Saturday, January 26, 2013

Do you believe your own lies?

DMX asked a highly underrated question: WHAT DEZE' BITCHES WANT FROM A NIGGA???

Ghee whiz.

When I was a young, naive 14 year old, my cousin and I were practically joined at the hip. She's 4 years older than me so I felt real cool hanging with a high school kid. Somewhere around 16, I started to notice how much of a fucking psycho she is.

She'd do stuff like

Take a shower, get dressed, tells me to do the same b/c we're about to go somewhere. I follow her orders and it turns out, the only "somewhere" we went was her front porch.


Or other stuff like:

Spend all of her money and complain about being broke.

Claiming she was pregnant like, every 4 months or so

stupid stuff like that.

Now that I'm older, I look back and wonder who was crazier? Her for all the outlandish lies, or Me for believing in her like I did.

Either way, a few nights ago, I realized just how much of a fucking lunatic she is.

There I was, minding my own business, playing Skyrim V and listening to Pandora.

When suddenly, a phone call.

She's in another crisis and needs my help.

She tells me that she took out a student loan and her boyfriend stole it from her.

(This seems realistic, right?)

I was following her story right up until she told me how much the loan was for.

According to her (and I quote this Verbatim):

"Well... the loan was for $20,000. I had gave $5,000 to his uncle to build me a house and everything was constructed but the garage. I went to withdrawal some more money to pay him, and they told me my boyfriend came in earlier that day and closed the account out".

I thought I misheard her so I was like

"wait, you mean you OWE $20,000 in student loans?"

Her: "No that's how much my loan was for".

Me: "...okay hold up, let me call you right back. Stay by the phone"...

(I never called her back).

I actually had a big bad attitude towards her because I'm like damn, does she really think I'm that fucking stupid, or does she just believe in her own lies THAT much?


And that's been the story of my new year thus far.

am I wrong for feeling the way I do? I love my cousin to death, Lord knows I do. But I just can't deal with that stupid ish anymore. She still does the same stuff we did when we were teenagers...



  1. Glad you didn't call her back, didn't want to see you on Judge Judy.

  2. I'm glad you didn't call her back. She needs to learn. I must say nice booty eating pic