Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Satiate the Beast

How much have you changed since your first time having sex?

At 15, when I began my sexual pursuits:
I used to only be attracted to light skin dudes.
I thought I was just a bottom.
I thought I'd never be into any race other than black or other colored ethnicities.
Hell, I wasn't even using lube to jack off yet!

Before the fleshlights, before the male G-spot toys, before this very blog, I was just a newbie.
I was an unassuming rookie who could still learn a thing or two about sex in general.

That seems like a lifetime ago. The savage beast inside me has since been awakened and
BABY, lemme tell you--it is roaring hella loud.

There's levels to this shit. From the naive mindset of my teenage years, up to this very moment as an adult, I now realize the sexual fluidity (no pun intended) in terms of fucking.

In specific, my taste in Porn is very fickle.
One night, all I want to see is a decent BreedItRaw flick
Another night, I want to see nothing but Treasure Island Media
On another night, I have a taste for a spicy Latin/Puerto Rican dude
The list goes on and on. Is that weird?

How has your sexuality evolved since you took the training wheels off?
Music, you say? How 'bout a lil' of my girl Lady T?

Behind the Groove -- Teena Marie
Miracles Need Wings to Fly -- Teena Marie
Yes, Indeed -- Teena Marie


  1. WOW great post...My sexual level has increased and I seek to new things to try. From just the basics I've gotten into role play, spanking, cum control, and I've tried watersports...but that's another story for another day

  2. @ BMN -- Thanks! I'd love to hear more about your escapades and maybe write about it! Hit me up capricornaries@hotmail.com

  3. like the first pic :) I am a white dude who loves to lick black assholes..it looks tasty!