Saturday, July 23, 2016

Niggas' Revenge

In 2001, two LEGENDARY black gay porn stars (and power couple at one point) Bobby Blake and Flex-Deon Blake star in an infamous interracial fetish porno titled "Niggas Revenge," in which

Three skinheads yell racial slurs at a triumvirate of black men who then proceed to lock the skinheads in cages, piss and spit on them, beat them up, and sexually degrade and violate them. To check out the full description click here

To each, his own. That's wayyyy more hardcore than I'm into.

However, I do enjoy a good interracial porn scene. Even white-on-white porn. Hell, I've posted before about my 3 favorite white gay porn stars.

White folk, we have to talk. Because I've been so abhorred by the bullshit lately to the point where I can't even watch interracial porn anymore. The other day, I was in the mood and a this one vid with a white top/black bottom on Xtube caught my eye.

A few minutes into the video, I realized that I wasn't really able to concentrate watching it. I'd get a few good strokes in, then start drifting off in my mind about things far removed from anything remotely sexual or pornographic.

I just wasn't turned on, but didn't know why.

Then it hit me. As I watched the black sub on his knees servicing his white master, I suddenly realized what my problem was:

I realized I was borderline disgusted at the fact that a black man in 2016 was somewhere on his knees literally sucking a WHITE MAN'S dick.

I was completely turned off. And have been that way ever since.
I know it may sound kinda weird, but I just...can't right now.
Music, you say?
Kiss it Better -- Rihanna
Fuck for Free -- Drake
Hey There -- Dej Loaf ft. Future
(excuse any typos, I'm high af)
Enjoy the pics!


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  2. What's up Cogito, baby? Long times and busy days! Hope you are doing well. I know how you feel about the "white people" thing, and trust . . . As a fucking whitey myself, I am beyond appalled and embarrassed by a lot of the shit that goes down. Please just remember that the actions of a few (OK, well honestly a FEW DOZEN minimum) do not represent the whole. Don't get me wrong, there is no shortage of white fuckheads in this world, but many feel just as strongly as you do, me included. Hope you are able to work a load out to a nice interracial fuck scene again soon. Take care!