Sunday, December 30, 2012


So last night, I was minding my business, playing Skyrim V, texting Rob's jet-setting ass, and going HAM on some of those lil' Pancake/Sausage on a stick things from Jimmy Dean (don't judge me).

Naturally, something that phallic in my face had me thinking naughty thoughts. (again, don't judge me!)

So naughty, in fact, that I decide to hop on and see what I can do about this chubby in my boxers...

I always scroll down to see the list of "just collected" videos and if there's something that I like, I open it. If I REALLY like said video, I click on the profile of whomever submitted it, to take a gander at the rest of their uploads. Some profiles only have 10 videos, some profiles have 100+ videos.

Imagine how full my Google Chrome tabs end up being by the time I finally bust.

Anyway, nothing was really poppin' off on the list so I go up to the search engine and, since I was in the mood for some spicy latinos, I search for such.

Among the search results, this scene here: Jon Carlos Jorgesgang (click here) caught my eye.

I usually don't fucks w/ them Jorgesgang movies because the models look all of about 15 and the last thing I need is some damn statutory jail-bate on my hard drive -_-

But the scene caught my eye when I saw an older guy in the video-still frame.

As I'm watching it, the older guy, (let's call him Jon) spent more time directing his bottoms on what to do (in Spanish, no less) and when he finally DOES speak English, it's only to CUSS THE FUCK OUT OF THE CAMERA MAN!

At first I tuned it out. But closer to the end of the movie, Jon, with a sloppy mouth/chin of snowballed jizz, looks up and says:

Jon: Damn, we can't make a good fucking film for nothin!

And then, my dear readers, I bust out laughing like I was in the audience of Comedy-View.

There I am, fleshlight in hand, lube on the side of me, a throbbing dick in my hand, and all I'm like turned over on the floor DYING!

in retrospect, I don't even know if it was all that funny. I guess seeing Jon so fucking frustrated through the whole damn thing had boiled over and he just couldn't take it anymore.


Good times... Good times...
Sidenote: omg, I TOTALLY just had Deja' Vu' while writing that last line

Welp! 2012 SUCKED ASS. And not the good kind either.

Taking care of my grandmother all year, although a labor of love, has taken a toll on my relationships. I'm pretty much here everyday doing stuff that a home-visiting nurse ought to be doing. As a result, Rob says I'm being distant. And slowly, but surely, I'm starting to resent pretty much everyone in my immediate family. Sure, they help out a lil bit; maybe wash a few dishes or bring a few groceries, but for the most part, they leave before she can ask them to do anything else, and here I am, stuck.

Not to mention losing one car in late January/early February. Having to hitch a ride from my homegirl to/from class at night. Getting another car and wrecking it. Granny in and out of the hospital. Church drama.

And that's just in MY world.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the universe: several different shooting tragedies, Hurricane Sandy, the fact that Mitt Romney is still allowed to breath...

At least President Obama was elected for a second term. >_<

Next year HAS TO be better.

I won't be writing another post until after the New Year, so let these pics tie you over.

I'll leave you with something I was thinking about last night:

"If I could survive all the CRAP I went through in 2012, I can make it through ANYTHING". --Cogito

As we stare 2013 in the face, don't be afraid. Embrace it.

New year, new you, and all those other cliche's...

Wishing on a Star (Teena Marie cover)

Wishing on a Star (Beyonce cover)

Thinkin' 'bout you (Frank Ocean)

Fuck up the Fun (Azealia Banks)

Fierce (Azealia Banks ft. Paris is Burning audio clips)

Freak Like Me (Adina Howard)

'Til next year!