Thursday, August 13, 2015

Milan Christopher

This motherfucker right here though...

So Milan Christopher (MC) will be on this upcoming season of Love and Hip Hop as part of the first openly gay black male couple to be featured on a reality television series. I usually don't fuck with reality shows (or TV in general) because I'm always on Netflix and Youtube, and also because, other than the Food Network, nothing else interesting is EVER on.

But this fine ass nigga right here just might convince me to suffer through the bullshit of Love and Hip Hop, if only for the eye candy alone!

Hope ya'll enjoy as much as I do! He's SOOOOO in the Spank Bank! :)
I'm not entirely sober right now, btw.
Music, you say?
Co-Pilot to Pilot -- Teena Marie
I Can't Love Anymore --- Teena Marie
Enjoy the pics!
Stay tuned for my latest youtube vid!



  1. I'm not really into reality tv shows but if it is good Gay Black Representation I may give it a try

  2. Oh, shit. That is him in the pics??? Just watched his "Burning Up" vid on youtube. Looks better than he sings, but I am still crushing HARD on the man. NIce work. Hope you are well!