Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fools Rush In

...So I met this guy...

Let's call him... Steve.

He's 45. 6'4" light skinned, husky build, kinda fem/masculine, out, single, cute, etc.

We've been talking for about two weeks now. We met on A4A

The conversations are mind blowing. I'm really feeling this guy.

He doesn't mind that I'm only 23 because, well, I handle my shit.

He's been out since the age of 18 but he lives a private life. I can appreciate that. Be out, but don't make a fuss of it. And according to him "If someone walks up and asks me if I'm gay, I'll tell them. But if not, then it's always fun to let people guess".

My sentiments exactly.

Granted, there are a few red flags:

1. He lives three hours away in Detroit. We haven't met yet though. Whenever we make plans to meet up, I have to drive up there because he doesn't have a car. -_-

2. I know everyone has their ups and downs. Call me judgemental, but at age 45, I think you should have your shit together by now. No job. No car. Rooming with a friend. Hmmmm....

3. I told him I'm not looking for a rebound. I just got out of a relationship and I'm just trying to find someone to talk to. Yet, he's been pressuring me to have sex. It's not that I don't want to sleep with him, it's just that, well, him pressuring me to do it is a turn off. Like damn. I'm gonna give you the goods when I'M ready. Thirstiness is never cute.

4. I finally understand Beyonce's song Yes (click here) from her Dangerously in Love album. A few nights ago, I was on the phone with him, having some deep conversation. Half way through me telling him about my mom passing away back in 2004, I noticed he kept on trying to steer the conversation onto sexual topics. Come to think of it, he does the same stuff when we're texting...

I ain't no cheap thrill, damn it.
Truth is, I don't have a problem being friends with benefits. But make sure that line is established. Don't just try and sweet talk me just to get in my boxers.

Fools Rush In (Marie Antoinette Soundtrack)

Fools rush in, where wise men never go.
But wise men never fall in love, so how are they to know?
When we met, I felt my life begin.
So open up your heart and let
This fool rush in...

Ain't THAT the truth? Sometimes Love hurts. Of course.

But fuck it.

I have a funny feeling Steve is on games. Because of that, I'm gonna keep my guard up for now. Hell, it's far too early to even think about vulnerability.

At least I'm not rushing into this thing blindfolded.

But I AM rushing in, nonetheless.

I urge everybody to take a chance.
Yes, it's scary b/c it leaves you vulnerable, but at least you TRIED. Don't be like the wise men who were too afraid of falling in love.

It is far too soon to take Steve seriously. But as of right now, I'd like to see where it goes from here...

Enjoy the pics!



  1. Leave that alone. You have soooo much more going for you.

  2. Yeah man, there's red flags all over this shit. First of all, you go on A4A . . . to find a friend?

    You know I am not a prude (and have had my dick in more holes than I care to remember), AND say live and let live, but that's like going to craigslist's "casual encounters" to find a mechanic. Know your message and your platform, maybe?

    Dump him. He wants nothing more for you to drive up there to see him. I don't see a lot of effort, other than trying to get some ass, on his part. Yo Co, you are 21 (or 22?) years old. They should be driving to you. If you like older guys, you like older guys, just find the nice / right one(s).

    Does he work at least??? Doesn't matter, cuz if he has a roommate, he's either lying about their relationship or broke.

  3. @Immanuel -- 'tis true... I was thinking the same thing.

    @Flowers -- I can't even like, you just read me for FILTH! But you're speaking all kinds of truths right now...


  4. IF you decide to go there with him, know what you are getting into.

    I wouldn't bother with him btw.

  5. OK. Think about it this way . . . If you want to get to know the man, get to know the man, but it sounds like you already do.

    Take it as a compliment that he wants to text you up. Why wouldn't he? You're you: cool. smart, good, game, and young.

    You don't need to be driving 3 hours to hope somebody answers the door and his "roommate" isn't home.