Friday, September 12, 2014

Life After College

So...On the 22nd of this month, I will have completed the final course in my BA program and become a c/o 2014 graduate!

I've never not been a student. Straight from high school in 2008, after dicking around a community college for 2.5, I decided to start taking my academics seriously so I switched to a private university and entered the program for my major in 2012. 

Fast-forward to today' date. The man I was back in 2008 is completely different from the one writing this very blog post. Not just academically. 

I've matured. Though I've got the love life of a trashy romance novel, the many times I've fallen in and out of love--has made me a better lover. 

I can now surrender myself to someone without losing "me" in the process. 

Taking care of my grandmother after she got sick, it has taught me that true love is selfless, unconditional, enduring, crazy at times, but always worth it. 

I've realized that you only treat people as good as you think their value is.  

I've gotten to know God on a level so personal that His love is what sustains me on those...quiet, restless nights where loneliness and confusion threaten to swallow me whole. 

Maliika has taught me the healing power of friendship. You might remember her from the A Broken Hallelujah (click here) post. 

I've learned not to measure myself by someone else's ruler. 

I want to take this growth with me as I move out into the real world. I want to look back at 2012, the most trying year of my adult life, and remind myself of how strong I was in the weakest of moments. 

I want to BE somebody, damn it! 

At the same time, I also don't want to move too fast. I'm ready to leave my hometown, but not until I'm supposed to. Wherever the wind blows, I'll try my damndest to trust the process. 

It kinda feels like my entire life, up to this point, has been on "pause". 

I don't know what music I'll hear when I finally press "play". But whatever the song...God, me, and you fine folk, will sing it together. 

*whew* I cried all through writing this post. I feel so much better. 

...any tips? How did you adjust to life after college?
The music I played while writing this post: 

On the Ocean -- by K'Jon

Irons in the Fire -- Teena Marie

Never See Me Again -- Alicia Keys

All My Life -- KC and JoJo
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  1. Congratulations on Graduation! You will love life after college. It will be nice not to be so broke. I know God will lead you in the right direction! Take care and Love you man.

  2. Between undergrad and grad I worked the summer and didn't take a real break. But after grad school I took 3 months to just relax, reconnect before really diving into the job search. So I definitely say: TAKE A BREAK.

    Congrats on the degree!

  3. Congratulations Cogito! Damn. Where does the time go??? It has been a privilege to read your writing as you become the man you will be. Best of luck and keep us along for the ride as long as you can stand it. Werd.

  4. @Immanuel-- Lord knows being broke ain't no joke! Thanks man, love you too :)
    @NKF-- Wise words. I think I'm gonna spend my "break" by doing job hunting, sending resume's and portfolios, etc.
    @Flowers-- <3 oh, the love I have for you, Flowers...
    @DJ thanks man!

  5. Congrats on Graduating. I wish you the best in all of your Endeavours. You will do great things.