Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hoe Season!

So, it's Hoe Season, my favorite time of the year.

Idk if it's the heat, or what, but a nigga has been like, EXTRA horny lately. So much in fact that I recanted my statements regarding the superficiality of dating apps, because dick.

I met this reallllly cute ass fem nigga on Jack'D.

He's like 5'7", light skinned, medium-length hair, 6.5 dick and as thoroughbred ass on him!

We talked briefly when I had my first Jack'D profile but I deleted it back in like January of this year, and lost contact with him.

I live in a small town and, a few weeks ago, ended up running into him at Dollar General. We totally recognized one another, but didn't say anything.

He was looking RIGHT and I decided there and then that I would be giving him the BUSINESS next time fate causes our paths to cross.

I made a new Jack'D account last weekend and, lo and behold, this nigga slid right on into my DM.

He said he saw me at the store and was going to say something to me but didn't know how I would take it. I told him yeah he def could've.

Long story short, we met up at my place. Played a few rounds of Mortal Kombat, and then proceeded to my bedroom.

Did I mention that he's a fem top? Now, I know that may not be everybody's cup of tea, but those who've been reading me for years knows that I have a weakness for fem boys. AND he had some good dick!

I finally found me a nigga to THOT with all summer, so let the fun begin!

How's your summer been so far?

Stay tuned, ya'll, I'm making a Twitter for this blog soon! <3 nbsp="" p="">-------------------------
Music, you say?
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