that really matters. I've always been one to celebrate and encourage individuality. The Good news is that you're GROWN AS HELL and can do whatever you want to do. The bad news is that people will hate you, no matter what you do to please them. So, if they're going to hate on you and talk about you anyways, atleast have some fun with it, you know? Give em' sumthn to talk about ;)

(In with 4.0 gpa, out with Academic Probation... 'nuff said...)

I definitely want to gain more followers to the blog. Not only that, I want more of my followers and fellow bloggers to give me feedback. A few hit me up on my email but I really would like to hear more from everyone else as well!

New semester begins tomorrow; taking some really interesting classes so wish me luck!

I'm not going to bore you all with too many more rambles, enjoy the pics; glad to see you on the other side of the ground!

Let's make this new year a time of new beginnings; forgive who you must, forget what you must, and move on with your life.

Enjoy the pics!!!!