Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Moneyshot

Maybe I'm just over-thinking it. Maybe I should just log on, get my rocks off, and then log off. But I hate boring porn scenes. When the action is sub-par and I'm ready to just turn off the damn video altogether, I skip to the cumshot at the end, just to see if all that was worth it.

Depending on the amount of splooge that spills, you can kinda tell whether the guy had done some edging beforehand, and hell, how healthy they guy is overall. I remember one time, me and this guy were getting it on and his nut was Almost a slight tint of yellow. 

Later on I googled why, and it turns out that guys who smoke are often known to have that sort of color to their junk. I've noticed that when my diet consists of more fruits/veggies and lots of water, my load is a lot more substantial. 

I'm not the kind of guy who does all that "swallowing" business, but some guys say that some cum has a sweet taste to it, depending on who it comes from. 

Has anyone ever commented on how yours tastes? 

I came across an interesting article about how to increase sexual stamina, and bigger orgasms, if you're into that sorta thing. Master Orgasm & Increase Sperm Volume (click here)

Oh, and a new YouTube video! I"m still getting the hang of the editing software, so bare with me. 

One Foot Out the Closet Door (click here)

P.S. I'll officially be 25 on Tuesday! 
Music, you say? 
Enjoy the pics! 

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