Saturday, October 12, 2013

Like a Virgin

Harris was on his second blunt when he texted me on Monday night, asking what I was doing. 

After exchanging a few messages,I told him to give me about an hour and a half so I could get myself together. Nobody likes a dirty bottom. -_-

It had been a while, so I was looking forward to giving his dick the what's-for. 

When I'm on top riding him, he'll play with my nipples, put a finger or two in my mouth, tongue my throat, slap my ass... And then, when I start to take control, he'll pull me down and just...bang bang BANG 

The rougher I get with him, the more aggressive he gets with me. 

Harris also has this thing where he won't let me cum until my eyes are damn near rolling. He'll pin my arms down so I can't j/o. Or he'll let me get a few strokes in, may even give me a tug or two, just enough to get the precum flowing, then he'll clean that up, and turn me over... 

When we first started hooking up, my ass would be sore as hell, but not anymore. 

I love it when a dude knows when to pull out and eat it right, then go back in for more. Might even pull out and go straight for my mouth, ya never know... In that moment, I'm his. I'll do anything he needs (other than the obvious deal breakers, of course. The Deal Breaker (click here to read post)

This may sound kinda odd, but...Harris sort of makes me feel like...a virgin. Or, I guess I should say, inexperienced. 

What I mean is that, when I'm with him, its like I lose all my sexual training and he's teaching me all over again. Don't get me wrong, I've had some gooooddddd dick in the past, but with Harris, its different. 

It's like he wants to...conquer me. 

I surrendered and waved my white flag on our very first hook up...

(excuse any typos, I don't feel like editing...)
Music, you say? 

Got to give it up -- Marvin Gaye

1 + 1 -- Beyonce (Live in Glastonbury 2011)

Hot in Herre -- Nelly

Wonderland -- John Mayer
Enjoy the pics!



  1. Hot post Cogito! Keep that dude in your rolodex...really good sex is hard to find.

    Immanuel at dlconfessionssequel dot com

  2. Glad you are getting some good dick. Now go tell your church about it. :D Also--Consider updating your blog list. Lot of those motherfuckers have fallen off.

  3. Thanks for getting me all hot n bothered :)

  4. I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes good sex can make you second guess if you've ever had REAL sex before.