Thursday, March 29, 2012

Top 12 Favorite Porn Stars (thus far)

       1. Adam Dexter
The epitome of EVERYTHING I want physically in a man. From head to toe. That handsome, masculine face. That body of his was chiseled by God Himself. His dick isn’t massive, but I’m sure it can get the job done. That ASS OF HIS. His legs are so lean and in shape. I’m nowhere near a “foot-fetish” kind of guy, but that nigga’s toes are even nice. This is my favorite scene of his. Click Here

2. Roman Wright
Where the HELL do I start??? He’s cute, charming, and his scenes ALWAYS make me cum. I love seeing his ass in a jockstrap. I thought he was just a Top but this scene showed me that he can take dick as well (although it wasn’t that big). You can tell he really enjoys rimming because he likes to pull out of an ass and eat it; that’s always hot to me.

3. JC Carter
When it comes to pure, raunchy fucking butt-sex, I go to CJ Carter. The way he fucks is so carnal and sleezy and dirty, it turns me the fuck ON!
If the dictionary had a definition for a Cum-Guzzler, there would be a picture of CJ right next to it. I’ve seen him around a few different porn sites. In this link, CJ has an interracial bear orgy and he steals the show. In this next link, CJ sucks like, 20 dicks at a glory hole, spits their jizz into a container and collects it; then, when everyone is all done, he chugs the container full of cum. He even sucks off one of the camera men. Click Here to watch him in the orgy

4. Race Cooper
Just read my post I Love You, Race Cooper!

5. Keith Barron aka Pleasure (I think)
If I were stuck on an island and could only have one porn scene on my laptop, it would be of Keith and these two bottom guys he fucks on the couch. Click Here to watch the scene. While it may not have all the bells and whistles that I typically look for, it is THE hottest thing for me as far as rimming. Those two bottoms have some delicious bubble-asses and Keith does them justice when he eats them out. It's like, my fantasy to fuck two fem bottoms at the same time...
Granted, the scene is kinda cheesy and even gets dumb at the end, but... And other thing: Keith is just plain cute to me. He’s tall. Thick. LOVES sucking/taking dick, and when I can’t find anything in my spank-bank, Keith is my go-to guy.
(sorry, can't find any decent pics of him. He's kinda an underground star from back in the day) -_-

6. Antonio Biaggi
What? The pics didn’t tell you why I like him? Antonio is just shy of my top 5. And that’s only because he has yet to make me bust when I watch him perform. But, I absolutely LOVE when the camera shows him from behind and those big balls of him are slamming into that bottom. Fucking hot. I just wish he would do more verbally. He just kinda stares off into space... But he’s not “Castro” boring (if you know who Castro is, then you know what I’m talking about).

7. Ty Lattimore
When Ty Lattimore started directing and producing scenes from his own studio ( he did something I have yet to see in a lot of popular sites today: variety. Most importantly: FEATURE THE THICKER NIGGAZ. I love me a nice thickum and Ty has black bears that can Top AND Bottom with the best of em’. I’m not sure if I ever really mentioned this, but I kinda have a “thing” for big guys. Not sloppy fat. I mean... “thick” football player builds, if you will. And not to mention, Ty is cute. Not too hairy. Not too fat. He’s just right. Click Here for a good old fashioned orgy he performed and directed. 

8. Diesel Washington
I know Diesel has a bad reputation among gay porn stars. He comes under a lot of fire because he never does scenes with other blacks (Scott Alexander is the only other black I’ve EVER seen him with; and that’s not saying much...). Nevertheless—Diesel is fucking sexy to me. He’s not afraid to do a little spit action, make a bitch lick his boots or rim him. He’s basically a walking barrel of Testosterone and that, my friends, is HOT to me. Click Here to watch him and Scott Alexander

9. Paris Jackson
He’s a real cutie. And he’s not afraid of getting rough with his bottoms. I’m not sure if he dabbles in being a bottom, but I’d love to see it. Click Here for a scene of him with two white guys (Jay and Max). That little soul-patch of hair on his belly... #Swag

 10. Mario Borelli
That. God. Damned. Ass. Of. His. In. That. God. Damned. Jockstrap. #NuffSaid
Click Here to watch a solo clip of him plus ONE HELLUVA cum shot. 

11. Gene Lamar
He's definitely my favorite old school porn star. Hands down. Bar-none. 
Back when I became a connoisseur of good porn, I saw pics/vids of Gene in all the porn sites of my glory days ( but I didn’t really know who he was. I was oblivious and believed that everyone was either strictly a Top or strictly a bottom. Gene introduced me to the world of Versatility. Although it happens a whole lot, Gene was the first person I ever saw flip Bobby Blake’s tough ass over on his hind-legs and eat him out. *sighs* Gene is retired now and in my opinion, even sexier with the grey hair (see pic below, courtesy of my nigga Immanuel over at

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stand What Ground?

Okay, I tried to keep my mouth shut about this.
But after watching this video clip of Geraldo blaming Trayvon Martin's death on the hoody he was wearing, I had to say something... (click here to watch the Geraldo link)

1. There is HELLA crap going on trying to smear Tray's image. Google a few of them. Some blogs are trying to photoshop pictures and insinuate he was a drug dealer or a gangster.

2. Even with NO evidence of a history of violence, false records have been published of Tray "assaulting" a bus driver.

3. Zimmerman's friend blames Trayvon for "not telling Z he was staying with his parents".

4. Zimmerman made REPEATED calls to the police WHENEVER he saw a black person in his neighborhood.

5. The 911 recording clearly plays Zimmerman calling Trayvon a "coon".

6. I agree with what President Obam said. If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.

7. Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum can SUCK IT for trying to undermine Obama's comment and saying he shouldn't play the "Race card". It's a little too late for that. The "Race card" was played when Zimmerman pulled the trigger.

(I could go on and on about this).

But the fact of the matter is this:
Even if Trayvon was a drug dealing gangster (which he wasn't), even if he had a history of violence (which he doesn't), even if he didn't tell Zimmerman where he was staying (which he didn't have to because Z was just a neighborhood watchman).

-- even if all these factors were true-- it IN NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM-- justifies the killing of an UNARMED 17 year old boy who was PROVOKED to defend himself.

The fact that Trayvon was black almost (mind you, almost) doesn't matter. But I'm not that naive.

I am a black man in America. With a sweet tooth and a hoody jacket--I would have been Trayvon Martin.

Hell. Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea are two of my favorite things to snack on and smuggle into the movie theater.

God forbid I want to get my Midnight Snack on and get gunned down outside of Walgreens because of my hoody.

So yeah, that's my little rant on it.

Zimmerman's only legal standing is the "Stand Your Ground" law where:

A person may use deadly force in self-defense when there is reasonable belief of a threat, without an obligation to retreat first. In some cases, a person may use deadly force in public areas without a duty to retreat. Under these legal concepts, a person is justified in using deadly force in certain situations and the "stand your ground" law would be a defense or immunity to criminal charges and civil suit.

But when you disobey orders from the police to stay in your vehicle, you follow an innocent teenager and provoke a fight with deadly consequences--how the HELL does that justify a "Stand Your Ground" situation? 

So I pose this question to congress, Zimmerman, and everyone else who blames Trayvon's death on his "hoody"

...Stand WHAT Ground? 


(in my next post: my top 12 favorite porn stars)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Paramus, New Jersey...

After a LONG ASS 12 hour drive, Rob and I finally made it to this maze of a town called Paramus, NJ. He had some stupid "African-American Investors" conference and got a chance to "rub elbows" and network with some bigwigs around the East Coast. At first I wasn't going to come, but Rob twisted my arm when he mentioned "Nordstroms, Lord & Taylor, Gucci AND a Ralph Lauren's outlet". (mind you, his ass is STILL making up for that bullshit he pulled a few weeks ago).

So I told my group at school to meet up without me and email the details of the project, and I hopped my black ass in Rob's truck.

Around the 6 hour mark, I woke up to Rob pulling into one of those seedy looking truck stops to refill on gass and blah blah blah. I woke up with one HELLUVA woody and Rob didn't make it no better. I was wearing sweat pants and he saw my dick sticking up. He grabbed down my pants and started jerking my dick. He tongued me down and told me to meet him in the bathroom after the gas was done pumping.

Things could've gotten XXX real fast but OF COURSE some asshole flooded the damn Men's bathroom and ended my "Dirty raunchy fuck at a truck stop" fantasy. Womp Womp. Womp.

We drove a little further up the highway and finished what we started. He sucked my dick so fucking good. This nigga had my back against the stall, put one of legs over his shoulder and made my dick DISAPPEAR in his mouth. I LOVE it when he gets all rough and TAKES it from me.

My mouth was drooling; I wanted to get down and give his dick "the what's for" but he wouldn't let me. And all that did was make me want it more. But I'm learning that when he makes me wait for it, it's all the more intense and passionate because he makes a nigga CRAVE it. *sighs*

And here we are.

It was so funny, when Rob checked us in at the counter.

The chick was like ", two beds, or..."
Me: -_-
Rob: "No. One bed. Two keys."
Me: "yeah, cuz if this negro acts up, he'll be on this couch out here (in the lobby)".
[insert awkward laugh here]
Rob did this sexy lil grin/laugh thing that he does. I finished checking us in while he got the bags...

*sighs* I love it when he gets all... dominant like that...

Needless to say, that SO turned me the FUCK on. -_-

Plus, in this new city where nobody know us, we can FINALLY go out without having to "cover our tracks" and rendevouz like two russian spies...

We heard of this gay club in Newark, NJ called "Club 248". It's only a 20-30 min drive from our hotel but the club is 18+ and that pretty much means I can't go. I'm 21 going on 40 and my patience is too short. :/

So, when Rob gets back from his conference, if he hasn't found something to do, we'll just kick it here.

When all else fails, we can go see Hunger Games (which I've been DYING to see).

And ultimately, I'm getting me some tonight. ;) so whatever...

*starts doing the dougie*

And yeah, I realize I'm babbling. But I'm bored, horny, and felt like blogging, so...
Any of ya'll out there ever been to Paramus, NJ? Live in or nearby? Hmu!