Saturday, May 4, 2013

Songs That Make You Cry

I'm working on this assignment for my Psychology class and I need your help.

The assignment is to survey at least 20 people and ask them if they've ever cried or gotten emotional while singing or listening to a song.

For example, some of my tearjerk songs that ALWAYS get me crying thug nigga tears, are:

Dance With My Father Again (Luther Vandross)

Halo -- (Beyonce, acoustic version)

Hallelujah -- (Gin Wigmore, best version)

Hallelujah -- (the Leonard Cohen version performed by Alexandria Burke on X-Factor)

I Miss You -- (Aaliyah, the tribute video version)

Hey Mama -- (Kanye West performed this in front of his mother on Oprah one year)

Cosmic Love -- (Florence + The Machine)

The Power of Love -- (Celine Dion)

1 + 1 -- (Beyonce)

Do you have any "Tearjerk" songs?

Leave a comment and let me know!

Enjoy the pics



  1. Mariah Carey..."We Belong Together"....this song reminds me of my my first love. It was on the charts when we broke up. Still touches my heart every time I hear it. Your Raleigh Brotha.

  2. Number 1= "Scars on my Knees" Esther Phillips"
    Number 2= "Deja vu I've been here before " Tina Marie
    Number 3= "All Night Long" Randy Crawford.
    Number 4= Please send me someone to love" Percy Mayfield 1957
    Number 5= I'm Watching and Waiting"Rodessa Barrett Porter
    Very Good Post! Thanks

  3. Pieces of a Man by Gil Scott-Heron
    Don't Explain by Billie Holiday
    Let My People Go by Diamanda Galas
    Remember My Forgotten Man by Busby Berkeley

  4. @Anonymous -- awwww I agree. I can remember the summer vividly when this came out. It's a classic!

    @JazzLover-- thanks for the list! I'm gonna check them out :)

    @GayteKeeper-- Do tell!

    @John G-- thanks man, I'm gonna take a listen to all the songs ya'll listed for me!


  5. Just discovered your blog. Love this topic
    1) Earth, Wind and Fire "After the Love is Gone"
    2) Rose Royce "Wishing on a Star"
    3)Mariah Carey " Breakdown"
    4) Anita Baker " I Apologize."
    5) Patti Labelle "Somebody Loves You."