Wednesday, December 31, 2014

3.6 gpa and Selfies

Well! Will you look at that? Your strong ass has survived another year! I can only hope that the ups and down of the past 12 months have impacted your life for the better. We all go through bullshit. 

For me, 2014 challenged me to put myself first the process. 

January-March 2014,  I went three months without going to church. For that first month, I felt SO guilty about not attending church. But my absence made a bigger statement than words ever could. After a sort of "spiritual stalemate" between my pastor and I, we reconciled, but I still only have one foot in and one foot out of church... But that's another post. 

April-June 2014, After a family retreat to the Smokey Mountains, I went back to Louisville, KY to kick it a little while longer. While there, my very first best friend and I broke. Read my post In Memoriam (click here) to know what I'm talking about. 

July-September 2014--Summer was...crazy. My grandmother was evicted from her apartment for a verrrryyyyy petty reason. By God's grace, we found one that is not only better, but cheaper! Count your blessings. Oh, and I finished school in September. Guess what nigga came out with a 3.6 gpa? ME! My Summa Cum Laude ass! 

October-December 2014-- In late October, after all kinds of rejection letters from grad schools, I was finally accepted into a great grad school that is only 3 hours away from my family. Yayyy! Not only that, but I already have a one bedroom unit apartment available next summer 2015 when it's time for me to relocate. 

Unencumbered of toxic people, and school--nothing was holding me back anymore. I finally had the chance to expand and grow.
I decided to get back in the dating scene. 

I met a really great guy on OK Cupid. We've been talking for like 2 months, though we've yet to meet in person. At one point, I was talking to him, and a few other guys. But the other night, I realized that the only one I really want to get to know, is him... We "clicked" on our very first conversation and our chemistry is just...crazy good. We'll see where that goes...

I can only hope that you, too, have grown and learned something from this past year. 
I'm not just talking out of my ass when I say that I love ya'll. The fact that ya'll are still here with me is empowering. 

Before this year ends, forget what you must, forgive those who've earned it, and move on. 

Til next time, ya'll! <3 font="" xoxoxoxo="">
Excuse any typos. Im not entirely sober right now. Pregame much? 
Music, you say? I found some GREAT music these past few months. 

My Song Knows what you Did in the Dark (Light 'em Up) -- Fall Out Boy-
Gas Pedal -- Sage the Gemini ft. Iamsu
Down on my Luck -- Vic Mensa
Kinda Sometimes Maybe -- Jessie Ware
Worst Behavior -- Drake  
Enjoy the pics! I didn't feel like uploading any other pics so...I hope you like my lil' selfies!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Satiate the Beast

How much have you changed since your first time having sex?

At 15, when I began my sexual pursuits:
I used to only be attracted to light skin dudes.
I thought I was just a bottom.
I thought I'd never be into any race other than black or other colored ethnicities.
Hell, I wasn't even using lube to jack off yet!

Before the fleshlights, before the male G-spot toys, before this very blog, I was just a newbie.
I was an unassuming rookie who could still learn a thing or two about sex in general.

That seems like a lifetime ago. The savage beast inside me has since been awakened and
BABY, lemme tell you--it is roaring hella loud.

There's levels to this shit. From the naive mindset of my teenage years, up to this very moment as an adult, I now realize the sexual fluidity (no pun intended) in terms of fucking.

In specific, my taste in Porn is very fickle.
One night, all I want to see is a decent BreedItRaw flick
Another night, I want to see nothing but Treasure Island Media
On another night, I have a taste for a spicy Latin/Puerto Rican dude
The list goes on and on. Is that weird?

How has your sexuality evolved since you took the training wheels off?
Music, you say? How 'bout a lil' of my girl Lady T?

Behind the Groove -- Teena Marie
Miracles Need Wings to Fly -- Teena Marie
Yes, Indeed -- Teena Marie

Monday, November 17, 2014

Adam 4 Adam, WTF moments

So, I've decided to embrace my inner hoe. I've been fighting it for quite some time. Though I've had my share of flings and friends with benefits, I've never actually had a full-blown phase of promiscuity and fucking with abandon.

Recently, I created an account on Adam for Adam (A4A) and everything was going swimmingly for about a week or so. But lemme tell you about these two mofos...

Let's start with Joe.
According to Joe's profile, he is 6'2", 220 lbs, black bear, married (in the closet), 6.5 cut dick, and a vers top. The three pics on his profile looked promising, and plus he was talking real good and freaky in his description, so I hit him up.

After a few days of inboxing back and forth, we got along pretty good so we exchanged numbers and decided to be texting buddies. One thing led to another and we started Sexting.

I have absolutely no interest in sexting (1. because I'm not in the 8th grade and 2., who has time for that?). But he initiated it and seemed to be really into it, so I played along. The deeper we got into the session, the...crazier he became. I tried to talk to him on his level of kink, but...I had to immediately hit the BLOCK button when *sighs* I can't even articulate this. Look at this screen cap.

W.T.F. It is some realllll freaks out there, dude. To each, his own. But when it comes to scat, I will NEVER be about that life.
Next, let's talk about...Jack.
According to my radar, Jack lives less than a mile from where I do. Jack is a fine ass white dude. I gotta give him his props. He kinda looks like Matthew McConaugheyA couple nights back, he was in my inbox trying to lure me into his secret den and give me "the best head of my life". And guess what? I was actually about to take his offer up. That is, until, he asks me if I can bring 40$ with me so I can help him out on rent until next week. W.T.F.
*sighs* so, as usual, my sex life is a clusterfuck. My dick must've walked under a ladder, or broken a mirror or something b/c it has the worst luck in finding a partner.
Music, you say?

Deep Purple -- Smoke on the Water

Jess Chambers-- Full of Fire

Clap Clap Riot -- Everyone's Asleep
Oh, one more thing: I may be moving to Indiana within the next few months for grad school. More details on that later.
Enjoy the pics!


Friday, October 31, 2014

Damn I love a Dick Down

The world be such a better place if everyone got a good Dick-Down every once in a while.

Speaking of Dicks, do you have a favorite "kind" of dick?

Me? If I had to choose just one dick, it'd be a good old jet-black 8-incher with an average amount of dorsal veins, and I want the "head" to be lighter than the rest.
(A circumcised penis is my only one restriction. If you're not cut, we not gon' fuck!)

But that' just me. What about you?
Music, you say?

Say You Love Me -- Jessie Ware
Kinda...Sometimes...Maybe --Jessie Ware
Oh, and Happy Halloween. I'm doing something kinda...different this year for a costume. But that's for next week's post ;)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mr. Marky, Three and a Third

Detroit, MI Aka: Three and a Third (b/c the area code is 313), Motor City, Motown, Paris of the Midwest...

The birthplace of Motown Music, Jit Dancing (click here), Ford Motor Company, Martin Lawrence show took place there, 8 Mile took place/was filmed there (and yes, Detroit is every bit as desolate as the movie made it seem).

Not to mention the musical talent, alone, that the world has to thank from Detroit, including:
Madonna, Anita Baker, Diana Ross... Eminem, the list goes on and on...

Idk if you've ever been, but...Detroit is now a ghost town.

I only live like an hour away and I frequent it quite a bit.

I've just discovered that Mr. Marky's fiiiinnneeee ass lives in Detroit.

IF *clap* I *clap* EVER *clap* SEE *clap* MR. *clap* MARKY *clap*

He could just be walking down Michigan Avenue, minding his own damn business...
I'd hop out on his ass like a SWAT team!
Oh, the fagging-out I would do! I'd go into convulsions and faint like a Justin Bieber fan-girl.

I'd ask him to sign my fleshlight. I'd tell him I have actually bought some dvd's he's in just b/c I wanted to support him that I'm carrying his child...
Lol. Naw, though. I'm sure he runs into a fair share of thirsty niggas on a daily basis...

But I'd at least try to take a fan pic for Instagram or something. I swear fo' lord, that'd be the day I came out!

Smh. I remember that one scene where Osian gave Mr. Marky some head about as well as Kim Kardashian did Ray Jay's -- and that's saying something! (click here)

This here is a link to my favorite Mr. Marky scene (click here)  (Omg, Mr. Marky got front AND back!)


Now I gotta break out my fleshlight...
Music, you say?
Down on my Luck -- Vic Mensa
Up Past the Nursery -- Suuns
Chasing Time -- Azealia Banks