Friday, September 9, 2011

Good Riddance!

Thank the good Lord above that Tuesday came and left with Collette! Rob put her lil ass back on the first thing flying back out West. 

Good Riddance.

After I left the BBQ like I did, I really felt like I needed to just chill and center my thoughts. I was really freaked out by the whole situation. And now that I look back on it all, I certainly could have handled things a lot better. But I would like to say thanks to all my bloggers with your emails/comments with advice because it really did help me out (I luv u guyz n galz!).

That all happened on a Friday. By Monday Afternoon, Rob was banging on my door and let me have it! (not the good kind of “it” either). He was HELLA upset at me only answering his texts and not his phone calls, and for giving him the runaround.

I just didn’t want to mess anything up. From what I knew, I was Rob’s first boyfriend and I didn’t want to come in between the close relationship between him and his mom.

After a good 10 minutes of him yelling at me (which, as you ought to know by now, only turned me on), I finally broke it down to him.

Me: ...I think she’s onto us...

Rob: ???

Me: (I filled him in on the whole Kitchen scene).

Rob: why couldn’t you just say this in the first place?

Me: well, how was I supposed to come to you with something like this?

--awkward silence—

Rob: I know my mom can be kinda pushy sometimes...

Me: “pushy”? Did you NOT hear a word I just said? I pretty much told your mom that I’m getting boned by her son! Why the hell is everybody acting so fucking NORMAL?

(as I proceeded to cuss his ass out, he interrupted me)

Rob: this is exactly why Stephanie and I broke up.

Me: ??

(if you’ve been following our soap opera: some hoe named Stephanie was Rob’s fiancé at one point).

Rob: what should’ve been the happiest times of my life was actually the most confusing.

(Turns out, a few weeks before the wedding, Rob still had these buried, suppressed homosexual feelings that bubbled over to the surface. See, it’s always been Rob, his two other siblings, and their mom for as long as Rob could remember. So they had a very close Son/Mother relationship. When all this hit the fan, he told his mom why he couldn’t go through with the engagement. Stephanie could somehow feel the distance between her and her hubby-to-be and when she confronted him about it, he gave her some Donnell Jones “where I wanna be” type of excuse. That was back in 2004. And the rest is history).

And once he filled me in on this, I blew the FUCK UP. Um, how could you NOT tell me that your mom already knew about you being into guys? I could have really used a heads up or something. 

You know, somewhere in the 2 WEEKS you knew she was coming: “Oh, btw, I came out to my mom a long time ago”.

*sighs* he made me look like such a fucking IDIOT. So yeah, I’m pretty pissed off at Rob but I guess I’ll get over it eventually. He definitely just lost a few Gold Stars though...

I mean, damn. No wonder Collette was acting so regular; she thought I knew that she knew... 

I hadn't talked to Collette since the BBQ and I thought to give her a call and clear the air, but I still don't know... 

I'm sorry. My pride is not easily disturbed. But when it is, it takes a while before my Pissed-Levels lowers. 

I guess I can't blame Rob for everything though; I could have handled the situation better... 


Good Riddance, by Green Day, my gift to you:

You Sent Me Flying, by Amy Winehouse (R.I.P.). My other gift to you:

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  1. I promise I knew something like this was behind her shenanigans in the kitchen. She really could have just told you, but like you said she probably thought you knew.

    But don't be mad at Rob man. Just because his mother knows, doesn't mean he is comfortable with sharing that part of his life with her.

  2. Damn. Sounds like it was supposed to be a fun party and ended up as the 'ole EPIC FAIL! He for fucking sure should have introduced you to his Mom and let her/you know what's up. That is some weak shit. You for sure should have tracked his ass down before you split. Still, seems like you 2 dig each other, so maybe you can work it the hell out! Hope the rest of your life is kicking ass. That pic of the guy in the green 2xist briefs is the shit! Sexy. You got more of him?

  3. @Trey-- yeah, yeah... I'ma let that nigga off the hook... You know i called myself tryna put his ass on "lockdown" from gettin some? Yeah, EPIC FAIL. It lasted up until like, earlier this morning. smh!

    @Flowers-- I'm not quite sure whose ass is being kicked these day! Lol, but yeah, I do have more of dude in that 2xist. Isn't he just delicious? Wait'll you see the other pics!