Monday, January 19, 2015

Skky Black is a Baaaaad Bitch!

A couple months back, I had a hankering for some good ol' fashioned Rock the Icon vids on PornHub. 

In what is now my favorite scene of his, he catches Skky Black (see below), in the shower, playing with herself. He comes into the shower and they do the do. Skky Black is my favorite female porn star, hands down. 

Watching Skky play with herself turned me on like never before. Her pussy just looked so...juicy. Sweet, even. Plus, her tits was looking RIGHT, and she's just an overall bad bitch in general. I can't find that original link but here goes an equally hot scene with them together (click here). 

Before long, my mind began to wander into the unexplored trenches of my inner freak. 

I imagined that, when Rock came into the bathroom, he caught me eating her out on the side of the tub. From there, Skky and I tag-team his dick. He hits me from the back while I'm eating her from the back, face down ass up. We take it to the bedroom and finish what we started. Ending with us both cumming on her chest. 

Everything about the fantasy was just and exciting. I'd revisit the fantasy once or twice a week. Each time, Rock the Icon's presence becomes less and less. 

Eventually, my fantasy evolved into one where its just Skky and I. Me eating her out, 69-ing, fucking her with a vibrator, her doing me...

And now, I'm seriously considering indulging my curiosities with a female. I wanna know what it's like to have sex with a woman. If and when that does happen, I would be upfront and tell her what it is I'm doing. I've had several propositions from chicks in the past, but, of course, never acted upon it. 

Idk wtf I may be getting myself into. But the next time a woman makes a pass at me, I just might go ahead and see what all the hype is about! 

Stay tuned! (and welcome to 2015. It's only been 20 days in this new year and I've ALREADY had to cut a few bitches off! smh.). 
Excuse any typos. 
Music, you say? (I just discovered FKA Twigs a week ago and I'm in LOVE! A lil weird at first, but...). 

Pendulum -- FKA Twigs
Hide -- FKA Twigs
Enjoy the pics! Skky Black is a baaaaaaad bitch, yo! 


  1. Go fuck a bitch and get your dick wet and up in there Cogito. Women are out there looking for that good pipe if you got it. Been there.

  2. Damn I'd like to try that. I've been with a woman before and It was exhilirating, but that's how I figured I was gay afterwards