Monday, April 26, 2010

Gay Guys or Gay Girls? Who has it easier?

I had a conversation with my bestie the other day and we were debating who had it "easier": gay men or gay women? The debates was based on who society accepts more. I say that Women are much more accepted as lesbians than men will EVER be as gay. I think that Gay Marriage wouldn't be such an issue if only WOMEN were doing it. But, that's just my opinion. I want to get your opinion before I give my rebuttal. Thanks! (Enjoy the random pics; incentive much?)


  1. Of course gay women would have it way better when it comes to the general acceptation, but not necessarily for the good reasons. We often hear about how women are more emotional than men, that for them having sex is just one step ahead for even straight women are touching each other, holding hands and kissing each other, and that could be a good argument if the truth was not so evident: the main reason why lesbians are more accepted in our society comes from the fantasy for men to have sex wih two girls. And since men are way more likely to be loud mouthed about their opinions than women, that their opinions are more likely to be conservative (read "close minded"), that straight men find two men having sex quite as unappealing as the idea of anybody's own parents having sex, but would kill their own kids if they could shag two hot girls, adding it to the fact that close minded men don't see women as their equals already but rather as sexual objects, then of course they'll be wide opened for lesbians, especially if they make a show out of their sex life the way one can see in almost every straight pornos.

  2. That's ABSOLUTELY the way I feel about it. Society views two women as "more masculine" and two men as "more feminine", see the dichotomy? This society is so backwards; in other countries, homosexuality is revered and honored as one of the highest forms of love. Its THIS country that has everything twisted. I also agree that many women are oftentimes "doing each-other" in straight porn, and it's labeled as such. HOW CAN A WOMAN TAKE A MAN AND ANOTHER WOMAN AT THE SAME TIME AND IT'S NOT CONSIDERED BI-PORN????? It confuses me! But, because "straight" men are the target audience, it's considered "straight". And for the record, not every male porn star is fully "straight" (look at Bam for example, he crosses both lines and does WAAAYYY better in gay porn if you ask me). I can go on and on. Another one for the record, I watch straight porn specifically for the viewing pleasure of HARD DICK AND CUTE NEGROEZ!!! (yes, the 'Z' is appropriate). See my pic post on Straight Porn Actors for my top favz!