Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Green with Envy...

So, I had to preach earlier tonight and my main squeeze, the apple of my eye, Me Cherie Amor, my man-- Rob, came in to hear me speak. Now, you have to understand that when I'm in church, I'm a fish in water. I am a church boy if there ever were one. And he finally got a chance to see what all the hub-ub was about. Back when I was still uncomfortable being a gay, closeted minister, this whole "boyfriend came to hear me preach" thing would've had me HELLA uncomfortable.

But with Rob, its different. He makes me feel absolutely accepted, flaws and all. I guess i can't articulate it. It feels too right to be wrong, ya know?

After church was over, I met up with a few other youth leaders at Steak N' Shake. Rob texted me to bring him something back. I already knew what he wanted so I didn't text back. Idk wtf he thought was up because the next thing I know, I look up and see this nigga pulling into the parking lot.

"Daaaaammmnnnn, wtf???" I say to myself.
This nigga walks up to the counter and just glares over at where we were sitting. Thank God nobody else saw his crazy ass...
they didn't know, but they sat in the middle of a WWIII text-messaging battle.

If I had the battery life (I'm typing this via my phone), I would give yall the script. But the gist of it is: jealosy is one hell of a drug...

He thought I went out to eat with Omar. Now, Omar is a PK (Pastor's Kid), with enough sugar in his tank to make kool-aid. Rob knows I have this "thing" for fem guys (idky). And Omar doesn't know that I know that he has an xtube profile, but Rob knows because I told him.
I said all that to say: Rob assumed I was hemmed up with Omar somewhere n came to the restaurant to see if my grown, adult ass was lying.
idk if yall remember the post, but he did the same kinda ish back on Halloween. I thought it was cute back then so instead of checking his ass about it, I gave home some "good-good" to shut him up.
But damn though, not only am I a cheater, but a STUPID cheater? Wtf i look like?

I'm over it.
What is this, 9th grade?

('scuse the typos, I'm textn from my phone).


  1. Whoa, y'all still have Steak and Shakes? Where you at? Used to love that place.

    On a serious tip. Watch real jealous dudes like that. That's a situation that can slip into obsession and abuse before you know it.


  2. Jealous guys bum me out. Do I think you maybe need someone closer to your age? Maybe. I know you've brought it up before. Looks like a bump in the road, though, honestly. You're outgoing and charismatic. He's a former closet case, oh sorry! DL who doesn't seem that comfortable in his own skin. My two cents, downgraded for inflation! Hope it works out. I know he (mostly) makes you happy.

  3. @Immanuel-- so true. I could see if i was acting guilty or had something to hide. Smh. Its like he just FINDS stuff to argue about. -_-

    @Flowers-- you'd think dating an older guy would eliminate all the pettiness, but no...


  4. Get rid of him. It turns into abuse, verbal and physical. Then threats of suicide. Then comes a restraining order. Truest story ever told. I lived it for three years. Outed me twice and then my kid's mom found the order of protection because it's public record. Whew! Oh. His name is Rob as well.

  5. @Anonymous--OMG, thats crazy idk WHAT I would've done in a situation like that... Could you "see it coming" or just suddenly wake up next to a fuckin psycho like it did? (And what's up w crazy mofofs named Rob??)

    (sn: GOOD GOLLY!!! The model w all that ass in the wallpaper of this blog, his name is Jamel Jamero and he can GET IT. No trivia at all. Just where, when, and who fucks who first?). #FunnyButHellaSerious

  6. Are you still with him? Can I get the link to Omar's x-tube account?

  7. I should've seen it coming, but he was just obsessed with me. I feel that after a while, his pleasure came from abusing me. When I left, I guess, his strange obsession also walked out the door and he snapped. It took me a while to get over someone hurting me like that. He's just a messy queen named Rob. Lol.