Tuesday, May 25, 2010

To all my followers (slice #1)

Let me begin by saying that I loooovvveee all of you guys (and few girls). I want to know you all better. So, following every post from now on, I'm going to give you all a slice of my life. And I'll be looking forward to comments!

So, here's my first slice:

I'm an avid poet. I have plenty youtube vids of my work online and when I gain the courage to disclose my identity, I'll definitely post links on here. I love words; I love grammar; I love punctuation. The English language is despised in some countries because of its "bastard-like" mending of many different languages. However, the slang, the inverted grammar, double-negatives, double-entendres, etc. I loovee it! I'm an English major, and I must say that it's my passion. Sure, I freelance and ignore all rules of punctuation and grammar in my blog (because I'm lazy), but my papers are grammatically and mechanically immaculate.

And here's a few pics just for you reading!


  1. I love writing too! Thanks for following my blog man and giving all the encouragement. And I love your photos! Hot.

  2. Thanks Immanuel. Thanks for following mine too! I hope not to disappoint ;)

  3. Yo no hablo inglés, pero gracias al traductor del explorer yo te he entendido todo, señal de que habrás escrito perfectamente. El "I loooovvveee" es tentendible.