Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wobble Wit It

On the rare occasions when I'm able to sneak out of town and kick it with friends, there are always two objectives to complete:

1-- go to the mall, food court, surrounding stores
2-- Get shitfaced. Find a good night club to go to. I'm usually the designated driver. (which, now that I think about it, is probably the reason they always invite me. The bastards...)

I've never been the kind of guy who keeps his back on the wall while everyone else is dancing. I'm also  not that guy who makes an ass of himself but dancing all corny and looking crazy.

Thank God I was raised down south. It was there that I learned all the fun ratchet dances:

Crank Dat Superman (Batman, Aqua Man, crank dat yank) and almost all of the other "crank dats".
I can also 2-step, heal-toe, the dougie, the Tom and Jerry, the Spongebob. All that good stuff.

But nothing gets me to dance quicker than when that damn DJ plays a hip-hop line dance song!

I can do the Cleveland Shuffle, the Chicago Shuffle (depends on which ones), the Detroit Shuffle, the Obama slide.

And a few others that I don't know the name to.

But my favorite one is Wobble Wit It

Check out the video and tell me if you're familiar with it.
No raunchy stuff in this post. I'm up to my neck in homework and plus I might have to preach in the morning... but I wanted to hit ya'll up right quick.

I did, however, find this cute lil chick named Brianna Perry do her Marylin Monroe song. I can't even front. If I had a shred of straightness in me, this bitch could get the KNOCK OUT.

Enjoy the pics!
(Good. Got. Damn. That first pic is EVERYTHING, right?)


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