Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Kryptonite...

Earlier today, I was babysitting my nephew. He's adorable. Around 1 and a half years old. He's learning how to say words now. "Mama" and "Stop" are the most complex words in his vocabulary, but he's working on expanding that. In his efforts to do so, my younger brother (his dad) has been teaching him a few new words... What kind of words, you ask? Curse words.

Of course I don't approve of this, but he's not my son, just my nephew. And I know my boundaries. But I've warned both of them of one thing: should I EVER hear my nephew cursing, I'm going WWIII on him. It's disrespectful to use such language in front of adults. I still don't curse around the adults that I grew up around.

All of that to say...

I caught my nephew trying to plug in the lamp in the living room, and I almost lost it.

*Gasp* RJ, get away from there, RIGHT NOW!!!
RJ: aw, shit! (at least, that's what I thought I heard him say).

Me: Come here.

He inched closer and closer to me until he got close enough to my face.

And then, just as I'm about to spank him...

He plants a kiss right on my cheek!

Suddenly, I wasn't pissed anymore.

Then he says to me: Unc-Unc!

And my heart melts...

Then I realize: Rob does the same thing! When he knows I'm pissed at him, or am about to start something, he plants a wet one right on my lips and the rest is history...


I love those guys...
Music, you say?

Rumor Has It -- Adele

Kryptonite -- 3 Doors Down

Red Light Special -- TLC

Nice And Slow -- Usher


BTW, on my next post, I'm doing a Top 10 (or 20) of the best Gay Porn Stars in the industry. Now, these will just be my opinion, but you can have your say-so on the list. Email me who you'd like to see on there. If you give me a name that I don't already have, I'll add em to the list and give a review of them...

Enjoy the pics!
(that very first pic got a nigga on BRICK HARD).



  1. Even the baby know how to work you? L(O)L!

  2. So nice blog :)
    I have this ones and
    do you want to xvhange link?
    Big Hugs
    Pedro ;)