Sunday, August 28, 2016

So How Do I Stop Thinking with My Dick?

Hey ya'll! First off, I HATE that summer 2016 is ending soon. I've had a blast this summer just taking a break from booking shows and just traveling to and from enjoying my family. My lil bro came up for about a month and within that small amount of time, I realized how much I needed my brother close to me. He reminded me to keep focused on my focus and stop being such a bitch.

Which is JUST what I needed.

I'm ready to get back focused and knock out this semester starting tomorrow.

I've been driving back and forth out of town for this gig I'm in and I just knew my gay apps would be buzzing so I went ahead and deleted my profile pics on that first night. While doing so, a few guys had slid into my DMs.

You know how it goes. You weed through the guys you like and dislike, and reply accordingly.

The problem is that there are times when a mofo might catch me in a moment and, though I'm sure I'd never  actually hook up with said gentleman caller, my dick has a completely different idea. It's like a heat-seeking missile will go off in my pants and I be *thiiiiissss* close to replying to some messages.  
My question is, is this normal?

Have you ever looked up and randomly started getting a woody at something that normally wouldn't turn you on?
Music, you say?
I'm Coming Back -- Lalah Hathaway 
Enjoy the pics!