Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Slice #2 (PUSHED out of the closet)

I had my first real boyfriend when I was 17. He was 22; a DJ at a strip club downtown in my hometown. We met online and hit it off really well so we decided to see what happens. Turns out, we took each other’s V-Card (we both hadn’t ever had sex with another guy). After realizing the sex was amazing, we decided to make things a bit more solid between us so we decided to be an official “couple”. We dated for nearly all of my senior year. Until this happened…

IDK Y, but my asthmatic self thought it’d be cool to pick up a habit of smoking Black and Mild’s. It landed me in the hospital on a respirator. While I was on the respirator, my dad got wind that I was “hanging with fags at school” (which was a LIE!). So, while I’m under full anesthesia and had no idea what I was saying, my dad asks me “son, are you gay?” and not only did I tell him yes, I gave him painfully vivid details of every relationship/sexual encounter. (mind you, I don’t remember any of this, this is what everyone tells me I said while I was still “under”).

I remember waking up in ICU, and none of my family was there. No balloons, no Get-Well-Soon cards; nothing. It hurt me so much because I had no idea what went wrong until my dad called me on the phone and says to me: “you have two days to get your shit out of my house”. I’m crying and coughing and whatnot; a friend of mine came to see me and I couldn’t tell her what just went down because then she’d know that I was gay and I didn’t want her to know, so she left and said I was being cold towards her (we worked it out though). Not only that, but my dad went through my phone and called my bf and threatened to kill him. It was a huge mess.

So there I am, 17 years young—nowhere to go. Funny thing, I always thought my family wouldn’t care too much about me coming out—and they didn’t. But they never opened their doors up to me because they were too afraid of my dad coming through and causing a scene and possibly killing me. (btw, my dad is an ex GD from Chicago, so he’s like a mega-thug). I had no food, no money, no shelter, no bf anymore—I had to drop out of my senior year of highs cool because I couldn’t even go to school without my dad finding me there and stirring up trouble. I was on the principal’s list, graduating early and with honors, and well on my way to becoming a Technology Major on a full scholarship. I HAD TO DROP IT ALL BECAUSE OF THE DRAMA MY DAD AND I WENT THROUGH.

But every cloud has a silver lining…
(Stay tuned for more folks!)


  1. Wow! Talk about leaving us on the edge of our seats!

  2. DAMN! That's one of the worst stories I've heard about a parent sabatoging a childs' future.

  3. Am so sorry dude. That is very sad. But you will find your way around. I'll stay attuned.

  4. Aquí el traductor en linea ha sido más confuso, quizás tu inglés ha sido menos académico; una historia... fuerte; un hombre de carácter tu padre. Estoy intrigado de cómo acabaste el curso, todo por la borda en el último instante.