Monday, June 27, 2011

In the Closet, Out of my Damn Mind!!

Hey Hey Hey! It's Monday and as promised in my last post, I would like to introduce to you all a really cool guy with a really cool blog!

His name is Trey and his blog, In The Closet, Out of my Damn Mind!! is quite the read! After coming across his blog in a featured post Cold Phoenix did a while back. I read one of his early posts, and ended up reading through all of them!

What I love most about his blog is how personable he is; he really let's you "get inside his head" (no pun intended). He has his share of sexual adventures and writes about them well (eh, I get a woody, so...)

After emailing back and forth, I decided that I finally want to start doing those Q n A posts from followers/fellow bloggers (I've talked about doing it before, if you remember).

So, sit back, listen to: And I by Ciara (my gift to you: )
and enjoy the interview!

If you could direct a 3-way scene with ANY 3 porn stars, who would they be and why?
Lex, Ace Rockwood, and Phat Daddy. Lex would be the bottom and Ace and Phat Daddy would tag team that ass. I would also make Phat Daddy get out of his Tiger Tyson-esque role where he doesn’t kiss or perform any kind of oral. I would have him eating the hell out of Lex’s ass! I would pick these three because they are hella sexy to me. Lex is versatile and can take some good dick. Ace is a very passionate fuck and Phat Daddy is more of a rough fuck. I think it would be an interesting dynamic with these three. 

Would you ever do porn? Do you have any Xtube vids?

While I greatly, and I mean GREATLY, appreciate the art of 
porn…its just not for me. I couldn’t put myself out there like that. I find sex to be intimate (call me old-fashioned. LoL) I don’t think I could have an off screen partner and have our relationship have any real substance in the physical department. Seems like screwinghim would just be another day at the office. I don’t have any Xtube vids uploaded, but I have made a few camera
phone vids here and there ;). The shit is hot, it makes you feel like you are putting on a performance or something. 

Quickest way to get you out them drawz?
And they are boxer briefs to be more specific ;). I would have to say being aggressive and forthcoming about what you want. Also I’m a sucker for foreplay and all that good shit. Thinking you’re just going straight to the ass without putting any work in is a waste of your time. Basically, I like for a dude to make me want it…to make me not be able to wait any longer. And if you play a sexy ass hip-hop song in the process, its just icing on the cake. 

Top 3 Deal Breakers?

1. Femininity- 
Yeah, I know we should respect and appreciate each other in our community and yadda yadda. I do, just
not sexually. As someone who leans more towards the bottom role, I find it unattractive to have a feminine guy try to top me. I couldn’t even get turned on. 

2. Too conservative with no sense of humor is an ultimate deal breaker. I can sometimes have a twisted sense on humor and I need someone who can not only appreciate it, but join in from time to time. Me and a stuck up muhfucka wouldn’t make it past hello.

3. I do not like cigarette smoke. Its not necessarily an automatic deal breaker…but its close. I hate the smell on my body, in my clothes, and in my car. There are some people who respect non-smokers in this matter. However, there are a lot of smokers who could care less and that’s they type of dude I would have to leave alone. 

How often do you use Condoms? Anyone you trust enough to let them hit Raw?
Every time. I don’t understand the thought process of people who don’t use them during sex. The risk is too great…to me anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I have had two “slip ups” with my ex. It was a bad decision then,
and I still think it is now. The first time, the condom broke at the base and the second time we were using a Durex condom and it was too small for him. Still, not an excuse and very different from purposely going raw. We were in a committed relationship and I trusted him. However, this is my health we are talking about. I don’t trust anyone enough to put my health at risk. 

 Do you ever want to “come out”? How do you think your Pops would react?
I actually do, believe it or not. Not saying I will anytime soon, or ever. However, I want to be able to have the option of not only living my life freely, but comfortably as well without all the hiding and shit. I don’t think my Pops would give two shits. He’s very accepting in that department…very liberal. I think he would be more upset I felt I couldn’t tell him sooner.

Favorite Love songs? (any genre). What movies have you’ve cried on?
My favorite love song of all time is 

If This World Were Mine (Luther Vandross)

My Cherie Amour (Stevie Wonder) comes in a close second.

My favorite, more sexual songs, would have to be 

Seduction (Usher) that shit is just mad sexy 

Do or Die (Fantasy)

Candy Man (Dirty Boyz)

Lay Down (Floetry) just Marsha's part though

And of course there are more! I have only cried on two movies. I'm too hard for that shit! LoL! But seriously, they were the 1950’s version of “Imitation of Life” and a little known movie called “A Walk to Remember” with Mandy Moore. I suggest Imitation of Life to anyone who hasn’t seen it, or heard of it…it’s a classic.

 Any special talents? (sing, dance, etc.?) Although the Snap-Movement has come and gone, how many
“crank dances” can you do? (Crank dat Batman, Superman, etc.)
Naw, I’ve never been one to sing and dance. While I am a music lover, I can’t contribute at all. LoL I did play baseball and soccer when I was younger. I was always more of an academic. I can, however, do the
Superman…only because they taught us a freshmen orientation. 

What 4 things can you NOT live without? (cell phone, tv, best friend, etc.)

1.  My laptops. 
They literally hold my life. They have all of my schoolwork, music, videos, pictures and a lot of other memories. 
Plus, the internet is my gateway to the outside world…and more recently the “blogosphere”.

2. My earphones. 
I need to take them bad boys everywhere. Anytime I’m in a mood I need some melodic treatment. If I don’t have them with me I feel naked. I have to be able to play my music anytime and anyplace. 

3. My homie, by best friend. Me and this chick have been tight for a few years. Nobody, but probably my ex, has
my back like her. I can count on her for anything man. I know I can confide in her without being judged and my business and shit getting out. I’ll bust a head for that chick.

4. Family. 
Being from the south most of my life, family is a big part of my life. We are very close and are always having functions. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have them around. 


There ya'll have it! Check out his blog (the link is up above) and follow this dude! 

btw, the pics below are two of my favorite guys he mentioned above: Phat Daddy and Ace Rockwood!

'til next time I get some WiFi!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Best Head Ever! (part 2)

...I was still buzzing from a combination of the drinks and the nut I just busted, so I wasn't really thinking straight. I meant to ask this foo why he didn't want me to reciprocate the head (I wanted to compare notes; see if I could make him squirm like he did me).

So once we collected ourselves and calmed down, he went behind the bar, fixed us a few drinks; we made out some, and just... kicked it.

This is what he told me:

1. He's a newly-discovered Bisexual. At 38, he's just now coming around to admitting and accepting his attraction to the same sex.

So I'm like um... then how the HELL do you know how to make a nigga cum that fast??

2. Well, he's "messed around" is what he tells me. A few dudes in college... Enough to count on one hand but he says they were all pretty experienced... (but he's just a natural Dick Pleaser if you ask me...)

 3. He thought it was just "some ish he did in college" and thought he left it there... Until I come along. He says that I make him feel curios all over again (which was sweet! aaawww.... but he really just wanted some dick).

He's packing something great too! Around 9.5 inches or so. It's a preeetttyyyy dick too... But he doesn't know what the HELL to do with it.


4. This dude thinks he's a bottom. Yeah rite, with all that pretty dick, I'm gonna have fun teaching him how to work it...

And from there, we just compared stories. When we first felt attracted to guys, when was our first time with a guy, our turn-ons/off. The usual gambit.

He's all alone in this big city we live in (his family lives out West). Never been married. Was engaged at one point but they split up (he says it was mutual). And from what I've collected, he's just ready for something new and finally wants to explore his sexuality...

Now, that's all fine and dandy, but tell me why I'm hella reluctant about this whole thing? I guess because every guy I've ever dated (or even "hooked up" with) had already been living the lifestyle. There were no training wheels, you know?

For example: I think that's why he wouldn't let me do anything to him. He's still not used to the feel of another man.

So, this'll be interesting. Stay tuned for this! Not saying that we'll end up together, but I can see us working...
Thing is: I wasn't really even "looking at him" (had any immediate attraction). It wasn't until he started flirting with me that I truly even noticed him...

Sidenote: SuperBass by Nikki Minaj is totally my new theme song for the day! The video is soooo sexy! My gift to you:

Enjoy the pics!

Next post is a Q n A of a guy with one helluva blog. His name is Trey and if you like reading this blog, you'll LOVE reading his! Until that post, check his blog out In The Closet, Out Of My Damn Mind!!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Best Head Ever! (part 1)

"you still coming through tonight?" is the text I recieved from him on Thursday night.

You might remember him: the Bartender/Owner of the venue that my Slam Team does poetry at? When I finally turned 21, he made all these "now that you're legal" jokes...

Well, this past Tuesday, he emailed (out of the blue, mind you) and goes on for a friggin' paragraph about blah blah blah. When I took the bait, he started having small talk with me; eventually asking what I have going on that night. I told him I was on-calendar to preach at my church for this 4 night revival and if he was interested i hearing me, to come through...

And he did; in fact, when I was just walking up to the pulpit, I look up and see him walking through the Vestibule and I thought to myself "hmm.... Okay, this dude ain't playin..."

He came up to me after service, shook my hand, and said he'd hit me up later on... "You do that..." I told him.

So, Thursday night, I texted him and said

"that was so sweet for you to come show me support like you did; I got a special way to thank ya... ;) "

We agreed to meet up at his club after hours (this was around 3 am Saturday morning) once the Janitors and other employees left, it was just him and I at the bar...


Fastforward through the drinks and flirting, I tell him that I've always wanted to do Jelly-Belly-Shots but never had a belly to do it off of...

He pulled off his shirt and laid down on the bar. He didn't have a six-pack by any means, but you can tell he has a Gym Membership. His torso was thick but tight; the perfect combination of meat and muscle. *sighs*

Yeah, fuck the Jelly Shots at this point, it's time to see what this mofo is packin...

I run my tongue from his adams apple down to his belly button, then back up and I mount this nigga while sticking my tongue down this throat...

Before I knew it, my hand was unzipping his pants and his hand was going up my shorts....

After a while of just feeling eachother up, he picked me up (wit his strong ass) and put me on a barstool, and pulled, no, YANKED my shorts off! (I was just wearing Basketball shorts, so it was easy, but still), it was hot as fuck!

Uh, sidenote, I think dude has a thing for nipples... (I'm lmao while writing this part), but he kept touching my chest and sucking on em and shit! By the time we were done, I was damn near chaffing!

When he started to suck me, he kept on teething my head and that shit was uncomfortable for a second. But once he started to get it real wet, it drove me crazy!

I can usually handle some bomb head real well, but this nigga sucked my dick so good, he put CJ Carter to shame! Check out CJ at Xtube

He gave me some nice, sloppy head. I mean, dude was making these slurping sounds that were sending me over the edge.

I caught my breath long enough to ask if he was gonna let up and let me do him, but he kept on slurpin so I told him I was about to cum...

He let me bust in his mouth and even I was surprised at how much cum I let out. Damn, I had j/o like a few nights ago, didn't know I had so much built up!

And he swallowed every one of my babies... (that sounds kinda creeperish, don't it?)

When he looked up, his eyes were kinda watery from deep throating me like that but damn... He sucked my dick like he owed Rent money...

*sighs* not to leave yall on a cliffhanger, but I gotta go to class! I'll finish this post on Thursday (I promise)

Don't ask me why this has been stuck in my head all day, but here's Too Short with Shake Dat Monkey, my gift to you:

(enjoy the pics) see u Thursday!

(excuze any typos)


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hung Up...

Do you know anyone whose bullshit you put up with simply because of your infatuation and/or relationship with that person? I think there's a certain level of things we're willing to accept (and dish out) for the sake of a relationship.
Not just an intimate one either, this can be a family and friends.

The good thing is that I haven't been "hung up" on any one particular guy for quite some time now... Sure I have my "crushes" but since I've been "doing me", I've noticed my academics are getting back where they were, I'm much more consistent in my Church, and I've even done some "soul searching".

...blah blah blah...

I said all of that to say: I'M READY TO GET BACK IN THE GAME!

And boy o boy, there a few guys I would love to beat the high score with...

1. Lance-- we've known each other since what, 3rd grade I think? After I moved back up North, we reconnected and have been kicking it with each other off and on since then. Nothing major, just small stuff like meet up at the Mall or grab a bite to eat or something. I've never "tried anything" with him because I really have a genuine love and care for our friendship-- I'd hate for something like that to ruin what we have. He's actually in a pretty happy and healthy relationship with this chick for about 2 years now... He's always trying to "hook me up" with her sister or her cousin and whatnot; eh, I appreciate the concern... And it's stuff like that which painfully reminds me that not only is Lance straight, but also completely oblivious to the fact that I love his life... *sighs*

2. Brother "T" from Church-- Wow, we've definitely had our adventures together. As our Pastor's assistants, we travel with him during the Summer to preaching engagements out of town. On one particular trip to Detroit, "T" and I had to share a hotel room (perfect ingredients for a disaster, right?). He slept in the bed and I slept on the Futon (did I spell that right?). What you need to know is that I love "T" like a brother. In my heart of hearts, even if something ever did "spark" between us, I wouldn't move on it because it'd feel so weird. But we have this natural chemistry that attracts us to each other; we "get" each other, you know? Hell, while writing this very post, we're Instant Messaging on Facebook about the most random shit... We always have small talk like that...

3. Quentin-- I have tried all my "moves" on him but this negro won't budge! We've had maaaaaddddd conversations about deep, prolific subjects (he's such a Black Panther...) and I'm a complete SUCKER (pun intended) for the Hot Nerd. And to top it all off, he just got this CUTE ASS nose piercing just like his favorite rapper/poet Tupac. I love a guy who is confident in his own abilities, knows where he's headed in life, and has his own "swag" (style). He's all that and then some-- but if he's not straight (which I don't think he totally is), I've accepted the fact that he's "just not into me like that". His loss, right? ....

I'm rambling because I have to make it to this event at Church in a few minutes; but I just wanted to get this off my chest and let the world know that I'm looking for a good old fashioned Summer Love! We'll meet at a beach or some fancy-shmancy place in the Hamptons, exchange numbers, "hook up" a few times, hang out, and lose touch as the Fall approaches...

*sighs* no, I'm kidding about that last paragraph, but still...

(p.s. I get plenty of Ass, but damn... I'm ready to find a bonafide Top...) but that's another post...

Enjoy the pics!

Listen to Hung Up (by Madonna) while reading this post; it's my ish! (don't judge me!)

Random thought: does the title of my post have anything to do with the content?

--Cogito (excuze the typos!)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You...

He’s Tall (6’2”) but he’s not thick or beefy—he’s skinny and lanky... ugh...

He’s Scruffy—which could be sexy, but he kinda “looks like he smells” (though he doesn’t).

He has NO ASS—probably as a result of him being Tall and Lanky, right?

He doesn’t have an “ugly” face; he has an average one. Not handsome. Not cute/fine. Just... average...

He breathes through his mouth all the time. Like, do your Nostrils NOT work?

I generally ONLY like Fellas with their own “swag” (style). By no means am I exclusive to guys with ATM Receipts, but damn... He dresses like one of the characters from Fat Albert...

========and that’s just the Physical stuff=============

He’s dumb as a box of rocks. I’ve tried to have conversations with him but I always feel like I’m talking over his head. I can see the ???? in his eyes...

When he DOES have something to talk about, it takes him 10 minutes to make 1 significant point.

He considers himself a “freestyle poet”. Instead of performing a piece that he wrote, he gets behind the Mic and comes “off the dome” (improv). Because of the 2 aforementioned qualities, you can see why this annoys the entire crowd, right?

He can’t “hold his liquor”. He’s always the first one at the bar and the last one to leave...



He has this... Energy, this... Vibe to him that makes me MELT when I’m around him. Hell, typing this post about him has me hard as a rock.

Could it be Pheromones? Could it be Opposites attracting? Either way, I wanna FUCK HIS BRAINS OUT...

Don’t bother asking me why because I don’t know my damn self.

AAAAAANNNNNDDDDD.... HE’S OPENLY BISEXUAL (Though he doesn’t get much “pull” from either Sex).

 He’s in-boxed me on Facebook a few times with what I like to call “Bait”.

Bait: light, flirtatious advances used to help determine the sexual orientation of a potential partner. (yep, that’s the English Major coming out again...)

...and you know what? I think I might have to bite...

Stay Tuned! Enjoy the pics!


Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You-- Lauryn Hill: my gift to you: 

P.S. @ my nigga Trey-- THIS is the beauty of Mehcad Brooks! ;) 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Me, Myself and I...

Pay this bill. Do that assignment. Call this Negro back. Don’t be late for this. Don’t miss that. You still have (insert Chore here) to do. Go to the Gym.

I think it is so easy for us to be caught up in all the many fast currents of life.

Do you ever have “those days” where you want to stand on top of Mt. Everest and scream: WHAT THE FUCK DO YA’LL WANT FROM ME????

...but when I climb my metaphorical ass down, people are still going to do what they’ve always done...

Eh... that’s Life, right?

Well, here’s a list of things that I do on days when Murder in the First Degree becomes an option. I’m not imposing them on you as if you MUST follow them; this is just what works for Cogito, k?

1.      1.  TAKE MYSELF ON A DATE.
*This past Saturday, I wanted to go to the movies with ANYBODY but EVERYBODY had other shit to do. And ya’ll know I took myself “off the market” so my Rolodex is pretty empty these days... (Aside from Red, but he’s another post...). So 9 pm rolls around and I thought to myself “hmm.... let me Google the show times...” Next thing I know, I was at the Cinema downtown with Popcorn, Cheese Dogs, Pepsi and Raisinettes—sitting in the back row SMASHING OUT (snacking) watching X-Men: First Class all by myself—and I had a fucking ball! *When I got around the corner from my house, I hit 94 West and drove for a half hour. Blasting Gospel music with all 4 windows down, just CHILLIN!
*Eh, I’m a cheap Date but I enjoyed the peace I found by just “doing me” for the night.

2.       2. REWARD MYSELF
Whenever I refrain from snatching a Bitch up, I treat myself to something nice. A pair of shoes, a new Book, a new game for the 360, etc...  

We all have those “Shoulda-Coulda-Woulda” conversations with ourselves. But chances are, we perform things a lot better than we perceive. And even if we don’t do all that well: SO FUCKING WHAT??

Show me a person with a piss-poor attitude ALL THE FUCKING TIME, and I’ll show you a person who needs to SPEND MORE TIME FUCKING. ‘Nuff said.

When the “bad” turns to “really bad”. When the going gets even tougher. I’m grateful that I’m able to come to God with all these burdens and He takes care of them. You wanna hear a mini-sermon right quick?

I found a new phone buddy and we’ve been chatting off and on and it’s quite refreshing. To get a new opinion/point of view on an issue of yours and vice versa. Eh, it’s just pretty cool... Especially when they can hold a conversation! (ILY ColdPhoenix!) ;)

It doesn't have to be anything major. If I just have a craving for a McDouble, I get my ass in the car and go get one... You shouldn't deny yourself of things as long as they do no harm to you or anyone else. 

I never know how I truly feel about something "heavy" until I write it down. By writing/typing about a tough subject, my words and feelings become tangible; I'm able to stare at them on the paper/screen and process emotions that I didn't even know I had... Thank GOD for poetry... 
This list, like all the other lists I post, go on and on. 

Me, Myself and I by De La Soul. My gift to you:

Remember this: 

Life is short. 
Don't sweat the small stuff. 
Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. 

...okay, I'll get off of my SoapBox now, but even I needed to read this post...

(excuse any typos)

Enjoy the pics!