Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving, thanks for giving a damn...

Hey hey hey! I gotta be real quick because I'm on kitchen duty tonight at granny's house. At the last minute, she decided to pull a turkey out of her ass and cook it so those once no-dinner-this-year crap is out the window.


I wanted to wish you and yours a happy thanksgiving holiday.

Mine is gonna suck because my bae can't even be with me :(

I was going to kinda sneak him in by inviting him, with like 4 other friends, to thanksgiving dinner.

But no.

He's flying out west to be with his mom. *sighs* thank God for Skype...

I dropped him off at the airport earlier.

And gee whiz, he broke me off w/some HELLA

"I'm gonna miss you" sex. If I smoked cigarettes, I would've went through a whole pack!

But yeah...

Happy Holidays, drive safe, drink responsibly, and put a plate up for me.

Feel the Fire -- Stephanie Mills

I've Learned To Respect The Power Of Love -- Stephanie Mills

Promise -- Ciara

U Got It Bad -- Usher

Yo (Excuse Me Miss) -- Chris Brown

Enjoy the pics! (I went into my Favorite folder and found ya'll some nuggets to get you through the week).




  1. Yep, yep. Those are some hot pics Cogito! They got better and better as I scrolled down.

    Enjoy your holiday and thanks for keeping us entertained with great writing and nice ass and d_ck pics. Werd.

  2. YASSS!!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours

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