Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Tale of Two Gay Siblings

So first off, a nigga had to gon' head n' just delete that whole "YouTube" channel thing I tried to make happen. I look crazy af in those vids and plus, it totally just outted my blog to someone in my personal life.

Let me explain.

My younger brother of 5 years, Rome, is the 5'12",230 lbs, darker-skinned version of me, with a few extra spoonfuls of sugar.

Growing up, our dad was the typical asshole who spoke openly of his disgust for homosexuals and that none of us better not turn out "that way" because he's not raising any faggots. 

Where I was constantly questioning my sexuality and ashamed of being me, Rome never really seemed to give a fuck. He's always been himself no matter what, and I really admire that quality in him.

 Luckily, we're blessed to have a family where our sexuality is no issue whatsoever.

 In fact, our ENTIRE family would jump to our defense when our dad was out of line. These days, our father is working on repairing his relationships with us and is learning how to separate his love for us from the lifestyles he disagrees with.

 Rome and I got a chance to reconnect this past Thanksgiving in Chicago (we smoked weed the WHOLE time and it was EVERYTHING). We're so much alike and anytime we're together, it's bound to be a good night.

Knowing how much he looks up to me makes me want to be a more responsible gay man, if that makes sense.

He was perusing YouTube the other day and came across my page. I trust him enough to keep my blog secret, but beyond him, NO ONE in my personal life can EVER know about my blog. So I just deleted that shit. Too risky.

This post is dedicated to the biggest lil' brother I could ask for.

Are you the only (out) gay person in your family? Do tell! 
Music, you say?
 Excuse any typos and enjoy the pics! 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Hey ya'll! Life has been sooooo fucking crazy busy right now.

I'm finally settled into my new environment, finally getting the hang of this whole "Grad School" thing, and even have 1.5 potential boo's I'm currently spitting game to.

Life is far from good. But I've certainly felt worse before. Right now I'm just having fun.

After 25 years of living with people, me living alone in my first apartment now is EXACTLY what I needed to start my new life out here in this world. You know what I love most about my apartment?

I, alone, can have:
My weed. (I'm currently high as balls right now, mind you)
MY snacks.
MY Xbox.
MY fleshlight
My Netflix

And I don't have to share with nooooooo one! Don't have to hear my name being called every 20 gotdamn seconds from someone in the other room, NOBODY asks me where I'm going when I leave out the door, and most of all, it's PEACEFUL HERE.

This is my sanctuary.
Music, you say?
Cocoa Butter Kisses -- Chance the Rapper (and 10 million other niggas I'm not finna name)
Enjoy the pics! (excuse any typos)

Friday, October 23, 2015

Where is Your Spot?

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Just in case you ever want to melt me like a cheap dollar store candle,

Breathe on the left of my neck, and tongue it.


I love that!

The other night, a guy that I've been "talking to" for a while since I moved here 2 months ago, have been chilling together.

He's 6'11", 180 lbs, 8/10 masculine, deep dark chocolate complexion, and a 9" dick that he knows how to sling like a pro.

He just turned 24. I"m 25.

Unfortunately, when our paths crossed for the first time, he told me that he'll be moving away by the end of this October 2015.

I said I wasn't going to catch feelings for him. But I have. And judging by his overall vibe, he's not really all that into me like that.

Cool beans. We're both adults here. If this is just "one of those things", then so be it.

I know I'm gonna miss that tongue game though.

What about you? Where's your "spot"?
Music, you say?

Hollow -- Eryn Allen Kane
Sea Salt -- Quadron
Israel (Sparring) -- Chance the Rapper, Ft. Noname Gyspy
Enjoy the pics!
Checkout my latest youtube vid! (click here)