Sunday, August 11, 2013

Irons in the Fire

I love it when I come across a piece of music that sweeps me away before I know it.

Irons in the Fire by Tina Marie (Click Here)

Played randomly on my Pandora shuffle. At first, I was going to skip it. But I had exceeded the stupid limit they put on how many songs you can skip in an hour or whatever.

As the song began to play, the first thing that caught me was the beautiful prelude.

Next, hearing my newfound girl Tina Marie, that was a refreshing surprise.

The music continued to play.

Before I had realized it, I had paused my Skyrim game and just sat there.

Soaking in the lyrics. (would you judge me if I told you I got a lil lump in my throat too?)


This song is absolutely dreamy...

According to the phrase "Irons in the Fire" is an Idiom for a person who has several things working to their advantage at the same time.

Here are the lyrics:

People say I've got my hands in too many things
Keeping time with paupers just as well as kings
I toss my hat up to the silver sky
And then I sigh
Look at all the blessings in my life
Here I am your Piscean holocaust
Born in Venice Harlem with some sweet and sour sauce
I close my eyes and still somehow I feel
You're here with me
And you are such a blessing in my life
Here I am, I'm just a fragment of my God
Heavenly father, hear me
Sometimes life gets so hard
With you as my desire
Spirit's gonna build me higher
I've got to keep my irons in the fire
Got to keep my irons in the fire
Enjoy the pics!

(do you like the new background pic? I think it's Abso-Fucking-Lutely fabulous, but that's just me...)



  1. I have just rediscovered Her too!! While driving home one night this song came on that even after I got home I sat and listened. I did not know who it was and as soon as I got in I searched and Wow it Was Tina Marie!! " I have Been Here Before" Her Last Album!! Star Child! Fantastic..
    Thanks Man

  2. I've been listening to Teena Marie since high school. Driving to a party, car packed with boys and girls on a hot summer night and Portuguese Love came on and everybody just went quiet. Gone too soon. Coincidentally I was listening to her tonight Cogito so it's funny I run across your blog on the same subject.
    Immanuel at

  3. @Dw-- now I'm listening to "I have been here before" now! Her vocals are sickening! HIGHLY underrated by contemporary artists and listeners...

    @Immanuel-- Portuguese Love is my ish!


  4. Is this a metaphor? What you got going on young man? Fire here and a fire there? Irons in one or another?:D Nice pics of nice dicks and some sweet ass.