Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Booth #9

Earlier this summer, around the end of May, my family (on my dad's side) visited the Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg, TN for a family reunion cabin retreat. It was lovely.

When we got back to Louisville, KY three or four days later, I decided to stay a few more days before returning back to Michigan b/c I wanted to kick it with some old friends, get some good ole' fashioned southern fried nigga, and just enjoy myself.

On that Sunday before I left, I decided to hit up that sex store again from last year's post "My First Gloryhole (click here)".I remembered that Sunday nights were their gay nights.

Around 11 pm, I took a quick shower, threw on some old clothes, and headed out.

After they buzzed me in, I had my $10 ready to pay for admittance into the XXX  Theater  room.

They were playing some Twink-themed porn movie on the big screen and there was about...like, 10 guys sitting in the audience.

After I found my spot on a leather sofa in the back left corner of the room, I settled in and started rubbing my dick in my sweatpants, as was everyone else, other than the few who just blatantly had their dicks out.

The twinks on the big screen were sub par and it was the first time where I really noticed the lack of an ethnic presence within mainstream gay porn (which is an entirely OTHER post I'll be writing soon).

After I came back from edging in one of the private booths for a while, an average looking mature black guy (he had to be like...35?), took my place on the sofa so I sat on the other end.

One thing led to another. Hands were groping inside
of pants, nipples were being played with...it was getting kinda steamy... (plus, I could smell that he, too, was an avid fan of washing his balls before going out in public).

He asked if I wanted to get a booth and I said yeah. He whispered in my ear, telling me to meet him in booth #9 in like 5 minutes.

After my woody had gone down, I got up to meet him in the private booth area.

On my way out the theater door, I saw this tall black dude banging this short lil' asian dude over by the couches up against the wall. Another black/light skinned guy standing off on the side, watching them and jacking off.

When I made it to the booth, me and him did what we came to do, naturally. No penetration, but his oral game was on point. He kept putting his hand over my mouth to muffle my moans, which only turned me on even more.

When it was my turn, I got down there and was about to introduce his balls to my chin, until I noticed that he was uncut!

I felt like ole girl in that stabby Pyscho shower scene (click here) !!

But it was cool, though. I polished him up real well and we exchanged numbers and stuff...

We've been lightweight texting back and forth since then... I'm making one last trip to Louisville next month for another family function so I'm  definitely  gonna' hit him up for round 2 and possibly go all the way next time...

...So, whadya' know? Cogito officially has hoes in different area codes!
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