Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Previous 4 Days Of My Life!

SATURDAY, APRIL 30-- My Uncle passed away earlier in the week. I never got a chance to meet him. He's my Grandfather's oldest brother. Growing up, I heard all these fabulous stories about him and how he used to be a Body Builder and a Physical Trainer and whatnot. So I always wanted to meet him but he had gotten sick within the last few years and with me on my own shit, we never got the chance to meet. This past Friday, his funeral was held in Chicago. I felt like I owed it to him to at least pay my last respects, so I rode down there with an uncle of mine.

"It Don't Cost Very Much" by Mahalia Jackson came on Sirius Radio. She's my favorite gospel-singer of all time. My gift to you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmv3QzdTShE

Okay, I know funerals are supposed to be sad, and it was. But DAYUMN! One of the Funeral Home Attendants was this tall, dark and PHINE ASS black dude. He had this MidWest Chicago accent that kept turning me on! I kept telling myself

"Self: this is your Uncle's funeral, not a dating service..." and on top of that, although dude had me ready to take him in the back, he was a Funeral Director nonetheless, and had automatically became a Creeper in my mind. But, eh, at least I had some Eye-Candy for my troubles...

(Later on that night) all of us older cousins went out to the bar to celebrate my cousin Jessica's graduation! Yeah, my girl did her thing! Graduated from WMU with a Double-Major and I couldn't be any prouder of her! One of her friends named Stephanie came out to hang as well and she said she was bringing some friends with her.

One of those friends name is... We'll came him J. Now, J is Bi-Racial (black and white). And he's short (about 5'2") light skinned, and he has these piercing blue eyes that can see through you fucking SOUL! And although he looks like a cute lil Milano cookie, it's his personality that really got me. Not only were we eye-fucking eachother all night long, but the more we looked at eachother, we realized

"Hey, I know you from somewhere!" Turns out, this cute lil mofo is one of the Clerks at the Bookstore on Campus! *sighs* this must be written in the stars, right?... We had done very light flirting with eachother in passing, nothing serious. But at least now we knew what common-ground we had, you know?

SUNDAY, MAY 1ST -- I drag all 204 pounds of my hungover ass to Church! What? You must not know I came up Southern Baptist? Ain't no shame in my game. Rain or Shine, drunk or sober, you will see my happy ass on the front row Sunday Morning. Not because I feel guilty or even because I'm a total church-boy. It's because I love God, flat out. And whenever I do end up missing church, He doesn't let me forget about it. Only my church-boys/men know what I mean when I say that!

MONDAY, MAY 2ND-- they admitted my black ass into the hospital! I have asthma like you wouldn't believe. Because of the high pollen rising, they wanted to keep me overnight and observe my lung-function. So, Monday was a complete drag... and not just because RuPaul's Drag Race Reunion came on... ;)  (Alexis Mateo should've won!)

TUESDAY, MAY 3RD (today)-- Because of the Kunta Kente in me, of course I wait until the LAST FUCKING MINUTE to get my books for the Summer Semester. But, it was all good because the first person I see when I walk in is *drumroll* J!!!!! Yay!!!!!!

He was like "Hey! Good to see you again man!" (okay, I know that sounds really regular, but damn, when you find a new Crush, everything they do is cute). While he helped me find my books, I made sure he caught me staring at his juicy ass... 

While checking out at the front desk, we exchange numbers and Facebooks. 

As I'm walking out, he comes running his phine lil short ass from around the desk and was like "Hey! We oughta do something for Cinco De Mayo". "You're absolutely right, we sure do. I'll think of something" I said as I winked back to him. 

I tried to play it all cool but on the inside I"m like (!!!!!!!!!!!) man, I want to fuck this dude until 2012! 

So, stay tuned for more of that. 

On a few other notes, um... Been getting quite a few emails from people and even new fans! To all the newbies, I say: welcome, make yourself at home! There's porn and lube in the back, just clean up after yourselves! 

To my regulars: ya'll already know I love yallz!

(Sidenote: on our way to Chicago, we passed by a few exits with those friggin' XXX, SMUT, ADULT-DVD WAREHOUSE things. And you know I wrote down the addresses, write? lmao! And they're only like 30-45 mins out from my house... hmmm....)

Still no internet but since you all have been some troopers with me, enjoy tonight's pics! I had to go "in the vault" and dig up some old ones, but these are all Masturbation-Approved by me personally! ;) 

(excuse any typos, I'm kinda lazy today and don't feel like editing)



  1. LoL...dude. I can totally relate to the funeral experience. I'm always finding fine ass dudes during the most inappropiate times. Like in the ICU at my job, there is this dude that comes and visits his grandmother that gets my attention every time. Muhfucka walks in looking like Amare Stoudemire!

  2. When I read this post, and the description of the guy I was like, is this someone whose met me, cause I look exactly like lil dude's descript lol. Wonderful blog man, and thank you for adding mine to the blogroll, Booty World Heaven!XOXO