Saturday, November 26, 2011

Something For The Tops...

I went through my Freaky Flash Drive Files (where I collect all my pics/vids) and FINALLY organized all of my pics into sub-categorical folders with tags and whatnot... In doing so, these few lil pics kept making me salivate and I realized that I haven't had no ass in a while... Don't get me wrong, my nigga Rob gives some mean head, but he's a Top (as far as I'm concerned). 

I'm going a little insane. I feel like Quagmire on that one episode of Family Guy where he tried to go cold-turkey from sex and ended up dry humping a mail-box.

Ass-Withdrawal is a very serious condition. *sighs* 

So to all my true blue, red-blooded Tops out there: GET ALL THE MAN-CUNT YOUR DICK CAN HANDLE!

I'm in LOVE with Beyonce's vid "Dance For You"! It's definitely a song when you're getting in "the mood". 

and keep in mind, SHE SHOT THIS VID BEFORE SHE HAD THE BABY BUMP. #ConspiracyCracked

Enjoy the pics! They're all recycled from previous posts...



Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Kryptonite...

Earlier today, I was babysitting my nephew. He's adorable. Around 1 and a half years old. He's learning how to say words now. "Mama" and "Stop" are the most complex words in his vocabulary, but he's working on expanding that. In his efforts to do so, my younger brother (his dad) has been teaching him a few new words... What kind of words, you ask? Curse words.

Of course I don't approve of this, but he's not my son, just my nephew. And I know my boundaries. But I've warned both of them of one thing: should I EVER hear my nephew cursing, I'm going WWIII on him. It's disrespectful to use such language in front of adults. I still don't curse around the adults that I grew up around.

All of that to say...

I caught my nephew trying to plug in the lamp in the living room, and I almost lost it.

*Gasp* RJ, get away from there, RIGHT NOW!!!
RJ: aw, shit! (at least, that's what I thought I heard him say).

Me: Come here.

He inched closer and closer to me until he got close enough to my face.

And then, just as I'm about to spank him...

He plants a kiss right on my cheek!

Suddenly, I wasn't pissed anymore.

Then he says to me: Unc-Unc!

And my heart melts...

Then I realize: Rob does the same thing! When he knows I'm pissed at him, or am about to start something, he plants a wet one right on my lips and the rest is history...


I love those guys...
Music, you say?

Rumor Has It -- Adele

Kryptonite -- 3 Doors Down

Red Light Special -- TLC

Nice And Slow -- Usher


BTW, on my next post, I'm doing a Top 10 (or 20) of the best Gay Porn Stars in the industry. Now, these will just be my opinion, but you can have your say-so on the list. Email me who you'd like to see on there. If you give me a name that I don't already have, I'll add em to the list and give a review of them...

Enjoy the pics!
(that very first pic got a nigga on BRICK HARD).


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The World Just Got Smaller...

So... I mentioned Benny in a post a while back. He's the Public Safety Officer in one of my classes. We've got great chemistry and I get really good vibes from this guy. Actually, Rob is a bit jealous of this guy so for Halloween, he decided to dress as a Police Officer. Yes, it was really hot...

Now that you're up to speed.

This past Tuesday, our class was divided into two teams and had to do presentations. I'll spare you the details. All you need to know is that I did my THANG on that assignment! What can I say? I'm a freakin' savant...

After class, Benny struck up a conversation with me (he just wanted some face-time if you ask me). And after a little small talk, he finally says to me:

Benny: You know, we've met each other before, you and me... 
Me: ??? 
Benny: You know I also volunteer as a Paramedic, right? 
Me: ???? 
Benny: The week before this class started, you had an asthma attack over at your grandma's and I was one of the Paramedics that came. 
Me: (after thinking for a second)... Hmmm.... O wait! Are you the one who I told to "mind his damn business"??? 
Benny: That's me! 

(See, because they had the Oxygen mask on my face, they told me not to talk. They asked my grandmother to spell my name and she was so fucking frantic, she forgot how to spell it. And I say to her "you've known me for 21 years and you can't spell my NAME??? It's only 9 letters long!". And when I said that, we kinda got into an argument. Once the paramedics FINALLY got the point that I was NOT going to the E.R. with them (I just needed some Albuterol right quick), they packed up their equipment and were heading towards the door. The last Paramedic to leave out of the door turned around and says to me: "be nicer to your granny, man". To which I replied "mind you DAYUMN bidniss!" the rest is history).

Me: OMG!!! That is soooo embarrassing! Look, I was already pissed because I couldn't breathe. Granny and I go back and forth like that all the time. It's really harmless... 

Benny: I was like damn, he's FEISTY! 

Me: You don't know the half of it...

So when I get to my car, the first person I text is Rob, of course. Now he's even MORE on my case about this nigga. Like I said, I like to be honest in a relationship because I expect the same. And I'd hate for Rob to find out something like this after the fact. In reality, Benny is totally safe. He's fine as hell. But... I gotta man, ya know?
Music, you say?

Ass -- Big Sean ft. Nikki Minaj

Rolling in the Deep -- Adele

End of the Road -- Boys II Men

U Got It Bad -- Usher


Enjoy the pics!

--Cogito (

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Open Your Eyes!

Is it just me, or does the world seem much better when you're happy? I don't mean "happy" in the sense of you walking around with a big Chestercat smile on your face, or one of those annoying "balls of sunshine" happy-campers...

I mean "happy" in the sense of you knowing that you are absolutely content and/or satisfied with your life. Sure everything is not perfect, but it's far from being a nightmare. I'm having one of those days where I reflect on my life and for the first time I've realized that I'm... well... Grateful. For everything.

And when you're happy: food tastes better, water is wetter, (dick is better and ass is bigger), songs play louder, the world spins faster...

Okay, I'll stop talking like a bumper sticker...

But real talk: look at your life and ask yourself if it's really that damn bad? Keep in mind that someone, somewhere, would LOVE to be in your shoes. Hell, some people don't even have any feet to wear shoes in the first place...
I'll get off my soapbox. I just wanted to drop a lil sumthn on ya'...

Music, you say?

A Fool For You -- Cee Lo Green and Melanie Fiona (because who hasn't been there?)

My First Love -- Avant and KeKe Wyatt (think back to your verrryyyy first love...)

Gone and Never Coming Back -- Melanie Fiona (I love her voice in this song)

Open Your Eyes -- Bobby Caldwell   -- (btw, I'm PISSED that nobody told me this song existed!)



Enjoy the pics!