Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hot Rod, Ace Rockwood, Mr. Cali, and Jovonnie

Hey ya'll! So I recently asked my lil bro to give me four black gay porn stars to rate. Naturally, he picked guys that I don't see it for,  but I'll still give a whack at it.

Hot Rod
Personally, I'm not a fan. At all. No stranger to controversy, I've heard tales of Hot Rod being an extremely difficult model to work with. He's also spoken in interviews about his (alleged) butt injections, his beef with Trapp Boy (one of my favs), and has long since retired from porn. Any attraction I did have for Hot Rod dissipated when I watched this Dr. Phil ass clip of his ex boyfriend and fellow porn star Angyl Valentino (who I also don't see it for), crying about how terrible their relationship was. Neither of my heads can see past his personal life and I just can't ever get "into" a scene with Hot Rod in it. Click Here  to watch his interview with TheSkorpionShow.

Ace Rockwood
Fun Fact: I CANNOT be turned on by porn stars that resemble family members or people I know in real life. Ace has certainly contributed to the industry and has a great reputation for the most part. The only reason I can't fuck with him is because he looks SO MUCH like my favorite YouTube Vlogger Kid Fury. Like, they could be brothers almost. So while I can't say anything too negative about Ace, I CAN say that I'll never find him sexually attractive.

Mr. Cali
Maybe I've been living under a rock. Because I had NO idea this nigga even existed until today. I've checked out a few of his scenes and he's quite the stallion. I can def see myself getting into him a lot more. But only from the neck, down. He kinda looks like Tickle-Me Elmo to me. :/

When I started collecting porn way back in 2009, there was this scene with Jovonnie and his boyfriend at the time (City Boi) fucking in the shower at a YMCA or something. To this day, that scene is one of my favorite EVER in my entire collection thus far. Aside from that, I don't care for his work in these past few years.
Music, you say?
Your Lips Are Mine -- Eyeflash
Colorblind -- Eyeflash
Excuse any typos! Enjoy the pics!